This week-end, the Journées du patrimoine (Heritage Days) invite the public to discover places that are hardly known. The subject of this book is a perfect example: it is the «crazy» work done by a resident of the insane asylum of Volterra in Tuscany (the town where the Etruscan works of art mentioned earlier and exhibited at the Pinacothèque of Paris come from). For 15 years, from 1959 to 1973, Fernando Oreste Nannetti covered the façades of the asylum with graffiti. From far they look as incomprehensible as Etruscan writing, but closer up, they reveal their sense, combining diary, telepathic revelations, proper names and even drawings. This astounding work, developed over 70 meters, is in a very poor state today and we can only see it thanks to the photographs taken in 1979 by Pier Nello Manoni. The book includes a CD of a documentary and a 7-meter long photographic reproduction you can unfold in the hallway, to slip into Nannetti’s world…

Nannetti, Infolio/collection de l’art brut Lausanne, 2011, 200 p., 49 €.

Nannetti - Collective

Review published in the newsletter #226 - from 15 September 2011 to 21 September 2011

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