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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Expressive !
From march 30 to august 10 2003
The German expressionits movemetn had an important influence on art, from teh begining of the XXth century to our day. Works by Picasso in particular function as the vital lead to demonstrate it.
From march 30 to july 6 2003
Modigliani leaves the Senate and heads to Milano. Mostly lent by private collections, the one hundred paintings and the rare drawings evoke the theme of the nude and the portrait in the work of this major artist dedicated to the human [...]
Roland Weber
From march 30 to may 18 2003
In parallel to the exhibit "Colour" organized at Compiègne, the museum of Soissons offers a retrospective of Roland Weber's work, from the 1960s to the end of the 1980s.An ensemble where the curved and soft geometric forms contrast [...]
Citibank photography prize 2003
From march 29 to june 8 2003
Return to a documentary approach of photography, with this presentation of the four finalists : Jitka Hanzlová (Czech Republic), Bertien van Manen (Netherlands), Simon Norfolk (UK) and Juergen Teller (Germany).
Horlogical Masterworks. English Seventeenth century clocks from private collections
From march 29 to may 31 2003
Clockmakers are celebrated through 50 clocks never seen before. 17th and 18th generated technical improvements in that field, mostly with the discovery of the pendulum to regulate a clock.
Tribute to Léon Zack (1892-1980)
From march 29 to may 11 2003
Of Russian origin, Léon Zack has been part of the Paris School. His originally figurative painting became abstract as of 1948. Fifty paintings, watercolors, books and models of stained glass, done between 1926 and 1978, reveal an artist's [...]
On form the form - Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Olivier Ourvil, les RADI Designers, Richard Fauguet
From march 29 to june 8 2003
Three artists and a group of designers are grouped together. Jean-Pierre Gauthier assembes various objects to turn them into "creatures", Olivier Gourville gets inspired from comic srips and design to carry out his paintings, Richard [...]
James Hyde
From march 29 to june 7 2003
This exhibit, which takes place both inside and outside, presents the paintings by abstract artist James Hyde. Inspired by the great artistic currents of the XXth century, such as minimalism and abstract expressionism, Hyde uses daily [...]
The art of harpsichord
From march 29 to june 16 2003
A beautiful group of harpsichords, from the XVIth century to our day. Exhibited in the museum's ceremonial salons, this former palace of archbishops, these pieces decorated with painted scenes, sculptures, medalions, foliage and interlacing, [...]
Places of Paris - 19th and 20th centuries
From march 28 to may 2 2003
Parisian squares are shown under different angles: their creations, the number of persons who have looked at them -painters, photographers, movie directors or tourist guides-, and their rearrangements. Plans, models, drawings, paintings, [...]
Louis Billotey, the classical ambition
From march 28 to august 14 2003
The first retrospective for this actor from the movement of monumental and decorative art from the 1930s. The author of more than 200 oil paintings, drawings, sketches, frescoes...Billotey has signed among other works one of the frecoes [...]
L'invention du passé : Manfred Pernice - Neo Rauch ; Francis Alÿs- Anri Sala
From march 28 to may 25 2003
While sculptor Manfred Pernice and painter Neo Rauch orient their works around the theme of history and time, Francis Alÿs and Anri Sala criticize historic images that are manipulated.
Benanteur : drawings and watecolours, old and recent
From march 27 to april 26 2003
Benanteur's drawings and watercolors show a sharp and moved graphism, as well as work on intensity nuances, thus animating the surface and creating an illusion of relief.
Quiet beauty : fifty centuries of Japanese folk ceramics from the Montgomery collection
From march 27 to june 15 2003
A hundred odd pieces review forms and technics evolution of Folk ceramics from 3000 BC and the Jomon potteries to 1985 and productions declared Living National Treasures be the Japanese Government. Never seen before in Western countries.
Art déco 1910-1939
From march 27 to july 20 2003
More than 300 pieces in furniture, painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion, jewellery, graphic arts, photography and cinema illustrate the Art Deco style and witness an important artistic phenomenon of the early 20th century.
¡ No pasaràn ! Pictures of internationals brigades during he spanish war
From march 27 to june 14 2003
The epic of 35 000 volunteers who signed up with the International Brigades was followed by the press during the Spanish war in 1936-1939. With undeniable visual impact, the photographs by Capa, Reuter and Torrents helped as much for information [...]
Tangent 1 - Alain Paiement
From march 26 to july 13 2003
Inspired by the museum's photographic collection, this recent work by Alain Paiement is the first of a series of works that the Canadian Centre for Architecture commissioned to five contemporary artists.
Tim: To be of his time (1919-2002)
From march 26 to august 31 2003
Tim is a committed artist, and is known for his political caricatures in the press. This retrospective, including over 300 works -drawings, books, posters, photographs, sculptures and audiovisual documents-, refers in particular to his memory [...]
François-Marie Banier
From march 26 to june 15 2003
A large retrospective dedicated to this writer, also a painter and photographer.Over 200 works -black and white photographs and photographs painted and written- deliver portraits of anonymous persons as well as of close friends such [...]
The illumination in France at the time of Jean Fouquet
From march 26 to june 22 2003
Jean Fouquet's exceptional work was in the midst of a period that was artistically effervescent. Towards 1440, pictural and litterary creations differentiated themselves through their variety and their originality from the traditional [...]
Jean Fouquet, painter and illuminator of 15th century
From march 26 to june 22 2003
This painter and illuminator of the XVth century deeply renewed French painting of that period, which was under the influence of the Flemish and Tuscan schools.Under the light of this almost complete work, the exhibit looks at the various [...]
Michelangelo. Drawings from the Louvre
From march 26 to july 14 2003
Some forty original drawings by one of the key figures of the Italian Renaissance are presented together for the first time since 1975.
Thomas Brummett
From march 23 to may 17 2003
American photographer Thomas Brummett presents three new series of pr*hotographs entitled Desert series, Rthiking the natural and Diatom series. The nature he shows through specilized technical procedures becomes dream like and stimulates [...]
Bruegel to Rembrandt: Dutch and Flemish drawings from the Maida and George Abrams Collection
From march 22 to july 6 2003
The exhibition shows 113 works of Dutch 17th century drawings collected by George and Maida Adams over a period of 40 years, among which works by Rembrandt, Jacob van Ruisdael, Jacques de Gheyn II, Hendrick Goltzius, Hendrick Avercamp [...]
Charles Cottet, the engraved work
From march 22 to june 23 2003
This realist painter with a sombre palette elected Brittany 30 years ago. He dd his firts prints, lithographs her, between 1894 and 1903 before using water colors, aquatint or dry-point until 1911.
Isa Genzken
From march 22 to may 25 2003
AC Raum done in 2001, in collaboration with photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, is the heart of the exhibit with, for the first time, 22 works from the cycle called Empire, Vampire, which kill death (2002-2003).
The great tour, from Alexandie to Saida, old photographs from the middle east
From march 22 to may 25 2003
Photographs from the Middle-East from the XIXth century are confronted with contemporary photographs by three artists who went to the region: Ange Leccia and Patrick Tosani, to Damas, and Jean-Luc Moulène to Saïda, in Lebanon.
Irving Penn
From march 22 to july 27 2003
Mostly famous for his portraits, still lives and fashion work, Irving Penn is less known as a superb photographer of the female nude. His most important nudes were made more than 50 years ago, with models closer to Titian's or Rubens’s [...]
René Zuber, new objectivity.
From march 22 to may 25 2003
René Zuber, a representative of the New Photographic Objectivity in France, has been one of the first to be interested in the aesthetics of the series object and dedicated himself mainly to industrial reports. Chosen pieces from his works [...]
The nine valiant knights
From march 22 to november 3 2003
Inherited from the Greek and Roman Antiquity and the Bible, the theme of the "Nine valiant knights" is an incarnation of the knightly ideal from the XIVth and XVIth centuries. A series of tapestries from the XVIth century, weapons, [...]
Duane Hanson
From march 21 to july 13 2003
The first major retrospective in Switzerland by the American sculptor. Distributed over various rooms of the permanent collections, thirty six, life size characters and other realistic models, stereotypes of middle class America, make [...]
Laurent Moriceau
From march 21 to june 1 2003
The first large personal exhibit for this artist who extends his stay at the Palais de Tokyo, "Perméable", which demonstrates Laurent Moriceau's ecclecticism, with photos, video, objects...
From Watteau to Ingres - French drawings of the 18th century from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
From march 20 to may 18 2003
The collection of French drawings from the 1700-1830 period, from the cabinet of prints from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is the opportunity to see five drawings by Fragonard, nine by Watteau, thirteen by François Boucher, one by Jean-Baptiste [...]
DisORIENTation, contemporary Arab artistic practices
From march 20 to may 11 2003
The works of thirteen artists from the Middle East -Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordania, Syria and Irak - contradict the Western stereotypes regarding Arab countries and show there exists a contemporary creativity detached from traditional [...]
What is the meaning of paintings size ?
From march 20 to june 9 2003
Contemporary works -Soulages, Asse, Degottex..- and old ones -Bizet, Magnasco, Lutti, Doré ou Chintreuil...- put forward the question of the size of the canvas chosen by the artist and the ensuing relation with the spectators.
Triumphant costumes - The mannerism in the art of the italian armour
From march 20 to july 20 2003
Over one hundred armours, saddles, roundels and other accessories demonstrate the art of armour in the XVIth century. An art of great luxury developed right next to a useful production, with rich and refined decorations, meant for triumphs [...]
Portrait miniatures from the Daphne Foskett Collection
From march 20 to june 15 2003
A selection of 75 miniature portraits from the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, shown for the first time to the public. The collection of Daphne Foskett (1911-98) has recently been placed on long-term loan at the museum.
Story of the eruption, Pompei, Herculanum, Oplontis
From march 20 to july 31 2003
Pompei and its surrounding sites continue to reveal their treasures. Thrity afrescoes, ten sculptures, five hundred coins, two hundred objects of daily use are the result of the archeologic digs over the last ten years.
From march 19 to may 11 2003
The Palais de Tokyo hosts the four members of the Japanese group in a cabaret-like atmosphere.The artists are specialized in the art of video, combining real and digital images, and thus create delirious and kitsch, colored and rhythmed [...]
Michele De Lucchi, in senso industriale
From march 19 to april 19 2003
Architect Michele de Lucchi is particularly interested in the industrial world. His design, architecture and graphic projects, finished or in progress, demonstrate his craft-like creativity.
Erró, hommage to Walt Disney
From march 19 to may 3 2003
This new series of paintings by Erró diverts images from animated films to recreate a surprising universe inwhich Disney characters get intermingled with others from Russian and Japanese comic strips.
Northern India : princes'glory, praises of gods
From march 19 to june 29 2003
In India, from the XIVth century until the independance in 1947, music was exclusively reserved to the princes and aristocrats.The exhibit tries to recreate the refined context in which the musical representations took place, through [...]
Ming, Glod Age of the chinese furniture
From march 19 to july 14 2003
Some one hundred exceptional pieces of Ming furniture -tables, screens, dressers, cabinets and others in precious wood -from the XVIth and XVIIth centuries.The seelction, from the prestigious Lu Ming Shi collection, unveils the golden [...]
Ron Mueck: Making Sculpture at the National Gallery
From march 19 to june 22 2003
Ron Mueck was born in Australia in 1957 and has lived and worked in London since 1984. He is presenting his work made during his residence at the Gallery.
Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes
From march 19 to june 30 2003
This painter and art theorist is among the best landscape artists of the XVIIIth century. Some one hundred preparatory works, oil paintings on cardboard, ink drawings and wash-paintings unveil his talent as an observer and announce [...]
Laurence Demaison, Rip Hopkins
From march 18 to april 20 2003
The portrait seen from two different angles: Rip Hopkins in a subversive photoreport gives a certain dignity to unknown Tadjikistan and Laurence Demaison becomes a subject by stripping her self-portraits from any identity.
From Irland and elsewhere - Dominique Van Den Broeck
From march 18 to april 5 2003
A free manner, various techniques, warm colors and humor are seen in numerous views of Paris, the picturesque scenes that unveil the fascination Dominique van den Broeck has for passages.
Alexander Calder
From march 18 to october 7 2003
Over 65 works, in perfect harmony with the innovating and dynamic architecture of the museum, illustrate fice decades of creation dedicated to the search of sculpture's abstract form and its kinetic potential.
Mikael Levin, photographs
From march 18 to april 27 2003
Fascinated by Europe, Mikael Levin, a French-American photographer presents 90 snapshots as food for thought on the notion of borders at the time of European construction.
Drawings of David Smith : a choice of Alain Kirili
From march 17 to april 27 2003
An artist known as a sculpture, David Smith has also doen a number of graphic works. 71 slected drawings by artist Alain Kirili are exhibited for the first time in France.
Andréas Dobler
From march 16 to june 1 2003
A selection of the artist's work since 1985. Greatly influenced by the media and popular culture,Andréas Dobler paints daily objects, science-fiction landscapes and prison interiors.
Laura Owens
From march 16 to june 22 2003
This first monographic exhibition of Laura Owens in a museum comprises twenty paintings, thirty works on paper and five or six large scale works.
Children beloved, Portraits of Children in the LightsTime
From march 15 to june 29 2003
In the XVIIIth century, the recognition of childhood as a major moment in life changed family relations. Portraits by Vigée-Lebrun, Drouais, Fragonard, Greuze or Labille-Guiard demonstrate the new intimacy that was born between parents [...]
Franck Scurti - Before and after
From march 15 to april 27 2003
After Paris, the Kunsthaus receives Frank Scurti and his staging of daily objects, symbols of the consumer society he makes fun of.
William Eggleston - Los Alamos
From march 15 to june 19 2003
William Eggleston greatly contributed to give color photography its place of honor in the 1970s. This retrospective includes more than two hundred photos taken all over the world and in South America,the photographer's native region.
Gauguin here and there
From march 15 to june 22 2003
As part of the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the death of Gauguin, the museum offers a fun-filled exhibit and invites children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old to follow the steps of Paul Gauguin's works and techniques.
Masterpieces from Dresden: Mantegna and Dürer to Rubens and Canaletto
From march 15 to june 8 2003
Last August the Elbe river floded the Zwinger palace in Dresden, which hosts the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, one of the largest collections of paintings by old masters. Four thousand works ahd been moved urgently. In order to salute [...]
Edvard Munch : theme and variation
From march 15 to june 22 2003
The Albertina chose Münch to celebrate its reopening. Seventy paintings and 140 works on paper by the forerunner of expressionism demonstrate his favorite themes -love, death, solitude, jealousy and melancholy -and fully illustrate [...]
Graham Sutherland
From march 15 to may 11 2003
A selection of works by Graham Sutherland (1903-80), from his early romantic landscape etchings of the 1920s and work as an official war artist to his striking post-war abstractions and the later portraits and religious works.
Abstract art and Tapestry. The State-owned Furniture's Collections
From march 15 to september 30 2003
Frome Calder to Hartung including Vasarely, a great number of artists have worked with weavers to create tapestries of an abstract style. The 48 pieces selected underline the diversity of styles. The national manufactures renew with [...]
Vietnam : journeys of body, mind and spirit
From march 15 2003 to january 4 2004
The first comprehensive exhibition in the U.S. on contemporary Vietnamese culture.
Pierre Ardouvin, Nasseville
From march 14 to april 27 2003
Pierre Ardouvin offers for his first personal exhibit in Paris a monumental installation in which the visitor, both actor and spectator, creates a festive, luminous and intriguing atmosphere.
Nanna Ditzel : furniture 1950-1970
From march 14 to may 10 2003
Two hundred exhibitors or art and antiques from 13 countires are grouped together for this sixteenth edition of the Maastricht TEFAF. The fair offers the public a choice of exceptional pieces as varied as manuscripts, silver ware, [...]
Christian Schad and the Neue Sachlichkeit
From march 14 to june 9 2003
Scrutinizing the world between the two wars, a group of 30 paintings and 40 drawings allows us to discover one of the three major artists of the "Neue Sachlichkeit" (the New Objectivity), besides Otto Dix and George Grosz.
The Winthrop collection, masterpieces from the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard university
From march 14 to june 1 2003
During its first trip to Europe, the Winthrop colllection makes a stop in Lyon. It represents 140 works by Seurat, Delacroix, Degas, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Gustave Moreau, as well as English and American [...]
Well-known and unknown Chagall
From march 14 to june 23 2003
After thirty years, Chagall is back with some 150 works, among them 78 paintings. A retrospective in five parts -the Russian years, the Jewish theme, the Gallery of Fables, small French paintings, the Bible and the French years -for [...]
Peter Clough : Crossings 2
From march 14 to april 12 2003
The second and before last phase of the retrospective dedicated to British artist Peter Clough groups together oil paintings, polychrome inks and sculptures in monochrome wood.
André Derain (1880-1954)
From march 14 to june 9 2003
Around some one hundred works -sculptures, drawings, engravings, ceramics and illustrated books -the exhibit gives a renewed vision of Derain's polymorphic career, by looking at the painter's key periods; Fauvism, analytic Cubism, [...]
freemasonry, from royal art to republican citizenship
From march 14 to august 31 2003
Set up in France since the end of the XVIIIth century, freemasonry has left many proofs of its past activities. Aprons, portraits and caricatures of major figures in the movement, pendula and jewelry side by side with the symbols of freemasonry [...]
Light screens : the leaded glass of Frank Lloyd Wright
From march 14 to july 20 2003
About 50 windows and ancillary material reveal the remarkable evolution of the artistic language of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. All windows are original, and most of them have never before been shown to the public.
Mad, bad and dangerous: The cult of Lord Byron
From march 14 to may 26 2003
The exhibit brings together more than one hundred pieces (paintings, photographs,letters, manuscripts, clothings...) and examines the different influences that affected the poet with writers such as Oscar Wilde, or popular culture [...]
Jean Peyrissac, retrospective
From march 14 to june 8 2003
Some one hundred works -sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs -from the 1920s to the 1960s trace the itinerary of this unusual artist with his innovating and complex work.
Fred Stein and Jean-Claude Van Blime
From march 14 to april 19 2003
The street scenes and black and white portraits by photographer Fred Stein are side by side with colored paintings by contemporary artist Jean-Claude Van Blime: two languages which are not as opposed to one another as one may think.
Yamo, under the sign of piscies
From march 14 to may 11 2003
Included in the year of Algeria in France, young interior architect and designer Mohamed Yahiaoui,called Yamo -educated in Algers and Paris, presents his latest creations: lights, furniture and objects shown in a scenography imagined [...]
Peter Vogel
From march 14 to may 10 2003
A new series of cybernetic objects by Peter Vogel. These cyberstructures react to the outside world and communicate with the spectator through a subtle game of microphones and photoelectric cells.
Ernest Pignon Ernest, Soweto-Warwick-2002
From march 13 to may 10 2003
Committed for the last twenty years in the fight against apartheid, Ernest Pignon-Ernest denounces a new curse, aids. Following his encounters with the victims, he created an image - silkscreened into some one hundred copies- and then [...]
Œuvres abstraites sur papier
From march 13 to april 19 2003
Around works by American artist Mark Tobey, three artists present their works on paper which resemble his drawings. The pieces by Kenneth Alfred, Martine Gélis and Kurt Weber illustrate a search for complexity and repetition in abstraction. [...]
Matisse: drawings with scissors
From march 13 to may 25 2003
Seventy cut-out papers from public and private collections, of which two projects of stained glass over 5 mt tall- from the 1940s up to the artist's death in 1954 -illustrate the success of his artistic dream: the synthesis between [...]
Tatiana Trouvé
From march 13 to may 11 2003
The large nave of the warehouse hosts Tatiana Trouvé's evolutive installation, a wide network of neon lights and steel filins separated by walls, with the objective of questioning how a work functions.
Kyoichi Tsuzuki
From march 12 to june 1 2003
Editor Kyoichi Tsuzuki presents his series Happy victims, you are what you buy, where he takes photographs of fashion victims at home, with their clothes collection as a backdrop.
Nicolas de Staël
From march 12 to june 30 2003
A chronological journey of Nicolas de Staël's work, punctuated by 135 paintings and 80 drawings: the road towards abstraction, the abstract culmination, the return towards figurative art and the last moments spent in Southern France [...]
Camille Ravot, father and son.
From march 12 to april 13 2003
Camille Ravot is known more as a sculptor than as a painter.Somem one hndred pictural works -drawings, oil paintings, watercolors -by the sculptor and his son are presneted to the public on the theme of the travels they did in France [...]
Face & Co (Facéties), Carolus-Duran and Co
From march 10 to june 16 2003
Around the paintings of Carolus-Duran, the great portrait painter of the XIXth century,the relation between the portrait and the famous person is approached through works of contemporary artists, such as Pierre-Louis Pierson, Paul [...]
Carolus-Duran, modern friendships from Rodin to Matisse
From march 10 to june 8 2003
The National Society of fine arts was founded in 1890 to put into question the traditional models of artistic success.The exhibit evoques this wonderful adventure in which Carolus-Duran, Rodin, Gauguin, Sisley, Matisse, Bonnard, Meissonier [...]
Carolus-Duran, retrospective
From march 10 to june 9 2003
This homage to painter Carolus-Duran is the opportunity to discover an artist wrongly considered academic and often reduced to the part of a mondane portrait painter. Eighty works (portraits, landscapes, interior scenes) reveal on the contrary [...]
Anthony Cragg, 12 sculptures
From march 9 to may 15 2003
For the first time in France, twelve monumental recent sculptures by Tony Cragg are set up on the front square of the BNF. Done in carbon, kevlar, stone or bronze, they demonstrate the artist's innovating creativity and are in harmony [...]
Eyes meeting
From march 9 to may 11 2003
The Guerlain Foundation hosts the works of collectors Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon, among which the creations by Gilbert and Georges, by Alighiero e Boetti, and by Cragg and Morellet.
Icon Tada
From march 9 to april 9 2003
Icon Tada replaces the canvas with the computer and creates works from mathematical calculations and inspired from traditional Japanese prints.
André Masson - Pictures from the labyrinth of the soul
From march 9 to april 27 2003
Paintings, drawings, sculptures, illusrated books and theater sets...Two hundred pieces to rediscover an essential figure of surrealism.
Europeans miniatures
From march 8 to april 20 2003
When it appeared in the XVIth century, the miniature was an art of what is precious and intimate since it allowed people to have portraits of one loved ones with them. Its success continued, and in the XIXth century the painter Isabey [...]
Apparition : the action of appearing
From march 8 to april 27 2003
On the subject of the genesis of an art work, and concentrating on the human figure, the exhibition regroups video projections, animation films, photographs, paintings and drawings, by Cai Guo-Qiang, Charles Crumb, Marlene Dumas, Susan [...]
Pierre Marie Brisson : the beautiful left-overs
From march 8 to april 26 2003
Fifty new paintings accompanied by a selection of older works allow us to get a glance at Brisson's work. He plays with cliches of art history and offers a personal review of them through his own technique which resembles the fresco.
Raoul Dufy, from pattern to color
From march 8 to june 1 2003
The first stop for this itinerant exhibit dedicated to Dufy. Fifty paintings, seventy drawings, watercolors, some thirty pieces of ceramics, textiles, dresses and engravings on wood, grouped together on one theme -the ocean, fashion, [...]
Majesty of Rome: From Ingres to Degas: Rome and the french artists 1803-1873
From march 8 to june 29 2003
Ever since 1803 the Academy of France in Rome has occupied the prestigious Villa Médicis. For its bicentenial, the latter hosts some 200 works by the most famous residents of the XIXth century. Among them, Ingres, David d'Angers, Carpeaux, [...]
Emil Nolde, pioneer of Expressionism
From march 8 to may 1 2003
The spotlight is on the years 1905 to 1913, a period during which Emil Nolde created his own style.To understand those years of training, some 200 works are grouped together, among them those of his contemporaries who most influenced [...]
Jules Cheret's pastels
From march 8 to june 1 2003
Forty seven pastels illustrate the art of this artist so difficult to categorize, close to the Impressionists. His remarkable work on movement and his talent as a colorist are seen through his portraits and his preparatory works for the monumental [...]
Leonardo da Vinci and The Splendor of Poland
From march 8 to may 18 2003
Leonardo's famed Portrait of a Lady with the Ermine, one of Europe's most celebrated paintings, is the show-stopper for the exhibition. This work by Leonardo will be accompanied by approximately 75 outstanding paintings by masters [...]
Marthurin Meheut, a fighter artist
From march 8 to june 2 2003
From 1914 and 1918, Mathurin Méheut was part of an infantry regiment as a simple soldier. During those four years, he did not cease sketching the "poilus'" -the soldiers'- daily life. To show the horror of the conflict through his watercolors, [...]
Emmanuel Barcilon
From march 7 to april 5 2003
The first personal exhibit in which the artist unveils his recent paintings, the work he did with two other artists and an archeologist and video, are proof of this collaboration.
Trajectories of dream from Romantic movement to surrealism
From march 7 to june 8 2003
Two hundred works on paper allude to the theme of dreams in poetry and plastic arts. Works by four poets -Novalis, Gérarde de Nerval, Vicor Hugo and André Breton - dialogue with works by Max Ernst and Seghers, photographs by Heisler [...]
Ghana, yesterday and today
From march 7 to july 13 2003
The foundry workers, weavers, silversmiths, sculptors and ceramic artists from Ghana reflect the ways of life and thought that are transmitted from one generation to another. Thus iconography is not limited to decorate, it also carries [...]
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, works on paper
From march 7 to may 25 2003
Kirchner used to say that the best way to understand art was to look as his works on paper.140 drawings, watercolors and prints give us an idea of the expressionist artist's graphic work,from the year in which he created Die Brücke [...]
Matisse, the period of Nice
From march 7 to june 2 2003
Some ten paintings from the Walter-Guillaume collection illustrate Matisse's Nicois period, the city where he stayed regularly as of 1918 before settling there definitely in 1921.
Cildo Meireles
From march 7 to may 18 2003
The exhibit traces the itinerary of Brazilian Cildo Meireles through some twenty instalations from his beginnings in 1966, and ends with four recent works especially designed for the event.
Project room IV - Daniel Schlier
From march 7 to may 25 2003
Daniel Schlier is an unclassifiable artist who draws his inspiration from antique art, photos, cartoons as well as videogames. He presents his recent works around the themes of "Caprices" and "Maternities".
Geneviève Fourgnaud
From march 7 to april 2 2003
Figurative forms emerge from this ensemble of abstract paintings.
Hendrick Goltzius
From march 7 to may 25 2003
Drawings, prints and paintings by Hendrick Goltzius.
Niki de Saint Phalle - The Machine to Dream
From march 7 to may 10 2003
Eleven works are presented, among them The dreaming manchine, and Big Lady. Artist Niki de Saint Phalle found her place next to Jean Tinguely and the New Realists. These colorful works exude a force of life and a joyful sensuality.
Chaouabtis. Pharaonic Workers for Eternity
From march 7 to june 30 2003
For 2000 years the Egyptians deposited funeral servants, called "chaouabtis" or "ouchebtis", in their tombs. They were in charge in the other world of doing all the agricultural tasks in place of the deceased. Royal examples and allusions [...]
Martine Bedin : Artist's proofs
From march 6 to may 12 2003
Models, drawings and photos allude to designer and architect Martine Bedin's work. She creates fun and colorful objects for which she uses exotic wood as well as porcelain.
Frédéric Sautereau, N40°42'42" W74°00'45"
From march 6 to may 3 2003
This exhibit with an evocative name since it corresponds to the longitude and latitude of Ground Zero, presnet sphotographs of passers-by who have come to take a look at the debris of the World Trade Center in the days that followed [...]
Shadow and light, two centuries of theater life in Évreux
From march 6 to april 27 2003
A glance towards the key moments that marked the theater life in Evreux over the last two centuries: programs, directors who succeeded one another, its architecture, the professions that rubbed elbows there...All that made this place [...]
The adventures of Hamza, paintings from the Mughal court
From march 6 to june 8 2003
Commissioned by the emperor Akhar in the XVIth century, the Hamzanama manuscript, telling the mythic story of Hamza, included 1400 paintings on cotton, important in the history of Mughal art. 68 between the two hundred survived illustrations [...]
Mauresques, portraits of Algerian women in the collections of Roger-Viollet agency
From march 6 to april 25 2003
Among the hundreds of portraits of oriental women in the Roger-Viollet collection, thirty have been chosen for this event.The orientalism and exoticism reveal more folklore than reality in these portraits of which the aim was to make [...]
Benjamin Sabatier, kit painting
From march 5 to june 14 2003
Benjamin Sabatier suggests a new exhibiting concept: kits containing thumbtacks and awls are sold to the public so that it may replace the artist in creating the work. In parallel, Sabatier's works, done complemtely with thumbtacks, [...]
Raoul Dufy, another look
From march 5 to june 16 2003
A renewed look on the prolific work of the artist we mostly remembe for the yacht races. Over one hundred works, oils on canvas,watercolors, drawings, correspondance -,of which some never seen before, are a testimony of the artist's [...]
Eva et Adele, Shy
From march 5 to april 29 2003
Eva and Adèle believe that all they do and are is a work of art. Works on paper and 3 paintings show the permanent interaction between the couple and the public.
Ugo Rondinone - Roundelay
From march 5 to april 28 2003
Roundelay, an audiovisual installation located in an hexagonal area hosts six projections in which the viewer becomes the accomplice of two characters in action in the video.
The 70s and afterwards
From march 5 to 29 2003
A group exhibit with sculptures by Stéphane Fradet-Mounier and Pascal Bruandet, paintings by Pol Gachon, Henri Brivet, Kathy Toma, Jérôme Tisserand, Frédéric Brandon, Philippe Bézard and André Maigret.
You look beautiful like that: The portrait photographs of Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidibé
From march 5 to june 8 2003
During the decades that preceeded and followed the independance of Mali in 1960, Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidibé photographed the members of their community. These photographs are testimony of a period of major social changes.
From march 4 to may 18 2003
Javier Pérez, Cristina Iglesias, Susana Solano and Juan Luis Moraza, young rising stars in Basque and Spanish contemporary creation, exhibit their work inspired by the themes of light and transparency.
Manet / Velásquez : the French taste for Spanish painting
From march 4 to june 8 2003
Velasquez, Murillo, Ribera, Zurbaran… Delacroix, Manet, Millet, Courbet, Degas… A large array of works of art reveal the influence the Spanish Siglo de Oro (Gold Century) had on French artists of the XIXth century.
The other side of the world
From march 3 to 28 2003
What impact can atrip abroad have on an artist's itinerary? That is the question to which this exhibit tries to give an answer by presenting a selectin of works done by French artists who lived abroad.
Stained-glass workshops from Chartres and Eure et Loir
From march 3 2003 to january 24 2004
Twelve workshops and twenty glass artists exhibit their know-how and their work to the public. In parallel to the exhibit, the workshops all over the département will open their doors to curious visitors.
Base - The landscape, the motorbikes, the dogs
From march 2 to april 6 2003
Four young landscapistsfrom the Base agency question modern landscapes full of developments, factories...The result is a participating garden, a place where people meet and exchange thoughts...
American beauty : masterpieces of the Detroit Institute of Arts, 1770-1920
From march 2 to june 1 2003
Ninety paintings and sculptures trace 150 years of American art through its principal movements.Works by John Singleton Copley, Thomas Cole, Winslow Homer, James McNeill Whistler, Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sargent, Thomas Eakins, [...]
Giverny in flowers
From march 2 to august 17 2003
The theme of flowers has been chosen to underline the influence of the Normand village of Giverny in the learning and discovery of Impressionism by the American painters. All the artists presented were part of the group that surrounded [...]
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1880-1938
From march 2 to june 1 2003
The New Continent hosts the most importnt exhibit in the lst 30 years dedicted to oe of the masers of expressionism nd the inspirator of Die Brücke. An exceptional ensemble of paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings, among them [...]
Philippe Bradshaw, recent works
From march 1 to april 1 2003
On a background of rock and punk music, the Franco-British artist does a zapping of video images and sounds by using the great art references: Rembrandt, Manet, Vinci, Warhol, Picasso.
Daniel Dejean, gardening
From march 1 to april 13 2003
"There is this invading vegetation, these plants that grow like desire, towns that think they are forests, trees that are half naked which...and then there are these people (workers?), often over equiped to carve, cut, chop, put away, [...]
Second nature
From march 1 to april 20 2003
Eight Belgian and French artists looked into the theme of nature. The result are these ephemeral installations that trigger off thoughts on matter, space and time.
James Thornhill: Nursery world
From march 1 to april 19 2003
Second part in which the artist becomes an exhibit curator by inviting young artists from Glasgow to participate in a collective exhibit in the gallery.
George Bellows : the tragedies of war
From march 1 to october 26 2003
During World War I, reports of German atrocities in Belgium deeply affected the American paintor and illustrator George Bellows. In 1918, he created an extraordinary series of lithographs and paintings chronicling the horrific acts [...]
From march 1 to may 25 2003
A retrospective dedicaed to Bonnard, to his domestic interiors and his external views, all marked by the taste for color and decorative treatment.
From march 1 to april 21 2003
The Baltic presents the first large exhibit dedicated to the post-war Cobra movement on British soil. Over 150 pieces -paintings and drawings -by 20 key artists such as Alechinsky, Appel, Asger Jorn illustrate the vigor of a movement [...]
Days like these
From march 1 to april 27 2003
The second triennial dedicated to English contemporary art opens its doors witht he works -paintings, films, videos, photographies -of 33 rising artists, on their way to becoming the representatives of the current British artistic [...]
Jan Fabre
From march 1 to april 19 2003
Works around the notion of metamorphoses, with three hybrid animal sculptures in which the forms of the armour and the insect blend together, two series of drawings My body, my blood, my landscape (1978) and Sanguis/Mantis (2001)done [...]
Fabio Mauri, mental screen
From march 1 to april 27 2003
??l {?an artist, well-known inhis counry and abroad, exhibits for the first time in France where he is barely known. The diversity of his work has swept away any sign of belonging to a current, but we may place him between new realism [...]
Apersonal touch, late XIXth and XXth century silver from a private collection
From march 1 to april 20 2003
A private collection all in silver, presented for the first time to the public: among the pieces, Art Nouveau and Art Deco objects, functionalist pieces of Dresser's from the end of the XIXth century, as well as a collection of rare [...]
Tom Sachs, Disaster
From march 1 to 29 2003
The New-York artist who pretends to be Andy Warhol's son has grouped together works by the latter around his "aerial" sculptures, thus denouncing high technology and the catastrophies it causes.
Tiziano's century
From march 1 to may 25 2003
An ensemble of drawings and illusrtions by Tiziano, Mantegna, Barbari and Campagnola make up this presentation of Venitian graphic art at the time of the Renaissance.
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