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Django du voyage


Given the infatuation with visual photography, it has been very difficult for documentary photography to make a place for itself, and above all, to be admitted as an artistic discipline (unless your name is Nachtwey or McCullin). The initiative of this editor is the more courageous, as he publishes an opus by a young female photographer with a surrealist name (Dorothy-Shoes) dedicated to a difficult subject – the life of nomads in a country that does not show them any tenderness. A hurried self-taught artist (she began taking photographs in 2005 and was awarded the Talent scholarship in 2010), Dorothy Shoes followed the daily life of Django, «an awful, fat, gypsy» (according to his own terms), who tried to live his life near Loches, while dreaming of the sea. The sepia tainted images show the caravan, the family, the flowers and the countryside, the old Mercedes Benz and the high power wires, and are accompanied by a sensible text.

Django du voyage par Dorothy-Shoes, éditions du Rouergue, 2011, 136 p., 27 €.

Django du voyage - Dorothy-Shoes

Review published in the newsletter #230 - from 13 October 2011 to 19 October 2011

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