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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Huang Yongyu at 80: An Art Exhibition
From december 24 2004 to march 28 2005
The exhibit presents 80 recent works by Huang who, at 80 years old, continues to actively explore artistic creation. By combining traditional methods with Western techniques of oil painting, Huang Yongyu creates completely new effects, [...]
Marks of Enlightenment, traces of devotion: Japanese Calligraphy and Painting from the Sylvan Barnet and William Burto Collection
From december 23 2004 to april 17 2005
The exhibit brings together over 70 Japanese manuscripts of saintly Budhist writing and Zen calligraphy -of which many are presented for the first time - and allows us to understand the calligraphic, religious and litterary traditions [...]
Last day
Haunted Villa Savoye
On december 22 2004
The exhibit unfolds in the field of the invisible. The works presented visit territories outside our field of perception which would coexist with it, out of step spatially, temporarily, physically, chemically, magnetically...Beyond [...]
Winter in Holland
From december 21 2004 to march 21 2005
The change of seasons is one of the oldest themes in Western art. As winter approaches, the Rijksmuseum adds various spectacular paintings dedicated to winter to the permanent collection of objects it is lending the Schiphol museum.
Sculpture in Holidays
From december 21 2004 to january 16 2005
Olivier van Durme, Pierre Riba, Renaud Grizard, Lieven d'Haese, Véronique Clamot, Ronald Dupont, Ines de Coune, Daisy Boman, Emanuele de Reggi.
Wally Elenbaas
From december 20 2004 to february 13 2005
A member of the New photography movement, Wally Elenbaas continued formalist studies while Piet Zwart and Schuitema abandoned their principles. The exhibit presents his work with that of photographs he is linked to, and in particular [...]
The arts and crafts movements in Europe and America, 1880-1920: design for the Modern World
From december 19 2004 to april 3 2005
For the first time an exhibit places the Arts and Crafts movement in an international context. The movement is presented from the USA to Europe, with over 300 objects -furniture, ceramics, ironworks, textiles and works on paper. The movement [...]
The North in lights - The Flemish and Dutch painting
From december 18 2004 to may 9 2005
The exhibit gives us the opportunity to discover the museum's Nordic painting collection, of which 30 paintings are shown for the first time. The diversity of the genres represented allows for an approach of the characteristics of this [...]
Jean Fautrier (1898-1964)
From december 17 2004 to march 13 2005
The first retrospective in Switzerland of the painter Jean Fautrier, the father of informal figuration. Over 120 works -paintings, drawings and sculptures -from 1923 to 1964, allow us ot appreciate the artist's determinating place [...]
Jean Hélion, le réel et le songe
From december 17 2004 to february 26 2005
An exceptional group of unique works on paper have been gathered for the exhibit, simultaneously to the retrospective the Georges Pompidou Center is organizing to celebrate the artist's centennial. These works are mainly focused on the artist's [...]
Jacques Lipchitz
From december 17 2004 to march 14 2005
The exhibit brings together 61 sculpted works by Jacques Lipchitz, from his Cubist period to the last years marked by allegorical figures. The monumental works and sketches, borrowed from the Museum of Beaux Arts of Nancy and the Pompidou [...]
Ange Leccia
From december 16 2004 to march 13 2005
In 2002 the curator of the Nicéphore Nièpce museum suggested a trip to Ange Lecia, to the Near and Middle East. He brought back photographs of countries at war, countries that could not be identified, in order to show the chaos of wars. [...]
The unveiling of the color, the statements and the copies of murals of Middle Age and the Renaissance
From december 15 2004 to february 28 2005
The exhibit brings together for the first time reduced scale layouts and copies in the size of the master pieces of Medieval and Renaissance wall paintings. Religious or secular, they illustrate the wealth and variety of this art, [...]
Rineke Dijkstra
From december 14 2004 to february 20 2005
Approximately 75 works by Rineke Dijkstra done between 1992 and 2003. We find, in the series of photographic portraits, large formats in color, without any staging effects, a documentary aspect that describes individual situations [...]
Tibet - Photographs by Gao Bo
From december 13 2004 to march 13 2005
Through these strict and wise portraits, always centered with respect, tendeness and a correct distance,with the will to show without explaining, Gao Bo asks us to think of the fate of the Tibetan people and their culture. His photographs [...]
Cuzco: magnificences of the Peruvian painting in the 17th and 18th centuries
From december 12 2004 to march 19 2005
Some thirty paintings that have never been shown together outside of Peru, as well as some precious objects, allow us to discover the iconographic and aesthetic value of the Andean school. It is the result of the combining of two artistic [...]
Jean-Claude Vignes
From december 12 2004 to april 30 2005
The exhibit is essentially focused on works on paper by jean-Claude Vignes, done in series: fragments of masculin bodies, cushions...Through his refinement and precision of his technique he imposed himself as one of the best and most [...]
To consume without moderation
From december 11 2004 to january 23 2005
The exhibit brings together artists from different generations and disciplines. It allows us to see how, in contemporary artistic practices,artistic experiences from the movements of the 60s and 70s are used, by often updating them [...]
The Beautiful and the animals - Metamorphoses, subtleties and hybrids of the myth in the scientific imagination
From december 11 2004 to may 8 2005
Some one hundred works, from symbolism to contemporary art, confront us with an ambiguous universe of hybrids generated by the encounter between animals and humans: creatures linked to mythology or born from the subconscience, monsters [...]
The Impact of Ledger Drawings on Native American Art
From december 11 2004 to may 15 2005
The works of this exhibit illustrate how Amerindian artists adopted and adapted the material, the methods and the conventions of the Western man, to their own artistic traditions, thus inventing new forms of art.
James Lee Byars: life, love and death
From december 10 2004 to march 13 2005
The first retrospective in France dedicated to American artist James Lee Byars. He appeared on the international artistic stage in the 70s, was noted for his originality, at the crossroads of different influences, and by the hybrid [...]
Restore the mountain
From december 10 2004 to september 18 2005
Through images of last century, that associate esthetic quality and documentary precision, the exhibit shows the metamorphosis of provence landscapes since the XIXth century. It shows the minute construction of landscapes and appraoches [...]
Stefan Sagmeister, hand made
From december 10 2004 to february 12 2005
The exhibit presents over 140 pieces created by Stefan Sagmeister between 1980 and today: CD covers, posters, books, calling cards, visual identities and objects. His last works, photographs meant to be posted for the public, are also [...]
Psy(k)é off the wall - Posters from San Francisco 1966-1969
From december 9 2004 to march 27 2005
An unusual presentation of 200 psychedelic posters from the 1960-1970s. Graphic, artistic as well as sensorial experiments, they represent a rock'n'roll generation thirsty for freedom.
Jean Hélion
From december 8 2004 to march 6 2005
The exhibit traces the steps of Jean Hélion's original itinerary through 80 paintings. He burst into the history of modern art in 1928 with a radical approach of abstraction. Then he finished by adopting figurative painting in 1939, [...]
Bartholdi, the builders of the freedom
From december 7 2004 to march 6 2005
Created by sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the Statue of Liberty was offered to the USA by France in October 1886 to commemorate its independence. Through some fifty photographs,models, objects and original documents the exhibit [...]
The sky in a carpet
From december 7 2004 to march 31 2005
The exhibit brings together some sixty rugs from the classic period (from the XVth to the XIXth centuries), woven in Mameluke Egypt, in Ottoman Turkey and in Persia under the Safavides, to which a few Caucasian, Turkman and Moroccan [...]
From december 5 2004 to february 27 2005
Vienna offers a unique opportunity to have a general view on Peter Paul Rubens' work through this event that will take place simultaneously in three museums. These exhibits allow us to see and feel the wealth of the paintings from [...]
Inuit : quand la parole prend forme
From december 4 2004 to march 27 2005
This exhibit of sculptures by contemporary artists from the Great Quebec and Canadian North leads us into a discovery of the Inuit culture through the way the population itself sees it. The exceptional works of a people whose daily [...]
Per Kirkeby
From december 4 2004 to january 30 2005
The exhibit hosts the works of Per Kirkeby, done between the 80s and today. While he is the most famous Danish painter of the XXth century, he also knows how to express his vision of nature in impressive sculptures.
Saints of Byzantine Empire
From december 4 2004 to may 8 2005
The exhibit presents a selection of 36 icons from the XIIIth to the XVIIth centuries, from the collection of the Byzantin Museum of Veroia. They come from churches or iconostasis in private homes, and demonstrate the deep devotion [...]
La partie continue 2
From december 3 2004 to january 16 2005
The exhibit groups together some ten artists whose work -paintings, mural paintings, drawings, sculptures, movable objects -develops thoughts on prolific recycling of historic forms of art history. Many artists see it as a wide, available [...]
The french drawing in the collections of the drawings room of the art and history Museum
From december 3 2004 to may 22 2005
Among the drawings of foreign schools kept at the Museum of Art and History of Geneva, the French ones represent a particularly important fund. Following the exhibit in 2001 dedicated to the drawings of the XVIIth century, this later [...]
World Press photo 2004
From december 2 to 26 2004
The exhibit includes the best press photos of the year 2003.We are invited to look once again at Liberia, at the fires in California, the conflict in Iraq, etc. These eloquent testimonies of the desperate character of our time carry [...]
Winter games
From december 1 to 31 2004
Whether it is a toy, a mascot, or a collector' item, the doll has known how to go through time and fashions. This exhibit looks back on the theme of the doll through forms and visions of various contemporary artists: Koralie & Supakich, [...]
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