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Tables et festins

Directed by Alain Tapié

"Still lives" or "calm lives"? Whatever way we call them, according to the language we use, these tables covered with food look so alive that we sometimes get fooled. The lemon peels by Thomas de Paep, the pike painted by Pieter de Putter, the oysters by Willem Claesz Heda seem to comme straight from the fish market or the fruit and vegetable stand - just like the birds that picked at grapes painted by Zeuxis two thousand years ago. This catalogue, that accompanies an exhibition at the Convent of Sainte-Cécile in Grenoble (until 27 February 2016), shows the permanent swinging back and forth between praising light food and glorifying abundance in Flemish and Dutch painting. It also helps understand the symbolic meaning of food, nuts, asparagus, grenades. In a world that slightly ignores them, it is now the authors of cartoon strips who give a contemporary interpretation of still lives.

Tables et festins, directed by Alain Tapié, Glénat, 2015, 192 p., €25.

Tables et festins - Directed by Alain Tapié

Review published in the newsletter #417 - from 11 February 2016 to 17 February 2016

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