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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Forbidden Images: Erotic Art from Japan’s Edo Period
From december 22 2002 to january 26 2003
A unique collection of paintings, illustrated books and woodblock prints from the Edo period (1603-1867), by artists like Utamaro, Hokusai and Kunisada. Known as "shunga", theses images were censored until the end of the XIXth century.
Hero / Anti-Hero
From december 21 2002 to august 17 2003
The exhibit explores the notion of hero based on the museum's collections of European and African art.
Pop up: five centuries of system books
From december 21 2002 to february 10 2003
An ensemble of amusing books with systems of tabs, unfolding pages...Among them rare pieces from the XIXth century, such as those by Lothar Meggendorfer, models from the 50s or even books by artists such as Andy Warhol.
Henri Matisse, drawing with Scissors
From december 20 2002 to march 2 2003
An ensemble of cut-out papers from public and private collections, of which two projects of stained glass more than 5 mt high - dating from the 40s until the artist's death in 1954 -illustrate the realization of an artistic dream: [...]
Brussels, the emergence of the contemporary city
From december 20 2002 to march 16 2003
Maps, prints, models, photos, the virtual reconstitution of the XVIIIth century ramparts, sound an dvisual effects trace the history of the fortifications of the city of Brussels and their influence in today's town development.
Christmas show
From december 20 2002 to january 31 2003
Christmas revisited with humour and sexual fun by Madeleine Berkhemer Fabrice Hybert, Paul-Armand Gette, Dana Wyse, Tony Oursler, Pepe Smit... through photographs, videos and objects.
The Other Modern. De Chirico - Savinio
From december 20 2002 to march 10 2003
Two artists who revolutionized modernism. While De Chirico developed the idea of a metaphysical art in the 1910-1920s with mysterious and atmospheric works, his brother Savinio imagined an alternative modernity.
To galop toward the prehistory
From december 20 2002 to april 30 2003
Since the end of the Paleolithic period, between 35 000 and 10 000 years B.C. the horse is a recurrent symbol in art. It held a major place even prior to being domesticated by man.
Madonna of Cieszyn and unique sculptures from Peter Parler
From december 20 2002 to may 25 2003
Nearly 300 works of art trace 3000 years of royal Egyptian history from Khephren to Tutankhamen, and from Ramses to Cleopatra. The huge statue of Tutankhamen, the 56 earthenware rosettes and treasures in gold, silver, lapis-lazuli...and [...]
Shopping: a century of art and consumer culture
From december 20 2002 to march 23 2003
Throughout 20th century, « shopping » has been a dominant phenomenon and has fascinated artists . Works by Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, Gerhard Richter, and many more illustrate their creative dialogue with commercial [...]
Himalaya Tibet : the shoc of continents
From december 18 2002 to august 4 2003
A trip through time -from 160 million years ago to our day - and through space ->Tibet, the Himalayas and Indochina -through a rich iconography, interactive games and mobile and animated models.
Rudolf Koller
From december 18 2002 to march 2 2003
All the facets of the artistic production by this master from Zurich.Koller, one of the greatest Swiss painters of animals of the XIXth century through more than fourty paintings and over fifty drawings and note books of etchings.
The Winchester legend - A patriotic and masculine myth
From december 18 2002 to april 20 2003
The museum draws fifty-two Winchesters, unique collection pieces, to approach the history of this weapon which movies turned into a legend.
Arthur Rackham
From december 18 2002 to march 9 2003
Arthur Rackham illustrated the classics of English and European literature: Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm's fairy tales, as well as A midsummer night's dream and Peter Pan. His mischevious characters enchant and disturb. Through [...]
Young Picasso
From december 17 2002 to march 17 2003
Some one hundred paintings and drawings by Picasso as a young man, from different European private museums and collections. His production from Coruña (1891-1895) and a selection of works shown for the first time offer a panorama of his beginnings [...]
Damien Mazières, heroes
From december 17 2002 to february 28 2003
A critic of society and modernity through a series of abstract and geometric images void of any human life, with motifs that look into the structure of contemporary metropoles.
Sarkis, Ikones in the Chapel
From december 17 2002 to february 2 2003
The first exhibit of 125 Ikones designed since 1985. An ensemble where we see a constatn trait of Sarkis, the recycled objects and theatrical spaces.
From december 17 2002 to july 20 2003
To talk of the traditional life of the Inuits passes through the knowledge of their history, their geography and their artistic expression. Sculptures, drawings, engravings, tapestries and ethnographic objects, made of fabulous characters [...]
Dream of childhood... the parade of the little soldiers.
From december 17 2002 to october 5 2003
To the background music by the Republican Guard, 5 000 figurines, musician uniforms, paintings or even rare instruments bring military parades back to life.
Kèramos, the italian contemporary ceramics 1910-2002
From december 16 2002 to february 23 2003
Avant-guard ceramic that combines tradition and imagination. Some fifty works by twenty-five artists, among them Giacomo Balla, Arturo Martini, Antoniette Raphael, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Savinio, Marino Marini, Fausto Melotti, Enrico [...]
Marc Leguay, the painter of Laos
From december 16 2002 to march 22 2003
Landscapes, paddy fields, the Mekong river, spinners, weavers... So many themes that inspired the painter and which we find through 55 stamps from Laos, 18 models of stamps and 25 paintings.
The modern sculpture in Italia, 1st. party 1900-1965
From december 16 2002 to april 1 2003
An itinerary marked by 60 works by 22 major artists who marked the first half of the XXth century. rom Medardo Rosso to Leonardo Leoncillo, without fogeting Adolfo Wildt, Duilio Cambellotti, Romano Romanelli and Arturo Martini.
The handwritten find in a bottle
From december 15 2002 to march 14 2003
Inspired by Marcel Broodthaers, eight artists gather around a private diary. Each one unveils an aspect of his private or public life. Diaries, litterary and poetic journals accompanied by drawings, sketches and photos demonstrate [...]
Old masters, impressionists and moderns: French masterworks from the State Pushkin Museum, Moskow
From december 15 2002 to march 9 2003
This collection of Dutch, Flemish, Italian and French paintings, although well known in Russia, Europe and Japan, remain almost unknown in the United States, which is the reason of this initiative to gather, in a chronological presentation, [...]
Impressions of light: the French landscape from Corot to Monet
From december 15 2002 to april 13 2003
Photographs, more than 80 paintings and 70 works on paper tell the story of 19th century's French landscape. Barbizon school, Monet, Van Gogh and Gauguin are showcased to name but the most famous and Baldus, Le Gray and Cuvelier.
Joël Bartoloméo - You had forgotten, hadn't you ?
From december 14 2002 to march 1 2003
One exhibit, two rooms. In one of them, two images of the international press in stereotype format and set out like a frieze, and in the second, a movie The Sleepers, with drawings in black and white by Minji Cho.
Antoon de Clerck
From december 14 2002 to january 19 2003
The last ten years' work by the Belgian artist Antoon De Clerck (born 1923) is presented in hommage to the Mexican architect Luis Barragán.
Mechanical pictures and curious pieces of musique
From december 14 2002 to april 6 2003
For the first time a exhibit groups together mechanic paintings, clock paintings and music boxes from the XIXth century in order to tell their story: the context in which they appeared, their evolution as well as their mechanism and their [...]
Tableaux historiques. A graphic cycle of the French revolution
From december 14 2002 to march 9 2003
The Historical paintings of the French revlution, made up of one hundred engravings, were largely distributed in Europe between 1791 nd 1817. Since then, these works have often been reproduced individually in history books.
Sylvie Blocher : Living pictures and other human voices, 1992-2002
From december 14 2002 to march 16 2003
As projections that begin to talk, as Sylvie Blocher does them, this ensemble of 15 video installations deals with humanity in all its expressions.
James Brown: Gold and lead
From december 14 2002 to january 26 2003
A discreet person who has his palce in current art,James Brown is characterized by a spontaneous trait and primitivist influence.
No ghost, just a shell
From december 14 2002 to march 23 2003
Initiated by Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huygue, this project consists in creating the copyright and prototype of Ann Lee, a complex manga figure, capable of taking part in different stories: "I belong to whomever is able to fill me with [...]
Georges Bauquier (1910-1997) - Still lives on the window
From december 14 2002 to may 4 2003
An opportunity to discover the intimate and mysterious work of the one who was an intimate friend of Fernand Léger's. Nearly 70 pieces, that remind one of the influence by the one who was also his master.
French ceramists around 1900. The Strobel collection, London
From december 14 2002 to march 16 2003
Some one hundred pieces from this private collection are exhibited for the first time in France, revealing the wealth and diversity of the French Art Nouveau current. The 23 artists represented are defined by their commun taste for Japonism [...]
Stone image, Tunisia in mosaic
From december 14 2002 to february 17 2003
Sixty-one monumental, photographic panels give the public a selection of the most beautiful Roman mosaïcs in ancient Africa, among which Tunisia holds one of the most important collections in the world.
First mariage: Suchan Kinoshita
From december 14 2002 to february 23 2003
By combining music, video art and theater staging, Suchan Kinoshita invests the museum's space and transforms it into a temporary installation made of panels that detour from the visitor's usual itinerary.
Claude Weisbuch et maîtres provençaux
From december 14 2002 to january 26 2003
Works by Brayer, Arnaud, Ambrogiani, Baboulène, Briata, Calvet, Chabaud, Sourdouan, Pertus, Priking, Seyssaud, Soteras...
Ikko Narahara
From december 13 2002 to march 9 2003
Japanese photographer Ikko Narahara, the voyager of shadow and light, explores Europe, the United States and Japan. Fifty years of photography illustrate the long itinerary through documentaries, autobiography and experiments.
Blinky Palermo
From december 13 2002 to february 16 2003
The first retrospective in Spain of the works by abstract artist Blinky Palermo done from 1963 and 1977.
Beverly Pepper : sculptures of the 70's
From december 13 2002 to february 28 2003
Unpublished sculptures from the 1970s, in stainless steel or in cor-ten by the American artist Beverly Pepper. Her works in small format reflect the fragments of an intimate universe.
Markus Raetz: Nothing is lighter than light
From december 13 2002 to march 9 2003
Two hundred pieces -photogrpahs, videos, installations and objects -from 1970 to our day. These anamorphosis and metamorphosis of Swiss artist Markus Raetz are the result of research on perception of reality, and its relation to illusion.
Seeking Ideal. Athletes's Sculptures by Robert Tait McKenzie
From december 13 2002 to march 3 2003
Sculptor, physical education teacher and surgeon, Robert Tait McKenzie (Ontario 1867 - Philadelphia 1938) was undoubtedly an exceptional being. A lover of athletics, his taste for art and his anatomy teaching led him towards sculpture. [...]
Dietmar Brehm. Job
From december 13 2002 to february 9 2003
Dietmar Brehm, an internationally famous movie producer, belongs to the Austrian avant-gard. His paintings, photographs and drawings are less well known...We can discover them here, associated to his films.
The Hive, artists city with a tender look
From december 13 2002 to may 14 2003
Organized for the centennial of La Ruche, the exhibit pays homage to its creator Alfred Boucher and to the artists who worked there from 1902 to today. Works by Altmann, Cendrars, Chagall, Kisling, and Chapiro, as well as the recreation [...]
Site Seeing. Disneyfication of Cities
From december 13 2002 to february 9 2003
The commercialization of the downtown space has led to a large privatization of public areas. Are they going to become theme parks dependent on tourist and commercial criteria?
Turner and Le Lorrain
From december 13 2002 to march 17 2003
A face to face between two landscape masters, Claude Gellée and William Turner. A painting, ten drawings and four engravings by Lorrain are side by side with sixty paintings, watercolors, drawings and engravings by Turner.
From representation to action
From december 12 2002 to february 16 2003
Contemporary Clombian, Mexican and European artists give a personal glance to the body. Drawings and photograms by Johanna Cales, drawings by Giovanni Vargas, installation by Wilson Diaz and Elke Krystufek, and objects by Fabrice [...]
Studer / vd Berg : Gleissenhorn
From december 12 2002 to february 1 2003
New Vue des Alpes prints and a weather livecam installation.
Bicentenary of Auguste Migette(1802 - 1884)
From december 12 2002 to april 14 2003
An homage to the painter, stage designer and collector who bequested all of his works and his collections to the city of Metz.
André Derain
From december 12 2002 to february 23 2003
The most extensive exhibition so far presented in Spain, containing paintings and drawings produced from 1905 to 1940, as well as a considerable number of sculptures.
Groupe BP: Petrodollars
From december 12 2002 to february 12 2003
Since the end of the 1980 the BP group has sponsored the creation of critical works, linked to the dolar and the oil industry. The petrodolars, a virtual value, becomes a reality with this series of framed dolars, impregnated with [...]
Beatrix von Conta
From december 11 2002 to march 1 2003
Four photographic series by Béatrix Von Conta, done between 1997 and 2002, question the notion of time through images of green houses, wood planks and men lying on the ground.
Nobody's perfect
From december 11 2002 to february 16 2003
This collection by creator Gaetano Pesce, the result of thought given to the process of creation and of production and edited by Zerodisegno, brings together nearly 20 pieces of resine furniture. Sideboards, shelves, chairs, armchairs [...]
Atmospheres... Textures... Jean-Claude Vignes (1924-1996)
From december 11 2002 to february 10 2003
Some sixty works -nudes and landscapes - of a formal type of beauty, allies pictural tradition and modernity.
Della Robbia, enmalled Terracotta sculptures from Italian Renaissance
From december 11 2002 to march 10 2003
From the small statuette to the monumental sculpture, including the architectural element and the liturgic object, the museum of Sévres has brought together a unique ensemble of some fifty varnished terracottas by Luca, Andrea and Giovanni [...]
Knots symmetric_asymmetric: Oriental knotted carpets from the MAK collection
From december 11 2002 to february 23 2003
For the first time, this famous oriental carpets collection is shown in a complete and coherent way. About 90 pieces reflect the particularities of the different geographical regions : Persia, Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, Central Asia.
Which best place ?
From december 11 2002 to march 16 2003
Some ten in situ interventions and recontextualised works by young artists are integrated into the museum's itinerary and allow the visitor to question his own possibilities of appropriating this site which is both private and public.
Travel diary : balloons at the Musée de l'Homme
From december 11 2002 to march 10 2003
Drawings, paintings and water colors by ten of the greatest artists of cartoon strips during their travels all over the world. Next to these works, ethnographic objects belonging to the museum.
Sculptures for a garden
From december 11 2002 to june 2 2003
A selection of statues, commissioned by Louis XIV and set by Colbert in the garden are exhibited in the orangerie of the Park. Most of them are copies of antqoiues, et all are staged inlight by Franck Fortekoëf.
Mies van der Rohe 1905 - 1938
From december 10 2002 to march 2 2003
Alongside Le Corbusier, Wright, and Gropius, Mies van der Rohe was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. This retrospective of his European career brings together 38 projects, from his arrival to Berlin in 1905 [...]
Great painted decors of Louis XIV : sketchs and drawings
From december 10 2002 to march 9 2003
Some thirty drawings and painted sketches trace the different stages of the design and creation of the major painted decors in the castle of Versialles -ceilings, panellings, mirrors, marbles- commissioned by the Sun King.
Leonardo da Vinci and the splendor of Poland
From december 8 2002 to february 17 2003
A selection of paintings trace the history of the Polish collectors. It includes the famous portrait by Cecilia Gallerani (towards 1491) by Leonardo da Vinci, the Portrait of Martin Soolmans (1634) by Rembrandt, and an equestrian portrait [...]
Christian Boltanski / Annette Messager - Announcement - Discreet, public
From december 8 2002 to march 2 2003
Recent works by Annette Messager and Christian Boltanski, installed in environments especially created for the museum by the artists themselves.
Exposition d'hiver
From december 8 2002 to february 3 2003
The 2000 m2 of the gallery are invested by ten artists, in a diversity of artistic expressions, in painting, sculpture and photography. Bettina Benadretti, Rosie Bernard, Chrislaine Dupuy and Dimitri Cusa participate in this show, [...]
Small formats festival : painting and sculpture
From december 7 2002 to january 31 2003
Paintings and sculptures in small dimensions, by Berthault, Anto, Coureuil, Ferstenberg, Heiderscheid, Jaladon, Juberthie, Kafri, Laborderie, Madec, Mano, Tardy, Pinon...
An American Anthem: 300 Years of Painting from the Butler Institute of American Art
From december 7 2002 to february 2 2003
More than 50 paintings from the collection of the Butler Institute of American Art (Ohio), feature exemples of images from Colonial times to the present. It includes works by Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, Thomas Eakins, Edward Hopper [...]
Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka : The glass aquarium
From december 7 2002 to february 8 2003
A mixture of art, craftmenship, design and industry. In collaboration with the Design Museum of London and the National Glass Centre of Sunderland, the work of Leopold Blaschka and his son Rudolf is shown. With a minimum of means, [...]
Christmas at Museum Catharijneconvent
From december 7 2002 to january 5 2003
The Catharijneconvent museum gets into the Christmas mood by reviewing all the customs and stories around Christ's nativity through a contemporary presentation, for the young and the young at heart...
Vincent Corpet
From december 7 2002 to march 3 2003
The use of the religious themes of the crucifixion or the Deposition from the cross, may seem from another era.Yet, beyond the subject, it is a method of composition which the artist offers in his 33 paintigns and 3 drawings.
Kees Van Dongen (1877-1968) - Elegant Lines : lithos, pochoirs and paintings
From december 7 2002 to april 27 2003
The graphic works of this famous painter are grouped together for the first time. An exceptional ensemble of litographs, etchings and stencils, as well as paintings by the artist never seen before and photos of his studio reveal an unknown [...]
Fairies, elfs, dragons and other creatures of the magical worlds
From december 7 2002 to march 9 2003
The fairy like worlds flter into our daily visual world. The themes of the exhibit underline the insistance, under different shapes, of the need to preserve the mystery and the enchantment of the world.
Followers of Fashion: Graphic Satires from the Georgian Period
From december 7 2002 to february 9 2003
The late 18th century saw the birth of the fashion industry in Britain. This was also the heyday of the satirical print and caricatures mocking the excesses of high fashion. Around 100 prints, dating from 1702 to the 1820s are brought [...]
Marie Madeleine : pécheresse du Moyen Âge à nos jours
From december 7 2002 to april 6 2003
Miniatures, paintings, sculptures and photographs trace the iconographic history of saint Marie-Madeleine, from the Middle Ages to our day.
Living in the Middle-Ages
From december 7 2002 to march 3 2003
Culinary art had a special role in the Medieval society. Through some 350 pieces - rare manuscript, exceptional silver pieces, daily objects - we can savour the richness and refinement of the cuisine of the XIVth and XVth centuries. [...]
Casting a Spell : Winslow Homer, Artist and Angler
From december 7 2002 to february 9 2003
65 paintings, mostly watercolors, by Winslow Homer, look closely at one of the american artist's passions : fishing. Brilliant studies of light and atmosphere highlight his taste for this sport.
Ben: The philosopher's room
From december 6 2002 to february 8 2003
" It is not truth that I amlookin gfor but why am I looking for truth?" (Ben, 2002). The artist questions his personal approach through his most recent works and following a philosophic approach.
The best of design
From december 6 2002 to january 19 2003
A choice of works done by artists from the Wallonie-Brussels community and presented during the Biennale of Design at Saint-Etienne is revealed to the Parisian public.
Line Vautrin (1913-1997)
From december 6 2002 to january 31 2003
The Arc en Seine pays an homage to Line Vautrin, the « Poet of metal ». Jewels, belts, powder compacts and buttons ...demonstrate the work of this magician of matter whose most-known works are the rebus boxes from 1947.
Conran Foundation Collection 2002
From december 6 2002 to february 9 2003
Every year, Sir Terence Conran spends 30 000 € for "objects one would like to live with". The result of these purchases make up an exhibit presented at the Design Museum.
Masterpieces, Artisans and artist, from Picasso to Sottsass
From december 6 2002 to january 26 2003
This celebratoinof the centennial of the Universal Exposition in 1902 is the most important event in matters of applied arts. The exhibit is organized around the different concepts and approaches with the aim of legitimizing applied [...]
Still World, Italian Still Life
From december 6 2002 to february 23 2003
Munich renews with a genre that has been abandoned by art historians, Italian still lives. Nearly 200 works by masters such as Caravaggio, Arcimboldo, Baschenis, Porpora and even Recco are presented to the public.
Renée Vautier
From december 6 2002 to january 31 2003
The Vallois gallery offers 36 works, assembled pieces of different stones such as fossiles, pebbles, mica, quartz or marble. A superb glance at the work of an artist who worked with great designers such as Rochas and famous decorators.
Simon Vouet or the sensible eloquence
From december 6 2002 to february 23 2003
Simone Vouet's drawings are not well-known to the public. They are now shown in 70 exceptional pages, recently discovered in Munich, together with works by some of his students, such as Dorigny, Perrier, Lesueur and Corneille.
Max Beckmann: Drawings and prints
From december 5 2002 to february 8 2003
Some forty drawings (1909-1950) and prints (1913-1923) show the interest Max Beckmann had "for all forms of visible beauty or ugliness": from war scenes to theater ones, without forgetting social and urban life, mythologic or allegoric [...]
The small world of Dragibus
From december 5 2002 to january 10 2003
 Art pop for kids...
Munhakata Shiko (1903-1975) : Modern Master of the Japanese Print
From december 5 2002 to march 2 2003
Munhakata Shiko is considered one of the greatest Japanese artists of the XXth century. The exhibit offers more than one hundred of his works, inspired by Japanese graphic traditions and by European expressionism.
Roger Ballen : photographs
From december 5 2002 to february 16 2003
Roger Ballen produces very personal images, which seem to be documentary and staged at the same time. The exhibition groups photographs from Drop (1986) with which initiated his career, as well as more recent works, published in 2001 [...]
Leonor Fini, vertigo games
From december 5 2002 to march 29 2003
This themed exhibit aims at demonstrating the manner in which the artist introduces the balance in his work. Through a selection of paintings, the presence of games, of truth and dialogue is made evident.
Albrecht Dürer and his legacy : the graphic work of a Renaissance artist
From december 5 2002 to march 23 2003
The revolutionary aspects of Dürer's work are evoked through a wide selection of drawings and prints from the museum and from foreign collections. A chronologic itinerary followed by a glance at his influence on artists such as Rembrandt [...]
Rodolfo Navarro - The space is the center: paintings- installations
From december 4 2002 to january 19 2003
The installation of the light well in the hall of the Cultural Center accompanied by paintings, sculptures and texts by poet André Duprat.
Franck Scurti - Before and after
From december 4 2002 to february 24 2003
Once again the artist turns consumer objects away from their function to carry out installations, photographs and videos inspired from the exhilarating life of the large metropolis.
Franck Scurti, Before and after
From december 4 2002 to february 16 2003
Criticism of consumer objects and the media are the great themes exploited by Franck Scurti. He presents his work in an exhibit designed as a space to live, where the visitor can have a coffee, lie on the cushions to watch a video [...]
Vaclav Stratil
From december 4 2002 to february 24 2003
The famous Czech artist with his incisive style is back with a series of images, portraits and self-portraits, printed only once. These are the result of thoughts on th enotions of the body, identity, the conscious and the unconscious, [...]
François *Houtin, retropective: engraving, monotype, wash drawing
From december 4 2002 to february 1 2003
The drawer and engraver celebrates nature with each of his engravings in etchings, drawings, wash-drawing, Indian ink and monotype. He does organic forms and adds to the many interlacings architectural elements such as ruins, columns [...]
Picasso from Malaga
From december 3 2002 to march 3 2003
After being presented in New York, the Spanish artist's printed works make a stop-over in Malaga. A panorama of his graphic work between 1905 and 1960.
David Morrison
From december 3 2002 to january 5 2003
The recent prints and drawings of David Morrison study the role of iconic objects in contemporary society, and describe the world as seen by the different generations of people.
Marcus Gheeraerts II: Elizabethan artist
From december 2 2002 to april 20 2003
Commemorating the death of queen Elizabeth I in 1603, a first monographic exhibition and publication are dedicated to Marcus Gheeraerts II (1561/2-1636), author of the Virgin Queen. Roughly 25 works are shown : paintings, engravings [...]
Clay Ketter : road trip
From december 2 2002 to january 11 2003
Ketter's recent photograph series presented for the first time, transforms the streets of the Swedish countryside into abstract paintings. Images in large format, where the tarmac and road signs evoke a minimalist type of esthetics.
Fabien Verschaere - No Idea
From december 1 2002 to february 23 2003
The artist's first large exhibit. Paintings, mural drawings, installations, sculptures and sounds around the theme of The invitatoin to travel reveal the artist's extraverted side.
New simplicity
From december 1 2002 to march 2 2003
Swiss contemporary architecture, resulting from concrete art and tending towards simple and pure lines, unveils through different projects all that brings it close or separates it from that same concrete art.
Love's Lust and Sorrow in World Art
From december 1 2002 to april 27 2003
A group of works from all the continents evoke love. From desire to tenderness, without forgetting abandon and jealousy.
Rubens:the three kings' adoration
From december 1 2002 to february 28 2003
The cycle
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