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L’art abstrait

Laure-Caroline Semmer

The key word for abstract movements is to shy away from the cult of resemblance. But, from Cubism to Op’Art, they cover realities that greatly differ from one another. This little manual can be used as a support in face of the abundant production that has surpassed Figurative art over the last century. Numerous «isms» appear in this setting– Dadaism, Neo-Plasticism, Rayonism, Orphism – which the novice can interpret as minimal variations on one same melody. The book focuses consecutively on Kandinsky, Braque, Malevitch, Pevsner and Pollock, and reserves boxes for more specialized themes such as the Brancusi trial in the USA in 1926: was the Oiseau dans l’espace (Bird in Space) imported by photographer Edward Steichen a useful object submitted to customs duties or is it a work of art, exempted of the any tax? The verdict was a sort of official recognition of abstract art … It is a shame the itinerary stopped at Carl André’s Minimalism, since the adventure is still going on today!

L’art abstrait by Laure-Caroline Semmer, Larousse, 2010, 168 p., 23 €

L’art abstrait - Laure-Caroline Semmer

Review published in the newsletter #179 - from 17 June 2010 to 23 June 2010

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