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L’innocence des objets

Orhan Pamuk

One of Orhan Pamuk’s heroes felt ’The attachment one feels for objects is one of life’s great consolations.’ After buidling his novel, ’The museum of innocence’ like a museum catalogue, the writer went a step further by truly creating his collection that opened to the public in April 2012 in the district of Cukurcuma. This museum of innocence hosts a very personal, haphazard collection that speaks of an Istambul that is disappearing, that of postcards with boats, tulip-shaped glasses to drink tea out of, chromos of actresses and football players, or an earring that brings long-gone lovers back to life. This cabinet of curiosities that is miles away from the universal and impersonal ’real’ museums, one that can be seen like a part of one’s life, like an instant photograph of the XXth century on the wane. Almost like a novel, for aren’t art and objects - like literature - mirrors one takes along a wide road?
L’innocence des objets, by Orhan Pamuk, Gallimard, 2012, 264 p., €35.

L’innocence des objets - Orhan Pamuk

Review published in the newsletter #284 - from 20 December 2012 to 9 January 2013

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