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Philippe Comar. Dessin contre nature

His drawings of wood veins are almost as remarkable as those by Asher B. Durant, the American, 19th century landscape artist. But Philippe Comar, a professor at the school of Fine Arts in Paris, knows how to apply that same piercing look and that affirmed hand to subjects that were a lot more tortured, such as the guts and the monsters of the Dupuytren museum. He can develop a passion for motors, turbines, electro-resonators or take us on a visit to the handle bars of the cirque d’Hiver or the refuse treatment plant in Ivry. Even when the dentist is drilling away at one of his tooth, this compulsive drawer is still capable of sketching! Skeletons of animals, pyrites and jungles complete his surprising universe, which we can also discover at Villa Tamaris, at La Seyne-sur-Mer, until 22 April.

Philippe Comar. Dessin contre nature, published by Tohu Bohu, 2018, 338 p., €35.

Philippe Comar. Dessin contre nature -

Review published in the newsletter #506 - from 15 March 2018 to 21 March 2018

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