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Les objets de l’art contemporain

Karine Tissot

How can we approach contemporary art? Through painting? Through sculpture? Through performances? Through video? In face of a field of art that has spread out of dimension, the best initiation could probably be to nibble here and there, without a preconceived plan: that is exactly what this book suggests. It groups together chronicles written in la Tribune des arts and concern exhibitions at the Mamco (Musée d’art moderne et contemporain de Genève- the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva). Through short texts full of information, we stroll from Nam June Paik to Claudio Parmiggiani and end with the most hip creators, such as Philippe Ramette or Fabrice Gygi.

Les objets de l’art contemporain, par Karine Tissot (bilingue français/anglais), l’Apage-éditions Notari, 2011, 240 p., 30 €.

Les objets de l’art contemporain - Karine Tissot

Review published in the newsletter #236 - from 24 November 2011 to 30 November 2011

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