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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

An Enduring Vision: 17th-20th Century Japanese Painting from the Manyo'an Collection
From august 31 to october 26 2002
150 paintings, including sumptuous flowers, colorful geisha, serene landscapes and calligraphy are brouhgt together.
Heinrich Hirschsprung - collector and patron of the Arts
From august 30 2002 to january 20 2003
A retrospective on the personnality of Heinrich Hirschsprung. This tobacco maker left his art collection in 1902 to the Danish state. Nearly 600 paintings and sculptures and 1200 drawings by Danish artists give a global vision of Danish [...]
TransModernity. Austrian architects. henke und schreieck, Jabornegg & Pálffy, Riegler Riewe
From august 29 to october 28 2002
When modernity is no longer a style but rather a concept of freedom... Three teams of Austrian architects under 50, representative of the differentiated architectural scene in contemporary Austria.
Reality Check
From august 29 to october 6 2002
Recent developments in British photography and video : Works by Roderick Buchanan, Alan Currall, Graham Fagen, Ori Gersht, Dryden Goodwin, Luke Gottelier, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Nigel Shafran, Shizuka Yokomizo, Bettina von Zwehl…
African Shields: Art, Power, and Identity
From august 25 2002 to march 2 2003
A selection of 15 African shields made of diverse materials, including wood, wicker, hide, and fiber.
Henry J. Darger : The Realms of the Unreal
From august 24 to october 20 2002
Visit Henry Darger's universe (1892-1973) through the 15.145 pages of his novel, originally entitled The story of the Vivian girls in what is known as the realms of the unreal of the Glandeco-Angelinnian war storm, as caused by the child [...]
Love and Death. Art in the Age of Queen Victoria
From august 24 to november 24 2002
With exemples of works by Frederic Leighton, John Everett Millais, Edward Poynter and William Quiller Orchardson, the exhibition concentrates on the Victorian celebration of love, both earthly and divine, together with its reverence [...]
Svend Saabye
From august 24 2002 to january 30 2003
A great Danish artist from Furen, he was one of the first to break away from the naturalist tradition in favor of the abstract painting from the School of Paris. Throughout his creations, one can note the progressive passage from the representation [...]
American Modern, 1925-1940: Design for a New Age
From august 23 to november 17 2002
The first industrial american designers rejected historic ornaments and chose to use simple and geometric shapes, using new materials. The exhibition brings together objects from these pioneers of Design.
Georgia Triennial Exhibition
From august 23 to october 13 2002
This exhibit highlights the state of contemporary art in Georgia through the work of thirty of its innovative artists including Radcliffe Bailey, Betty Bivins Edwards, Amalia Amki
Without sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America
From august 23 to december 31 2002
About 80 images, all drawn from the James Allen collection, describe the horror of Black people lynchings in Southern America in the beginning of the 20th century.
In Focus: Van Dyck's Ecce Homo
From august 22 to october 13 2002
This display brings together the Courtauld Institute Gallery's Ecce Homo with the Ecce Homo from the Barber Institute in Birmingham. The depiction of the suffering Christ in these paintings was deeply influenced by the example of Titian.
Structures of Nature. Photographs by Andreas Feininger
From august 21 2002 to may 18 2003
Born in Paris and raised in Germany, Feininger was influenced by the Bauhaus. After immigrating to America in 1939, he worked for «Life Magazine» between 1943 and 1962. Several exemples of his work for the magazine are on display.
FIT Art & Design Faculty: Works on Paper
From august 20 to september 21 2002
This exhibition highlights the works of over fifty FIT Art and Design faculty from eight different departments.
Art of the South Seas
From august 18 to october 13 2002
The superb collection of primitive art of the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva, will be on show at the Brooks museum. Statues, masks, jewelry and textiles from Polynesia, Melanesia or the Philippines will be displayed.
Mondrian, 1892-1914: The Path to Abstraction
From august 18 to december 8 2002
The early career of Piet Mondrian from his student years in Holland, working as a painter of romantic landscapes, to his emergence as an artist of international renown in cosmopolitan pre-World War I Paris. Over 100 paintings an drawings...
The Danube Exodus: The Rippling Currents of the River
From august 17 to september 29 2002
A unique interactive media experience that immerses the visitors in the sights and sounds of Jewish and German refugees fleeing in opposite directions along the same path to avoid the onslaught of World War II. By Hungarian artist [...]
Empire of the Sultans: Ottoman Art from the Khalili Collection.
From august 17 2002 to january 26 2003
Presented in four sections,some 200 works highlight the influence exercised by the sultans over arms, metalwork, ceramics,manuscripts.
Grandma Moses in the 21th century
From august 17 to december 1 2002
The most important works by Anna Mary Robertson, Grandma Moses examined from a contemporary viewpoint. Relationships between Moses's style and that of other artists of her day and the many reason behind her long-lasting popularity.
Garry Fabian Miller Photographs
From august 17 to october 12 2002
Garry Fabian Miller presents his intimate and atmospheric photographs around the theme of landscape.
Boomerangs and Baby Boomers: Design 1945-2000
From august 11 to december 31 2002
More than 100 objects, including furniture, silver, ceramics, glass, and textiles, span the development of design from the end of World War II to the present.
Marcel Breuer: a special installation of 1930s furniture
From august 10 2002 to november 2 2003
On the 100th anniversary of Breuer's birth, the museum presents a special installation of recently acquired furniture from the 30's, examples of the designer's experiments with bent and cut-out playwood constructions.
Holocaust Project: From Darkness Into Light
From august 10 to november 3 2002
A journey into one of the darkest periods of modern history through a series of works by American artist Judy Chicago.
Do-Ho Suh
From august 10 to december 1 2002
Fresh from the 2001 Venice Biennale, Korean artist Do-Ho Suh presents a series of works which varies from installations made of diaphanous, suspended silk to pieces made of numerous identical objects to create a larger work. These [...]
Eternal Egypt : Masterworks of Ancient Art from The British Museum
From august 10 to november 3 2002
This selection of 150 masterpieces from ancient Egypt includes statues and personal possession of famous pharaohs, exemples of funerary art, and many more treasures...
Robert Klippel
From august 9 to october 13 2002
Comprising more than 250 pieces, the exhibition encompasses Australian artist Robert Klippel's development from figurative sculpure into abstraction.
Vladimir Arkhipov
From august 7 to september 15 2002
The show includes hand made objects made by people of the West Midlands, collected by Arkhipov from garden, garages and kitchens during his visit there in 2001.
Hayley Newman
From august 7 to september 15 2002
A selection of older works as well as a new photographic series by Hayley Newman is on view.
Howard Hodgkin: Large paintings 1984-2002
From august 7 to october 6 2002
Twenty large, recent paintings by Howard Hodgkin are on view.
The Best Workmanship, the Finest Materials: Prayer Carpets from the Islamic World
From august 3 to december 15 2002
Drawn mainly from the Museums collection, the rugs in the exhibition date to the 18th and 19th century and represent a fine range of both technique and design. Together, they suggest the variety of aesthetic experiences possible within [...]
Mappin Open
From august 3 to october 6 2002
New works by three emerging artists selected from open submission by Richard Wilson, critic Tim Marlow and curator Ann Goodchild.
Symbolic Logic: The Photographs of Lewis Carroll
From august 3 to november 10 2002
Lewis Carroll was one of the most sophisticated and respected photographers of the 19th century. Approximately 75 of Carroll’s pictures are featured, including many of his enigmatic portraits of children, along with contextual images [...]
Thomas Ruff
From august 2 to october 6 2002
This retrospective of the ground breaking German photographer Thomas Ruff, explores the role of the viewer, the photographer and the subject.
Infinite Possibilities: Reading between the Lines of the Archimedes Palimpsest
From august 1 to october 30 2002
Over the last 2 years, scholars of ancient Greek and mathematics have come together at the Walters to analyze the world-famous 10th-century manuscript containing seven works of Archimedes. Their discoveries and the methods are brought [...]
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