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Art Of The Day Weekly

#497 - from 11 January 2018 to 17 January 2018

The smell of revolution

WAKEFIELD (Great Britain) – The Arts Council of Great Britain’s collection, started in 1946, currently represents 8000 works of art. A selection of paintings and sculptures committed to the various “counter culture” currents from the 60s and the 70s, is presented here in an avant-garde sculpture garden. Outside we only see – or hear - a piece by Susan Philipsz, The Internationale. The viewer discovers the rest inside, in particular a selection from 1977, the real “anti-capitalist” year, in which the sculpture garden was created and the punk movement bloomed in London, such as Destroy London by Knorr and Richon.
Revolt and Revolutions at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, from 6 January to 15 April 2018.

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