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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Rémi *Blanchard : Retrospective
From december 21 2003 to march 14 2004
This first retrospective dedicated to artist Rémi Blanchard, after his death in 1995, is an homage through 80 of his works from the greatest French and foreign, public and private collections, by enhancing the drawings in particular. [...]
Window side : photographs of Angelo Marino
From december 20 2003 to february 1 2004
Images of a ride on train on Marino's daily itnerary between Cannes and Monaco. The tool? A supersampler, with four lenses that always focus on four rather different views, which the visitor must decypher...
100 years - 100 people - 100 objects
From december 20 2003 to february 29 2004
To celebrate its centennial, the museum has invited 100 persons linked to its history to chose their favorite work of art in the permanent collection.
Roland *Barthes
From december 20 2003 to february 22 2004
Following the Pompidou Center inParislast March, the musee des beaux arts in Caen welcomes the last exhibit of Telle une biographie intellectualle (Like an intellectual biography), which brings together the paintings, photographs, [...]
Rijksmuseum, The masterpieces
From december 20 2003 to may 31 2004
The Rijksmuseum is getting ready for a major refurbishing and will close its doors until 2008. But in order not to disappoint the public, the famous museum will keep a wing open to present its 400 main master pieces of the XVIIth century [...]
Albert *Anker, retrospective
From december 19 2003 to may 23 2004
This retrospective dedicated to one of themost popular Swiss painters of the 19th century, hardly known outside his native country, offers a compelte panorama of his work -: paintings, drawings, watercolors and ceramics often exhibited [...]
Pierre Boucher (1908-2000)
From december 19 2003 to march 14 2004
The result of a pluridisciplinary education, Piere Boucher is inerested in all the levels of modern photography (photomontage, photograms, solarization, double exposure...). His work takes on different forms such as the surrealist [...]
Mérimée's France tour
From december 19 2003 to february 29 2004
50 original watercolored drawings, 100 photographs as well as numerous quotes by Mérimée taken from his correspondance, reveal his determinating role in the elaboration of a policy on French monumental patrimony.
Gary Lee Boas, strippers: N.Y.C 1978 - 1985
From december 18 2003 to february 17 2004
Gary Lee Boas gives us through his photographs and texts his idea of night life and urban sexuality in the America he knew after Stonewall and before AIDS.
Florence *Boré : The book turned into art
From december 18 2003 to january 18 2004
Exhibited in their original vegetable universe (bark, bamboo, palm, pebbles...), 70 binded books, costumized, sometimes in their protecting cover, are placed in a true stage and try to reveal the mystery of their content.What authors? [...]
Each Photograph a picture
From december 18 2003 to march 7 2004
Some 400 photographs by some sixty international artists are exhibited, among them Hilla Becher, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, Polke, Eggleston, Martin Parr, Mikhailov... through four themes: portrait, landscape, daily life and history.
Alain *Robbe-Grillet, this year in Brest
From december 18 2003 to april 20 2004
The exhibit evokes the great foundingmyths of Alain Robbe-Grillet's work, through his manuscripts, films, photos and his collage-paintings, as well as the works by artists who counted in the genesis of his work, such as Magritte, Klein, [...]
Catherine Cabrol
From december 17 2003 to february 1 2004
Catherine Cabrol reveals the personnality of movie directors, in her photographic series (entre)metteurs en scène (movie directors/go betweens.)
Andreas *Mahl, Spells
From december 17 2003 to march 16 2004
Some twenty original pieces by photographer Andreas Mahl, taken with a Polaroid and in various formats, offer a partial itinerary of his work in the period from 1980-2003. His work is divided in three main themes: still lives, eroticism [...]
Louisiana, from the French colony to the American State
From december 17 2003 to february 28 2004
Through numerous paintings, prints, lithographs, photos and posters, the Historic New Orleans Collection joins the Mona Bismarck Foundation to present an exhibit that comemorates the bicentennial of the transfer of Louisiana in 1803 [...]
Cézanne (1839-1906) : Fourteen masterpieces
From december 16 2003 to march 15 2004
Prior to the reopening of the Orangerie Museum in the Tuileries in Paris, the museum of Toulouse presents the Cézannes from the Walter-Guillaume collection. These paintings illustrate the artist's genius, who specialised in turn in portraits,landscapes [...]
Silvia *Monfort : A life of fight for the theatre
From december 16 2003 to january 25 2004
Photographs, posters, models and costumes illustrate the career of this great actress and reveal an unknown aspect of an artist committed to the service of the theater and show.
Nikola Kovacevic
From december 16 2003 to january 3 2004
A new personal exhibit by this artist from Montenegro, whose pictural, musical and written language, close to abstract expressionism, invite the spectator to a sensitive reading of his paintings.
Big game and Surrealism
From december 15 2003 to march 29 2004
Usually known for its litterary and poetic production, the Grand Jeu movementalso deserves to have its artistic dimension to be taken into consideration. The portrait-appearance, the caricature and the body in pieces are brought together [...]
Narcissus / new visions on self-representation
From december 14 2003 to february 22 2004
15 international artists aare grouped together to present their works on the theme of the selfportrait. They approach this eternal theme in their own way, with new refernces and new contemporary forms.
Georges Rouault (1871-1958)
From december 14 2003 to february 29 2004
The retrospective brings together 112 prints, drawings and manuscripts by this painter, never seen before, from biblical themes to symbolism, not forgetting the purest expressionism.
Ed Ruscha, photographies
From december 14 2003 to january 21 2004
Two series by the American artist: "Pools" (1968-2000) shows the locations of luxury and realxationstrangely deserted, and "Parking lots" (1967-2000), aerial views designed like a systematic inventory of parking lots, new visual icons [...]
Transimages 2 : Mobilities, Nicolas Moulin
From december 13 to 20 2003
The exhibit of Nicolas Moulin's works is included in the second part of the "European transimages" cycle which, after evoking in 2002 the similarity between artistic universes and massmedia representations, approaches the consequences [...]
Joseph *Beuys in Basle
From december 13 2003 to march 21 2004
The museum sheds light on the sixty works by German artist Joseph Beuys bought since 1969. Aside from the prints on wood, sculptures, films and installations, the drawings represent the most important part of this collection.
Thomas *Hirschhorn. Chalet Lost History
From december 13 2003 to february 21 2004
Thomas Hirschhorn transforms the galery into a chalet while Manuel Joseph covers the surface of his texts. The name of the chalet, "Lost History" also qualifies the objective of the two artists, associated in this project, to accuse [...]
Jan Fabre
From december 13 2003 to may 2 2004
The nearly twenty sculptures presented here take a look at the notion of metamorphosis and time that passes. For the artist this notion is symbolized by the scarab, an emblematic insect from the Egyptian culture, whose shell he uses [...]
X-*Screen. Film installations and actions of the Sixties and Seventies
From december 13 2003 to february 29 2004
Installations and other documents (films, drawings, posters...), done by 35 Austrian and international artists from the 60s and 70s, illusrate over four floors the passage from one traditional use of images, space and the body towards [...]
Taboo and tobacco: from Jan Steen to Pablo Picasso
From december 13 2003 to march 14 2004
Four centuries of tobacco in art. The change of its image since the golden era to our day, through some one hundred works by Van Gogh, Otto Dix, Kirchner, or Pop Art artists such as Claes Oldenburg, Tom Wesselmann, or even Judith Leyster, [...]
Falling snow»
From december 13 2003 to january 17 2004
The exhibit brings together four artists of different horizons: Anthony Goicolea, Sven Kroner, Walter Niedermayr, and Sara Rossi.They each use, in their own manner and style, different media to represent snow.
Venice between arts and war, 1866-1918
From december 13 2003 to march 21 2004
The spotlight is on the history of the city through some 200 works, -painting, sculpture, photographs, drawings, manuscripts...-to illustrate three events: the alliance of the town with the king of Italy, the IIIrd war of Independance [...]
From Gustav Klimt to Picasso
From december 13 2003 to april 18 2004
More than 300 paintings and drawings by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Adolf Loos, Pablo Picasso, Paul Cézanne and Le Corbusier as well as Weiner Werkstätte and works by Fritz Wotruba. The aim is to confront art of Vienna in 1900, Austrian [...]
Jens Ferm
From december 12 2003 to february 14 2004
In parallel to the exhibit at the Swedish Cultural Center, the Birthe Laursen Galery dedicates a pesonal exhibit to painter Jens Ferm, and has us enter his poetic universe that is disconcertantly simple.
Richard Artschwager : Drawings (1960-2002)
From december 12 2003 to february 6 2004
For the artist's 80th birthday, a great number of his drawings combined with a polyvalent creation, are exhibited. The ensemble reveals essential significance: through art, Artschwager gives himself answers, without ever forgetting [...]
Earths in light, Ceramic, art of the day
From december 12 2003 to march 7 2004
From Charles Catteau (1880-1966) to contemporary visual artists such as Vincent Beague, Brigitte Dizier or Jacques Loly who use ceramics, the exhibit gives us an idea of the diversity and the richness of the know-how of the creators [...]
Paul Klee, 1933
From december 12 2003 to march 7 2004
A key year for Paul Klee. Some one hundred drawings exhibited for the first time show the artist's vehemence in front of the arrival of Nazism.
Krajcberg, Art and rebellion
From december 12 2003 to february 8 2004
7 sculptures, 7 barks, 3 drawings and 36 photographs of Krajcberg in homage to Pierre Restany try to express hsi revolt against the destruction of nature. In this combat to defend it, art is to him the most universal of all weapons.
Artist's dilemma : white mirror
From december 11 2003 to january 17 2004
This exhibit, dedicated to the new media in Finland, brings together the video work of Roi Vaara, the installations by Hanna Haaslahti and Juha Huuskonen, as well as a retrospective of films and video works by Eija-Liisa Ahtila.
Hérault Arnod architects
From december 11 2003 to january 17 2004
Made up of plans, original sketches, models and photogrpahs, the exhibit is dedicated to the last works of the Isabel Hérault and Yves Arnod agency, among which the Combined building in Grenoble and the project for the Museum of Archeology [...]
Mathieu Mercier
From december 10 2003 to february 9 2004
The exhibit dedicated to Mathieu Mercier, the winner of the third edition of the Marcel Duchamp Prize -known for its critical vision and its works inspired by leisure activities (Home made furniture, mural paintings...) -ignaugurates [...]
Thomas Hirschhorn : Double Garage
From december 10 2003 to january 11 2004
Double Garage is an installation designed both as a working place, a place for every day life, where violence, war, death and destruction reign. Through it the Swiss artist stigmatises our society and thus reveals a social context [...]
Shanghaï : yesterday and tomorrow
From december 10 2003 to march 7 2004
Either part of the collection of the history museum of Shanghaï or taken by Marc Riboud over thes last ten years, some 270 photographs illustrate the most diverse aspects of life in this Chinese city, from the fall of the Empire in 1911 [...]
Yearning for beauty
From december 10 2003 to april 12 2004
The exhibit is dedicated to the "WW" group of designers and architects, that will profit from the emancipation of industrialization of the beginning of the XXth century to make theirs a clientele that is looking for quality and aesthetics.
Latitudes 2003
From december 9 2003 to january 4 2004
The public at large knows very little about artistic creation in the Indian Ocean. The works of 13 plastic artists presented allow the visitor to discover this artistic identity and the playing interactions.
Maurice *Busset (1879-1936) , sensitive witness of his time
From december 8 2003 to january 3 2004
The majority of the works by the painter and sculptor is a statement of the rural life at the end of the XXth century in his native Auvergne. Other works exhibited evoke WWI and present Moroccon landscapes.
The great *Greece and the Basilicate
From december 8 2003 to january 5 2004
At the end of the XIXth century, the sites of Basilicate are the object of a great number of archeologic diggings, during which numerous objects were found. Some of them, lent for the occasion by the region's greatest museums, are presented [...]
Fischli / Weiss
From december 7 2003 to february 7 2004
Peter Fischli and David Weiss, the swiss duo, present what they call a "false retrospective", made up of works from the last twenty years.
Genesis of a work: Alfred Manessier and les church windows of Saint-Sépulcre d'Abbeville (1982-1993)
From december 6 2003 to march 7 2004
Note, models and preparatory sketches around the creation of the new stained glass windows of the church of the Holy Sepulcher, shown for the first time to the public. The exhibit is enriched by documents that talk of the artist's [...]
Bonaparte in Italia, Bagetti's watercolours (1764-1831)
From december 6 2003 to february 22 2004
An ensemble of some forty works illustrate the campaigns Bonaparte carried out in Italy, doen by the official painter of the Great Army upon the Emperor's request.
Gerhard Richter: Atlas
From december 6 2003 to february 29 2004
Richter gets his inspiration from books, magazines and newspapers to carry out his paintings and his photographs.Through 5000 photographs, drawings, diagrams andpaintings from 1962 to our day, "Atlas", aside from giving us a glance [...]
The *collection Agutte-Sembat
From december 6 2003 to february 29 2004
To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the bequest of the Agutte-Sembat collection, some thirty drawings by Matisse, Marquet, Derain, Signac, Vlaminck or Gauguin are exhibited, thus completing the works presented in the museum's rooms.
Robert *Filliou (1926-1987), genius without talent
From december 6 2003 to march 28 2004
A major artist of the 60s in France, Robert Filliou always stood back in regard ot his work to get involved in work groups, to give thought to art without borders, intuitive and participating.This exhibit represents a retrospective [...]
Let's talk about the Breton
From december 5 to march 31 2003
Through collection pieces, rare manuscripts, original illustrations, oral proof and audiovisual documents, this exhibit traces the history of Breton as a living language.
The *ways of the echo
From december 5 2003 to february 6 2004
Following a stay in the Buddhist monastery of Lamayuru in Ladakh, two native Czech artist, painter Roman Kames and the designer of sound installations Quido Sen, associated for this exhibit that renders homage to Tibetan art.
Dorothée *Selz : Offerings
From december 5 2003 to february 21 2004
Dorothée Selz's first retrospective exhibit. By playing with food, the artist uses what is eatable since the 60s. Even though the way he combines food is not always the way a baker would: he does it with social and erotic materials...
Islamic Arts. A choice in the belgium collections
From december 5 2003 to april 25 2004
While awaiting the opening of a room dedicated to Islamic art, the museum of the Cinquantenaire invites us to discover the most complete panorama possible of Belgium's Islamic collections, giving us an idea of the important number [...]
Elisabeth Buffoli
From december 5 2003 to january 31 2004
All along his works, the artist stages men, women, as well as animals...she caught in their daily activities.
Excellents drawings
From december 5 2003 to january 25 2004
The exhibit offers a selection of nearly 4250 Italian drawingsfrom the XVIth tot he XVIIth centuries, by artists such as Paolo Farinati, Peter van der Straet, Federico Zuccaro, Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini or Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, [...]
Rendez-vous at the hotel
From december 5 2003 to january 5 2004
This exhibit, presented in partnership with the FIBI, is dedicated to Argentine photographer Guillermo Vilela and unveils to us some fity photographs of movie stars he had gathered during his life in a black note-book called Rendez- [...]
Maurizio Dusio
From december 4 to 24 2003
Maurizio Dusio's paintings and sculptures, in which shade and light face one another, try to seize a moment of eternity. The landscapes and characters express both hope and the sens of what is sacred.
Transimages 2 : Mobilités, Alain Bublex et Vincent Epplay
From december 4 to 20 2003
Alain Bublex continues his thoughts regarding photography and make sus discover a prototype of a camera he designed. Vincent Epplay's installations offer an experience of space through sound.
From december 4 2003 to january 7 2004
The Manic galery presnets one hundred Russian and Greek icons from the XIV to the XIXth centuries.
From december 4 2003 to january 9 2004
Stefan Nikolaev's and Robert Stadler's works follow one another around the theme of "frontalunterricht» that refers to a teaching typology characterised by a face to face encounter between a teacher and his pupils, transmitter and receiver. [...]
Yoshinosuke *Kosu : space, silence and white
From december 4 to 24 2003
Following its preference for Japanese aesthetics, the Gallery sheds light on an artist who rediscovered the beauties of Japanese painting. Even if the line is unseparable from his style, his still lives on a dream-like background express [...]
Carlo Benvenuto
From december 3 2003 to february 21 2004
In his first personal exhibit abroad, Milano-based artist Carlo Benvenuto suggests a thought on space and the relation of the spectator with what is intimate, through a series of photographs that deal with daily subjects: objects, [...]
The Adventure of the Avant-Gardes
From december 3 2003 to march 7 2004
24 panels including images and texts as well as 15 copies of famous paintings and sculptures that tell about the founding principles of the major artistic movements of the XXth century, from Impressionism to Body Art, including Cubism, [...]
The spiritual landscape
From december 3 to february 8 2003
In the years prior to WWI a great number of artists went all over Europe and painted the landscapes: Kandinsky, Mondrian, Marc gave it a spiritual value, saw a certain harmony between fauna and flora and justified through it their [...]
Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Drawings from the Louvre Collection
From december 3 2003 to march 8 2004
The works selected offer a glance of Fragonard's dazzling career. These drawings illustrate the diversity of the techniques the artist used and the variety of subjects he approached. Copies of works by Rubens and Jordaens done by Fragonard [...]
Mireille *Brunet-Jailly, The Infinite
From december 2 2003 to january 24 2004
The paintings, prints and books of Mireille Brunet-Jailly exhibited here are proof of a dialogue of complicity, started in 1978, with contemporary poets such as René Char, Salah Stétié, Guillaume Guillevic ou even Yves Broussard...
Artistic, litterary and society life, 1889-1939
From december 2 2003 to february 29 2004
From the end of the XIXth century until1939, Versailles never ceased attracting and inspiring intellectuals, artists, and the actors of society life.To the end Versailles is he reference of "good taste", the place attached to traditions [...]
Camara Séni
From december 2 2003 to january 4 2004
Between fetishism and animism, the earth sculptures made by Senegalese artist Camara Séni represent realistic or fabulous characters and animals of all dimensions, and reveal a true contemporary "prime art".
Transimages 2 : Mobilities
From december 2 to 20 2003
Edouard Boyer, Raphaël Boccanfuso, Bordercartograph, Florence de Comarmond, Bruno Guiganti, Roberto Martinez, Tsuneko Taniuchi and The Yesmen exhibit their hybride, digital and conceptual works as part of the event «European Transimages».
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