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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Bodhan Holomicek : L'étranger dans la ville...
From september 30 to november 13 2004
A presentation of the Czech artist's work. For forty years he produced photographic work in the form of a diary and a document that gives the width of time. He suffered for many years the difficult conditions of a dissident's life [...]
Still life in 20th century Italy
From september 30 to december 19 2004
The exhibit presnets a panorama of still lives in Italy between 1914 and 1960, among many different schools, personalities and influences. From futurism to conceptual art, the works of Balla, Casorati, Severini and Chirico reveal the innovation [...]
Boucher, seductive visions
From september 30 2004 to april 17 2005
The most important ensemble of paintings by Boucher in the world is presented in the midst of a collection of porcelains, miniatures and pieces of jewelry influenced by the artist's reactions. The study of these works "full of seduction" [...]
Doisneau's Renault exposes itself in Boulogne-Billancourt
From september 30 to october 24 2004
Some one hundred photogrpahs and original contact sheets allow us to discover Doisneau's beginnings. These shots are a homage to the life of workers in the Renault plant from 1934 to 1939. Though recruited to enlarge the brand's prestige, [...]
The Blood Red Heart of Johanna Darke de Gunilla Josephson
From september 29 to october 23 2004
Presented during a visual installation including a projection and object-sculptures linked to the shooting, Gunilla Josephson's latest movie, The Blood Red Heart of Johanna Darke, is presented as a meditation on the mythology of history. [...]
On the *sides, 7th version
From september 29 2004 to february 28 2005
The seventh opus of the cycle called On the sides, a presentation of Jean-Christophe Nourisson's instalallations. Swaying between conceptual work and sensitive experience, the artist creates different in-situ works for each space in the abbey, [...]
Floating's world's pictures
From september 29 2004 to january 3 2005
This exhibit groups together some 50 paintings on screens and on rolls and 150 prints from all over the world. This exceptional ensemble allows us to fully grasp the stylistic and iconographic language of the images of the Floating [...]
The shade of time
From september 28 to november 28 2004
This history of the photographic image in the XXth century underlines the two currents -documentary and experimental - that characterize the photography of the last century. The photographic works, as well as films and video installations [...]
Treasures from the Napoleon Foundation. In the intimacy of the imperial Court
From september 28 2004 to april 3 2005
In order to celebrate the bicentennial of the crowning of Emperor Napoleon, the Jacquemart-André Museum unveils the Treasures of the Napoleon Foundation, revealing both the luxurious art of living and the intimacy of the Emperial Court, [...]
Gauguin and the origins of symbolism
From september 28 2004 to january 9 2005
The 186 works of this exhibit look closely at the work of Gauguin as well as that of other artists, such as Pissaro, Degas,Bonnard or Vuillard, between 1884 and 1891. During those years, Gauguin became the head of the symbolist movement [...]
European bronzes from the Quentin collection
From september 28 2004 to january 2 2005
This private collection, dedicated to the art of the statuette from the XVth to the XVIIIth centuries, is presented to the public. These sculptures in bronze, earthenware or metal, are characterized by their technical and artistic [...]
The group of 9+, diversity and quality
From september 26 to october 17 2004
This eclectic exhibit groups together paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and poems by 36 artists from all over France and the world and grouped by groups of 9+.
Invisible landscapes
From september 26 to december 15 2004
From Bombay to Oradour-sur-Glane, from the Balkans to Iraq, the 9 photographers of this exhibit give us nine different views of the reality of our contemporary world. They all take part in the construction of a collective history, [...]
A fight, symbols. Story of the political poster in Europe
From september 25 to december 19 2004
The exhibit groups together nearly 150 major posters done by internationally famous graphic artists. These precious documents allow us to read history and become the mirror of society, since the end of the XIXth century.
Painters in Paris from Renoir to Picasso : Masterworks from the Collection Oscar Ghez
From september 25 2004 to april 3 2005
This ensemble of paintings, works on paper and sculptures by Picasso, Vuillard, Chagall or even Kees van Dongen illustrate the development of modern art in Paris during the first half of the XXth century.
Rosso *Fiorentino, The dead Christ
From september 25 2004 to january 3 2005
The Dead Christ is the only religious work in Rosso's French career. He was the initiator of large Italian style settings that made Fontainebleau famous. Beyond the stylistic and thematic originality of his work, we ask ourselves once [...]
*Italy at the french court : Primatice, the Fontainebleau's master
From september 25 2004 to january 3 2005
Primatice's work reveals an art form full of novelties, in which the styles of grace and violence, voluptuous pleasure of the senses or even the virtuoso ornament are mingled together. It was in Fontainebleau, next to Rosso, that he became [...]
Le Primatice, manierism in the french sculpture
From september 25 to january 3 2004
A retrospective of the work of one of the masters of the School of Fontainebleau, through 175 drawings, 50 prints, 20 paintings, 25 sculptures and four tapestries. The representative of an art form that is more refined and affected [...]
Emmanuelle Villard, Agalmata
From september 25 to november 7 2004
Agalmata is a complex notion that underlines what is hidden inside. Emmanuelle Villard started with this idea to introduce the visitors of his exhibit. To see his work, one must not hesitate in going through a curtain of pearls, then [...]
Once upon a time there was a silversmith... Georg *Jensen
From september 24 to november 7 2004
The exhibit presents more than 200 works of jewelry, sculpture and ceramics by artist Georg Jensen, the greatest jeweller of the 1920s and known worldwide.
Denise *Bellon, a french photographer in Finland
From september 23 to october 29 2004
Testimony of the Finnish position next to France and England at the eve of the Second World War. Photographer Denise Bellon denounces with modesty and sensitivity the violence of man, the atrocity of wars and their injustice. Through [...]
André Masson - America
From september 23 to november 20 2004
Some sixty works by André Masson from his American period (1941-1945), some exceptional oil paintings, pastels and "sands" reveal the radical transforamtion of his work towards abstract art.
Sounds and lights, history of sound in the 20th centurey art
From september 22 2004 to january 3 2005
Can one translate images into sounds and sounds into images? THis exhibit brings together more than 400 works of art in which the relationship between music and plastic arts in the XXth century are enhanced. It confronts us with original [...]
From september 22 2004 to january 30 2005
The Senate dedicates an impotant exhibit to Paolo Caliari, called Veronese. Putting aside the painter of religious paintings which, in spite of their beauty characterise him less, the exhibit focuses in particular on rediscovering [...]
Momentum 2 / Lucy McKenzie
From september 22 2004 to january 2 2005
During the promotion of new international artists, the presentation of the work of the Scottish artist through paintings, installations, photographs and sculptures, plus a monumental work created in-situ. An emblematic figure in the artistic [...]
Boris Mikhailov, photographer
From september 22 2004 to january 2 2005
A retrospective of the Ukrainian's work through 500 photographs from 25 different series. Famous for his newspaper chronicles on the decline and trials and tribulations of the Soviet regime, he also shows us more intimate photographs [...]
Yvan Salomone, Irreversion
From september 22 to december 12 2004
Softness and strength are present in Yvan Salomone's portscapes. His large format watercolors are made starting with photographic references sought in Saint-Malo, where he lives.
Spiritual trip - sacred art at the Guimet museum
From september 22 to 27 2004
This exhibit, dedicated to the Musée Guimet, presents the works of Ahmet Ertug, a great photographer of patrimony. He endeavored to respect in each of his photographs the sculpture's work to the last detail, recreate the perspectives [...]
The Good motive. The decoratives *patterns in the Forney library colllection
From september 21 to december 31 2004
The exhibit traces the evolution of motives through a choice of rare pieces taken from the funds of painted wall paper and textiles gathered by the Forney library since 1886. From the dominoes of the XVIIIth cnetury to abstraction [...]
Gods and Mortals, homerics themes
From september 21 to november 28 2004
An homage made to Homer, the exhibit presnets the precious collections of paintings, sculptures and engravings from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris. From 1648 to 1968, the Greek model was a very varied source [...]
Three islands, Richard Stankiewicz, June Leaf, Robert Lax
From september 21 to january 16 2004
The artistic "islands" set up in various spots of the museum group together over 160 sculptures, paintings and drawings, as well as a video, of these three American artists.
German photgraphy
From september 20 to october 17 2004
Over the last few years the German photogrpahy scenes has become one of the most varied and most alive in Europe. This duynamic, around different movemens such as that of the Becher school, the Bauhaus or subjective photography, is explored [...]
Restitution of the Obelisk in Louxor
From september 20 to october 1 2004
An exhibit of photogrpahs by Polish artist Krzysztof Pruszkowski, whjo projected his art on yesterday and today's Egypt.He uses the "photosynthesis" method, with the objective of creating a photographic logic, the "fotology". It is a technique [...]
Ingo Maurer - Light - Reaching for the Moon
From september 19 to december 19 2004
Models, photographs, films and installations allow us to discover the creations of Ingo Maurer, the light designer, from rare prototypes or unique pieces to lights in series.
Photograph the patrimony
From september 19 to november 21 2004
The exhibit presents 160 photographs taken over these last forty years by the services in charge of the patrimony's general inventory. These photographs allow us to look differently at the patrimony, at history of art and at architecture. [...]
Ancient art to post -impressionism
From september 18 to december 10 2004
This exhibit gives us the opportunity to see 250 master pieces from the NY Carlsberg collection, called Glyptotek (collection of sculptures). From Eckersberg and Lundbye to Degas, Rodin and Gauguin...
Thomas Demand / Phototrophy
From september 18 to november 7 2004
The presentation of the most significant works of these last ten years, including a large panel of photographs, films and projections. The artist works embeded in reality and through his lens represents escalators, parking lots and other [...]
The engravings' Dürer, Nuremberg's collections
From september 18 to december 12 2004
A presentation of some one hundred engravings by the famous German painter and engraver, through Three major books: the Apocalypse by Saint John, the Great Passion and the Life of Mary, in which all of the virtuosity of the Master [...]
Jean-Pierre Gilson - Diurnal and nocturnal journey
From september 18 to november 21 2004
The second part of the tryptic dedicated to landscape, seen by contemporary artists groups together 68 photographs in black and white by Jean-Pierre Gilson. The photographer orients his work towards the landscape and its contrasts, [...]
Hans *Hartung - Early conceptualism
From september 18 to november 21 2004
The first retrospective in the Netherlands of the work of one of the representative sof abstract expressionsm through paintings and drawings. A conceptual artist, he retranscribes with strength and violence his emotions on the canvas [...]
Cairo-Dijon, contemporary icons
From september 18 to october 24 2004
Icons, sacred Christian paintings, are images full of sense, and are the memory of the Church. The "contemporary icons" take up this sense again to treat differently with another use of the plastic language.
Le Bizart Bazart Ben
From september 17 to december 19 2004
Ben presents his latest monumental work called Ben's Bizart Bazart. This cabin, which the spectators are invited to stroll in, is made like a puzzle of objects. Ben attacks our consumer society, and the political challenges linked [...]
The Wang *Du parade
From september 17 2004 to january 9 2005
Paris closes this four-phased project, in the cnetre of which "Défilé" (Parade), a new monumental installation, is successively completed by a new creation. By accumulating enlarged images taken from the popular press, it denounces [...]
Saints of Choirs
From september 17 2004 to january 2 2005
The exhibit brings together an exceptional ensemble of sixteen tapestries of the beginning of the XVIth century brought from most of the French cathedrals. The major piece of the exhibit is the famous tapestry of The life of the Virgin [...]
Tamara de Lempicka
From september 16 2004 to january 2 2005
The first exhibit totally dedicated to the artist of Polish origin, around some sixty works. Known for her mark on the Art Deco movement, Tamara de Lempicka unveils through her works, the femme fatal she always was, as well as glamorous [...]
In the shade of pines. Masterpieces of chinese art of *Shanghai Museum
From september 16 2004 to january 16 2005
Through the most beautiful pieces from the museum of Shanghai, the exhibit evokes the universe of the Chinese erudite of the second half of the XVIIth century. Destined to be a civil servant, he wished most of all to be an amateur [...]
Stucco, forgotten faces of medieval art
From september 16 2004 to january 16 2005
For the first time in France, rare medieval stucco relics from various European musuems are grouped together to give an idea of this aspect of sculpture. Offering Christian characters and iconography, the stuccos recently discovered [...]
Paul Nugent
From september 15 to october 23 2004
Paul Nugent is back at the Cultural Center for his first solo exhibit, thus confirming th emajor part this artist has in Irish contemporary art. His work is characterized not only by his unusual choice of subjects, all religious, but also [...]
Pastels of XVIIe and XVIIIe centuries of Condé museum at Chantilly
From september 15 2004 to january 3 2005
During the month of pastels, 16 pieces rarely shown, among which the "portrait of Miss Clermont" by Rosalba Carriera and the "portrait of Jean-Baptiste Colbert" by Robert Nanteuil.
Peter Paul Rubens
From september 15 to december 5 2004
More than 160 drawings, oil sketches and paintings demonstrate the unique genius of the famous Dutchman.
Roman Catalogne. Sculptures of Val de Voï
From september 15 2004 to january 3 2005
Now considered as part of Humanity's World Patrimony, the Val de Boi in the Spanish Pyrenees was, in the XIIth century, the crib of exceptional artistic creation: large frescoes, sculptures...During this exhibit we are given to discover [...]
The wedding dress: Orly Dahan
From september 14 to november 13 2004
Through self portraits, photographs and videos Orly Dahan unveils her relation to the wedding dress offered by her mother thirteen years earlier, and through it she reveals her injuries as a woman and her desire for marriage.In parallel, [...]
George *Sand, History of my life
From september 14 to november 14 2004
The exhibit starts off with the work George Sand herself did around her life between 1847 and 1854 and which culminated with the book History of my life. The reserach on an identity, on a being, leads to a testimony on an era and on the daily [...]
A collection passionately usefull
From september 13 to october 23 2004
The exhibit presents some twelve major works from Maurice Jardot's collection, that includes paintings, sculptures, drawings...all remarkable! Worth noting, the works are signed by the greatest of the XXth century, such as Picasso, [...]
The *world according to H.R. Giger
From september 13 2004 to march 6 2005
The presentation of the protean work of an unusual artist through drawings, paintings, sculptures and design. He is the creator of the Alien, an untameble, tentacular monster, and imagines other hybrid, half-human, half-mechanical [...]
Maurice-Quentin de la Tour,
From september 13 to december 12 2004
In the celebration of the tricentennial of the birth of Maurice-Quentin de La Tour, some fifty pastels by the great master are presented in Versailles.
Thomas Huber : Rings the matines
From september 12 to october 31 2004
A retrospective of the proteanmorphic work of the Swiss artist through the presentation of his paintings, watercolors and digital images. They represent his thoughts on the role of the image, based on the links between fiction and reality. [...]
From september 12 to october 31 2004
Habiter brings together the works of 4 artists -photographer G.Clariana, , movie director D.Narkevicius, sculptor D.Pondruel and graphic designer S.Pahlsson- who look at the contemporary city and question its space and representations.
Feast the Eye, Fool the Eye : Still Life and Trompe l'œil Paintings
From september 12 to november 7 2004
By playing with the eye, paintings in tromp el'oeil surprise the spectator. Accompanied by still lives, they unveil a false reality which nevertheless seems real. Th eworks presented are an invitation to games and a challenge to artists.
Pawel Althamer : Pawel & Vincent
From september 12 2004 to january 17 2005
The artist received an award during the 3rd edition of "Vincent 2004" for contemporary art in Europe. This presentation of his sculptures and video installations includes the onr that projects eight selfportraits. He thus manages to synthesize [...]
Robert Smithson
From september 12 to december 13 2004
A retrospective of the qamericna artist's work through 150 paintings, drawings, photographs, objects and films from 1955 to 1973. Straddled between land art and minimalism, he uses the least traditional materials and objects, such [...]
Peter Downsbrough
From september 11 to december 4 2004
This exhibit of Peter Downsbrough's videos, wall pieces and even books allow us to discover a part of his work on the construction of space that remains badly known.
The flower as Image. From Monet to Jeff Koons
From september 10 2004 to january 16 2005
The exhibit is centered on the representation of the floral motif in the art of the XXth century, and it tries to explain why the flower, for centuries now, has been used not only as a symbol but as a decorative motif as well.
Portzamparc, Plural and singular
From september 9 2004 to january 10 2005
Christian de Portzamparc unveils in Lille his methodology, his thoughts and what influenced him, in an itinerary-exhibit which takes us through 30 years of creation.
Poliakoff : the gouaches season
From september 8 to november 7 2004
The presentation of over 170 gouaches by one of the major figures from the second half of the XXth century. It allows us to fully appreciate this abstract work in which matter and colors cannot be disassociated. As of 1944 Poliakoff [...]
Documentary and anti-graphic photographs. Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans
From september 8 to december 19 2004
A presentation of some thirty photographs, works done prior to 1935, during the youth of the three artists invited. Many have become icons while others impress the viewer by their unusual character. The common denominator among these [...]
Felice Beato en Chine
From september 8 to november 25 2004
40 photographs and 13 panoramic photos done in 1860 by Beato illustrate the second opium war between China and England. A unique testimony and the birht of a genre, the war report.
Strangely familiar
From september 8 to november 28 2004
110 unique architecture and furniture designs and creations, resulting from the research by the most avant-guard researchers in this last decade.
Seaman Schepps : A century of New-York jewelry design
From september 8 2004 to january 2 2005
To celebrate the centenial of the creation of jeweller Seaman Schepps of New York, a presentation of some 150 pieces of silver and gold plate from the parent company, including pieces never shown before and reproduction in series. [...]
The *Dance of Matisse in Russia
From september 7 to november 14 2004
The unique presentation of one of the master pieces of the collection of the Museum of Modenr Art of the city of Paris. It is the last version of the mural composition for the large gallery of the Matisse foundation in Merion, Pennsylvania. [...]
Around Breton
From september 6 to october 23 2004
Though it does not give a global vision of Surrealism, this presentation of some of the artist's works underlines his friendships and collaborations with some of the major figures of the art world. Among them Francis Picabia, Victor [...]
Mexico Europe, returns 1910-1960
From september 4 2004 to january 16 2005
The event of the year 2004, this exhibit aims at having the public discover Mexican art in all its wealth and diversity, showing the many exchanges with Europe and North America. Exceptioanl works illustrate this major gathering of names [...]
Turner and romantic nature
From september 4 2004 to january 9 2005
Over thirty oil paintings and a selection of sketch books by the artist are presented here, followed by a large sample of works of the greatest landscape artists following the example of Constable, Corot, Friedrich, Blechen and Rottman, [...]
Turner and Venice
From september 4 2004 to january 23 2005
A presentation of some 120 works by the English artist including paintings, watercolors and drawings embellished by the famous sketches of drawings of Venice. Demonstrating an unlimited admiration for the city of the lagoon, he did most [...]
Storytelling - Communities of emotions by Sandy Amerio
From september 3 to 30 2004
The presentation of the artist's photographs and her last film, Hear me, children yet-to-be-born, accompanied by the video, Exit from the factory, epilogue in which she presents a sort of storytelling backwards, in reference to the Anglo-Saxon [...]
From september 2 to october 29 2004
The purpose of the exhibit is to reactivate forms and themes from the 2nd half of the XVIIIth century, and to confront them with contemporary works. The aim is not to put a part of the contemporary production in an historic perspective, [...]
Glass-wares by Émile Gallé, from the unique work to the standard
From september 2 to december 12 2004
As the second phase of the commemoration of the centennial of the passing away of the artist from Nancy, some one hudred pieces -sketches and preparatory studies - look at the process of creation of the glassworks as well as the wide [...]
Tiepolo, drawings and engravings od the Museo Correr collection
From september 2 2004 to february 8 2005
To celebrate the bicentennial of the artist's death, some sixty drawings and some thirty copperplates -from the precious graphic collection from the Correr fund -are unveiled to the public.
Note-book of dream, photographies by Jean-Christophe *Godet
From september 1 to october 2 2004
During the Manifesto Contemporary Image Festival, Jean-Christophe Godet invites us to follow him in his encounters with different persons throughout some twenty countries. The idea was simple, to ask the persons he meets what they [...]
Yves *Saint Laurent dialogue with the art
From september 1 to october 31 2004
To celebrate the opening of this space, 42 models creted between 1962 and 2002 that offer a panorama of Yves Saint-Laurent's work are exhibited in a scenography by Nathalie Crinière.
Chinese Archeology : treasure from Guangxi
From september 1 to november 15 2004
During the year of China celebrated in France, some one hundred archeologic pieces from Guangxi are presented. Porcelains, bronzes...the objects selected are of great aesthetic beauty. A fascinating discovery for the mind and pleasure [...]
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