Stéphanie de Saint Marc

With Niépce and Daguerre, Nadar represents the third element of the trio the public at large considers the inventors of photography. This biography shows the vitality Félix Tournachon (1820-1910) showed in this field, in partnership or in conflict with his brother Adrien, and the strike of genius that was the invention of a well-sounding pseudonym easy to remember (first conceived «in order not to commit by my name all the literary crimes I have meditated»). And yet this only represents a part of the work since Nadar has many other interests, by need (he first made a living by drawing caricatures) or by passion (he was one of the pioneers in flying). He drew the portraits of Hugo, Baudelaire, Courbet and Berlioz, was a smart businessman (with his succesful workshop on boulevard des Capucines), and he was able to be a master of utopia by deciding to leave on foot to defend the Polish revolution…

Nadar, par Stéphanie de Saint Marc, Gallimard, 2010, 25,50 €

Nadar - Stéphanie de Saint Marc

Review published in the newsletter #190 - from 28 October 2010 to 3 November 2010

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