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Antoni Clavé, printed work


A Spaniard who was born in 1913, and died in 2005, Antoni Clavé has many other points in common with Picasso, whom he met in 1944, such as the hate of Franco, the love of bull fights, the fascination for some of the great old masters, such as Velázquez and Rembrandt, the taste for poor materials such as ropes, nails or cardboard. And they both had a passion for engravings. In this field Clavé had an imagination that rivalled with that of the famous Andalusian. He exercised that skill from 1937 to 2001, perfected mysterious techniques, and hesitated between the clearest figuration and the most enigmatic abstraction. The 517 numbers of his complete works have been mapped, as well as the prolific activity as an illustrator in which he adapted to authors as different from another as La Fontaine, Pushkin or Saint-John Perse.

Antoni Clavé, printed work, catalogue raisonné, Skira, 2017, 264 p., €99.

Antoni Clavé, printed work - Collective

Review published in the newsletter #496 - from 21 December 2017 to 10 January 2018

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