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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Gao Xingjian, wandering, birds
From july 30 to september 29 2003
A new side of novelist, poet, philosopher, dramatist and director Gao Xingjian, taht of the painter. With works characterized by the economy of forms and colors, the artist suggests to the public his thoughts on the solitude of the contemporary [...]
Itami *Jun, a corean architect in Japan, design and tradition
From july 30 to september 22 2003
Itami Jun's work is rich in multiple facets, filled with his personal itinerary. His thoughts on contemporary architecture aim at finding harmony in Nature and also looks into traditional Korean culture, with a Japanese note between [...]
Old masters, impressionists and moderns : French masterworks from the State Pushkin Museum, Moscow
From july 27 to october 13 2003
This collection of Dutch, Flemish, Italian and French paintings, although well known in Russia, Europe and Japan, remain almost unknown in the United States, which is the reason of this initiative to gather, in a chronological presentation, [...]
Chagall connu et inconnu
From july 26 to november 4 2003
Some 150 works by the artist of which 78 paintings are grouped together for this retrospective. These different pieces are subdivided into five sections: the Russian years, the Jewish theme, the Galery of Fables, the small French paintings, [...]
Enrique Metinides
From july 24 to september 7 2003
A major photographer of the Mexican press, -his first photo aspublished when he was only 12 yeras old -, Enrique Metinides is for the first time the exclusive subject of an exhibit. The subject of his work are the catastrophes of our century, [...]
Callot and his world: Princes, Paupers, and Pageants
From july 23 2003 to january 25 2004
150 prints, drawings and illustrated books focs on Callot and 3 of his followers' work : Stefano della Bella, Abraham Bosse and Sebastien LeClerc. This exhibition is complementary to the one about Rembrandt starting on october 26th.
Paul Nash
From july 23 to october 19 2003
Paul Nash was one of the greatest post-war painters in England.His landscapes ravaged by combat led him to fame. Since then, his work has undergone various influences, such as surrealism which pushed him to think about the symbolism [...]
Gustave Moreau - Myths and illusions, secret watercolors and drawings from the Gustave Moreau museum
From july 22 to november 9 2003
The exhibit invites us to enter Gustave Moreau's oniric universe through his unpublished drawings and watercolors, hidden treasures of the Gustave Moreau museum. Some one hundred works selected among the nearly 13 000 drawings the museum [...]
Sunday the 20th july :The Photographic summer of Lectoure
From july 20 to august 27 2003
The program is centered on discovery: the Halente, the unique photographic work by Jena-Pierre Goux, the first exhibit by Anne-Sophie Maignant on the theme of the imprint of the body on space, Thierry Boyer's composite installations... [...]
Maurizio Cattelan
From july 20 to october 27 2003
The wish to provoke, excentricity and humor are characteristics of Maurizio Cattelan. While refusing the rules of a traditional exhibit, the Italian artist developed Charlie, a mecanical sculpture representing a child on a blue tricycle. [...]
Jean-Baptiste Chéreau, Catalogne
From july 19 to august 24 2003
I??the discovery of Catalunia Chéreau has created at the same time and for himself a new pictorial identity, leaving behind his classic training. In a first phase he creates cmpositions with discreet colors on large blotting papers. [...]
Charlotte *Marchal, Pierre Rasidic, André Soupart
From july 18 to september 13 2003
We discover the monumental sculptures by Charlotte Marchal in her favorite material, cement, accompanied by photogprahs by Radisic and Soupart whose works are inspired by the human body and water.
Thomas Jeckyll, architect and designer
From july 17 to october 19 2003
The first exhibit dedictd to a great British architect from the XIXth century, Thomas Jeckyll, whose competences spread out to drawing adn decorative arts. His style, experimental and relevant, is a mixture of anglo-asian influences. [...]
Super Warhol
From july 16 to august 31 2003
140 works by the master of Pop Art grouped together by Germano Celant -the curator of the department of contemporary art from the Guggenheim Museum in New York -and staged by Matali Crasset.
Shakespeare in art
From july 16 to october 19 2003
Many artists have been inspired by Shakespeare, and painted his plays: Hogarth, Delacroix, Romney, Blake, Fuseli, Millais, Holman Hunt and many others.
At the turn of the century, two trends : the pictorialism and Eugène Atget
From july 15 to october 19 2003
The exhibit of the summer brings together the works of amateur photographs, in general painters or engravers such as Bonnard, Vuillard, Rivière or Degas, pictorialists such as Eugène Atget, a singular figure contemporary of this artistic [...]
Picasso - A trip in friendship
From july 13 to september 28 2003
The exhibit enters the personal universe of the master of cubism through a selection of portraits those close to him -Dora Maar, Lee Miller, Françoise Gilot, ...- in dialogue with the paintings, sculptures or drawings done by artist [...]
Vallauris - Hyères: designers in Vallauris, retrospective 1998-2002
From july 13 to september 14 2003
For the last four years now the town of Vallauris has organised an encounter between designers and pottery artists, and asked them to work on the theme of useful pottery. The result has been original works, combining contemporay audacity [...]
The adventure of Pont-Aven and Paul Gauguin
From july 12 to september 30 2003
If you missed the exhibit at the Museum of Luxembourg in Paris, come to Quimper to see 130 works -paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, furniture -that underlines the painter's fertile activity as well as that of his followers [...]
The loved children at the Light times
From july 12 to october 14 2003
The recognition in the XVIIIth century of childhood as an essential moment for the shaping of the adult modifies family relations. The portraits by Vigée-Lebrun, Drouais, Fragonard, Greuze or Labille-Guiard are stamped with this new intimacy [...]
Ernst Stückelberg (1831-1903)
From july 12 to september 28 2003
Ernst Stückelberg was a famous Swiss painter in his time. He may now be rediscovered in this exhibit dedicated to his native town of Bâle. His work, mainly portraits, is situated at the crossroads of different influences and has one main [...]
Gao Xingjian, neither Words, nor Signs
From july 12 to september 22 2003
Gao Xingjian has an irrisistable need to express himself an dit is seen in al lhis art forms: writing, calligraphy, painting...Th e38 works presneted -ink on paper -were done btween 1964 and 2000. Beyond words, they reveal all of Gao Xingjian's [...]
Baroque, Jesuit vision - From Tintoret to Rubens
From july 12 to october 13 2003
The Jesuits wished to carry the spectator and the believer into a mystic extasis, and to react in face of the Lutheran Regorm which endangered the Church. These theologic aims conditioned all the artistic current between 1580 and 1680, [...]
Aymar *de Lézardière, painter-engraver (1917-1981)
From july 12 to september 21 2003
Aymar de Lézardière is a contemplative artist and a painter turned towards prints.He knows how to translate all the poetry that France's landscapes inspire. Around the pieces given to the museum, he exhibits his numerous productions, [...]
Olivier *Seguin : sculptures, Gauvin : paintings
From july 11 to august 24 2003
"All intuitive or intellectual idea may be imagined or translated in terms of the body -flesh, skin, blood, muscles, veines, glands, organs, cells and senses". This affirmation by Dylan Thomas translates in words what Olivier Seguin [...]
Ansel Adams at 100
From july 10 to november 3 2003
To celebrate Ansel Adams' hundredth birthday the exhibit features 100 photographs by this great modern artist (1902-1984) and naturalist.
From july 10 to september 28 2003
This exhibit,with works mainly from the National Gallery, explores the manner in which the artists interpreted the visible word to recreate the image of paradise, a golden world, an idealized world...Monet, Gauguin, Poussin, Watteau, [...]
Arthur Bispo do Rosario
From july 9 to september 28 2003
Bispo do Rosario, interned for being crazy, developed his work in the solitude of his cell. His visions order him to offer to God a representation of the world. A choice of 69 works give an almost complete idea of his creation in hospital. [...]
Fabien Verschaere, a novel for life
From july 8 to september 7 2003
Three monumental murals and an installation done from ceramic figurines and resine dice show us the playful world of Fabien Vershaere.
Lee 3 Tau Ceti Central Armory Show
From july 7 to october 12 2003
An exhibit dedicated to drawing in allshapes and forms, from the sketch to the tatoo, nor forgetting painted paper, to demonstrate how contemporary art explores this genre in depth. Stéphan Magnin, with his recent works, gives a demonstration [...]
The 100 legendary currencies
From july 7 to september 22 2003
The museum of fine arts in Lyon, with its 40 000 coins, has one of th emost beautiful coin collections in France. Monnaie Magazine seized the opportunity thois offers by selecting 100 coins from the collection, that represent 27 centuries [...]
From *suffragettes to feminists... women looking for appreciation(s)
From july 7 to august 28 2003
A chronological story of the struggle for woman's liberation in the XXth century brings up the questions of women's aspirations and presents a series of feminists' portraits whose work has been important for woman's liberation.
Jan Fabre
From july 6 to october 26 2003
The research which Jan fabre, the Belgian cotemporary artist carries out insist on the theme of the body enveloppe and the magical power of the metamorphosis.Thus, the central figure of his work is the scarab which in ancient cultures [...]
Rodney Graham
From july 6 to september 28 2003
The research which Jan fabre, the Belgian cotemporary artist carries out insist on the theme of the body enveloppe and the magical power of the metamorphosis.Thus, the central figure of his work is the scarab which in ancient cultures [...]
Paul Belmondo, The srene sculpture
From july 6 to november 2 2003
Paul Belmondo's sculptures belong to a neo-classic style from the 20s. This movement is characterized by a return to the antique model that relies on a balance of forms and on work with matter to make it smooth and harmonious. 20 plasters, [...]
Vincent Van Gogh - Arles 2003
From july 5 to october 15 2003
For the first time Vincent Van Gogh's drawings done during his stay in Arles in 1888 are grouped together and thus find the place of their creation. The exhibit is completed by photographs that allow us to come back on the artist's [...]
Blue of France, Blue of Europe, earthenware and china at FolieMarco
From july 5 to august 31 2003
Either from Rouen or Nevers, Meissen or Cpenhaguen, the most beautiful pieces of European porcelain and ceramics surround the museum's superb collection of blue ceramics from Hanong.
Raoul Dufy, another look
From july 5 to september 28 2003
Following the Parisian stay at the Maillol museum, Dufy arrives in Nice. Nearly 122 works -oils on canvas, waercolors, drawings, letters -, of which soe never seen before, go through the artist's Fauvist and Cubist periods and reveal [...]
David Goldblatt, Fifty-one years
From july 5 to october 12 2003
A testimony of South-African society through the keen eye of David Goldblatt. Two hundred photographs by the artist reflect his production between 1948 and 1999.
Jannis Kounellis
From july 5 to october 11 2003
Jannis Kounellis lives and works in Rome and was a co-founder of the Arte Povera movement starting out from Italy in the 1960ies. In his work he deals with the issue of historical and cultural identity caught between past and present [...]
Henri Manguin, the painting of the happiness
From july 5 to october 5 2003
Henri Manguin belonged to the Fauvist current, and produced an art form that is serene and joyful as can be seen in the fifty paintings and drawings from private collections. A friend of Matise, Bonnard, Signac, Ravel, he liked in particular [...]
De Chirico and the italian painting of between-two wars from futurism to return to order
From july 5 to october 26 2003
While in Europe a gret number of artistic movements broke away from past traditions between 1905 and 1910, Italy appeared on the stage arena with two essential movements: futurism and metaphysical painting, initiated by De Chirico.
The free Breakaway : The Tour de France showed by Gérard Rondeau
From july 5 to september 13 2003
Some sixty black and white photographs demonstrate the mythical sports test. Gérard Rondeau knew how to seize these fleeing moments with talent, scenes full of calmness and his magnificent landscapes.
Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus : psycho-architecture, physio-architecture
From july 4 to september 27 2003
Le Parvis exhibits all of the architecture projects produced until now by the couple of artists from Marseille Berdaguer and Péjus, such as The houses that die, a series of 8 projects which self destroy according to predefined phenomenons. [...]
Daphné du Barry, woman sculptor
From july 4 to september 15 2003
Daphné du Barry's work is presented for the first time in the Castle of Lavardens. 60 sculptures, of which 7 monumental statues, 30 drawings, photographs and litrhographs trace the career of a surprising artist. A sensitive and bewithching [...]
Catherine Lepage, Francis Berthault
From july 4 to september 15 2003
The poetic titles of Francis Berthault's works let us imagine the fantasy and humor taht lie behind this clear painting, that always has a little story to tell...
Marcel Broodthaers
From july 4 to october 26 2003
Broodthers' cinema and photographic screenings follow the idea of appearances and what the part of illusion they may contain. The artist has us sail in an imaginary sphere where reality can only be seen through the bias of fiction. [...]
The *Sons of Queen Bicycle, cyclists and tourists
From july 4 2003 to january 11 2004
In reference to the centennial of the Tour de France and to the one hundred and fifty years of the bicycle, objects, cycles, posters...bring to life cyclotourism and cycling all along the XXth century.
Nike. The game and the victory
From july 4 2003 to february 8 2004
After a succesful exhibit in 2002 dedicated to gladiators, the Coliseum this year will host the games of the Antiquity. From the birth of sports in Ancient Greece to the Roman games, sculptures, bronzes, vases and funeral urns show [...]
Cécile Bart
From july 3 to september 7 2003
A contemporary artist from Dijon, Cécile Bart has worked for various years now on the place of painting in space, as well as the perception the spectator may have. By painting on transparent screens, the artist plays with the volumes [...]
Move the archtecture !
From july 3 to september 14 2003
The exhibit offers a series of projects done by architects, urban planers and landscape artists to imagine the contemporary city. A civic and creative process.
Earth, sky, sea: settings and shores
From july 3 to august 31 2003
The exhibit, which brings together paintings from the museum of beaux-arts from Caen and from private collections, and dedicated to seascapes, shows us pictural production often unknown, and yet vibrant with emotions in face of sites [...]
From july 3 to september 21 2003
The first exhibit in Ireland dedicated to the group of artists from Copenhaguen, Brussels and Amsterdam who grouped together under the name of "CoBrA". An itinerary through this movement that is essential to contemporary art.
Pasteur before Pasteur, an unknown artist : his drawing years (1834-1844)
From july 2 to september 21 2003
The scientific genius Louis Pasteur deserves today to be known for his paintings and sculptures as well. Indeed, during his youth he loved to draw portraits of his friends, professors, even the well known persons of the region. Some [...]
Cathy Cat-Rastler
From july 2 to september 6 2003
"art for me is a resistance to standards". With the plastic included in her works, Cathy Cat-R wishes to "plastify" standards, dynamite frames and matters in order for the work to present itself and not be represented.
From july 2 to september 28 2003
A group exhibit bringing together young international artists on th e theme of movement. The movement of populations, of the city...With, among others, Nicolas Moulin, an agora from the Island of Réunion, Dorit Magreiter, Multicplicity, [...]
Russia and avant-gardes
From july 2 to november 5 2003
A thematic exhibit that presents from 1908 to 1928 the succesful, joint or sometimes opposite research carried out by Russian artists at the beginning of the XXth century. A creative wave that allowed the renewal of Rusian art before [...]
Sacred textiles of Tarn, from the XVIIth century to the XXth century
From july 2 to october 31 2003
The textile musuem unveils a whole side of religious art which has not yet been very appreciated to its right cvalue, that of sacred textiles. Four different themes are broched in this exhibit that covers a period from the XVIIth century [...]
Nomades territory
From july 1 to august 31 2003
Five artists give free rein to their creative spirit on the theme of nomadism. We can admire the works of Andy Goldsworthy, Anthony Gormley, Christian Lapie, Jaume Plensa and Erik Samakh in three different open air places -the art space [...]
Jean le Gac: itinerary in three parts.Intervention in the urban landscape.
From july 1 to september 30 2003
The last part of this major exhibit in three parts. This summer, the tendency is to look at the artist's direct intervention in the city. His painting, his texts and his photographs are reproduced thanks toa digital system on large [...]
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