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L’œuvre de Peter Stämpfli

Daniel Abadie

The price of gasoline is on a constant roller coaster ride, car brands merge or go broke, car bodies change, but Peter Stämpfli keeps on going forward, undaunted, with a strange sole objective. For the last fifty years car tires have been the one obsession in his work. At the beginning he looked at them from afar (in Rallye, 1964) then he got increasingly close, they became increasingly mammoth, until they became nothing more than a trace that invaded European museums. These traces of tires lead to infinite variations: when enlarged they become abstract geometries, almost like works by Motherwell! This monograph reminds us that the Swiss painter, born in 1937 at Deiswill had a very pop period in his beginnings (in particular at the Biennale de Paris in 1963). His cigarettes, his plump lips, his bottles all furiously evoked his American alter egos Wesselmann or Warhol. Stämpfli overcame the fire that destroyed his workshop in 1990 and started anew, introducing in his work more colour and new materials like pastels and volume with sculptures in rubber or resin. On the road again…

L’œuvre de Peter Stämpfli, by Daniel Abadie, Hazan, 2015, 340 p., €39.

L’œuvre de Peter Stämpfli - Daniel Abadie

Review published in the newsletter #413 - from 14 January 2016 to 20 January 2016

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