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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Diane Arbus, Revelations
From february 29 to may 31 2004
200 photographs trace the itinerary of Diane Arbus, a leading photographer in the second half of the 20th century. Photos never seen before, the snapshots that marked generations of photographers, her personal archives and writings [...]
The Writing Art exhibit itself
From february 29 to march 15 2004
The collection "l'Art en écrit» (Writtten Art) by the Jannink editions groups together writings by contemporary authors. The library Artcurial organises a retrospective dedicated to sixty works published since the creation of this [...]
Robert Rauschenberg
From february 29 to june 6 2004
This first retrospective dedicated to Robert Rauschenberg in Italy brings together some 80 works. It allows us to follow his itinerary step by step from the 50s to our day and to find his taste for the variation of supports -painting, [...]
Stéphane Calais
From february 28 to april 17 2004
Through drawings, posters and three-dimensional works, the artist gives a fairy tale aspect to daily things, with humor and imagination. Influenced by design, comic strips and poster artists, Stephane Calais chose drawing under all its aspects [...]
Photographies by *René-Jacques
From february 28 to may 23 2004
Rene Jacques committed himself to make photography a major means of expression. Around the theme of the sea, two aspects of the artist's work are presented here with some forty amazing photographs: images from the movie Remorques by Jean [...]
Victorian visions
From february 28 to april 18 2004
A beautiful selection of seventy drawings, studies, sketches and watercolors by the main Victorian artists, among them Rossetti, Burne-Jones or William Morris. These works demonstrate the nostalgia for the past and the taste for exoticism [...]
Perugino, the divine painter. Paintings, drawings, documents
From february 28 to september 5 2004
Paintings and drwings chronologically evoke the training period, then the period of the Sistine Chapel and then the Florentine acitivity of one of the greatest masters of the Renaissance. A part is equally dedicated to the techniques [...]
From february 27 to may 29 2004
This exhibition pays tribute to those who took part in the New Topography movemen, born in the 1970s and who developed a new approach to watching the earth. It hilights the relationhip between man and the environment and the way in which [...]
Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891). A season in Hell.
From february 27 to may 16 2004
For the 150th birthday of the poet's birth outstanding documents are being shown, most of them for the first time : drawings, letters, poems, archives. These documents have made it possible to follow the literary and sentimental development [...]
Around symbolism
From february 27 to may 16 2004
Major works from the largest private and public Belgian and foreign collections have been put together in order to show various aspects of symbolist painting. Although the exhibit focuses on Symbolism, it also deals with the relationship [...]
Fabrizio *Plessi, Dreamworld
From february 27 to may 31 2004
The Fabrizio Plessi exhibition with 16 large-scale installations ,each one bearing the name of a large city such as Bombay, Cairo, Rome, Sarajevo or New York- is midway between dream and reality, the virtual and the tangible. La flotta [...]
The French Primitives. Discoveries and re-discoveries
From february 27 to may 17 2004
A hundred years after the exhibition organized on the same theme by the Bibliothèque Nationale, the Louvre offers a critical appraisal of French primitive artists focusing on masterpieces like l'Annonciation d'Aix or the Piétà d'Avignon [...]
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
From february 27 to june 6 2004
This retrospective exhibit devoted to the most outstanding representative of the preraphaelite movement shows all the aspects of Rossetti's activity through 200 works-paintings, drawings, jewelry. Some of these works have never been [...]
Pierre-Marie *Brisson, the way of gestures
From february 26 to may 2 2004
Close to the technique of frescoes, Pierre-Marie Brisson's paintings are inspired by classic themes such as flowers, portraits or the representation of dancers, thus referring constantly to Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec or even Gauguin.
Pictures of the greek spirituality, icons of Rena *Andreadis' collection
From february 26 to may 30 2004
The exhibit groups together some thirty-five icons selected among the most emblematic of the Rena Andreadis collection. These religious represnetations painted on a gold background were carried out on the territory of today's Greece, [...]
Bertrand *Lamarche
From february 26 to may 27 2004
The artist puts into relation the model of a house in a cylinder form designed upon commission by the Abattoirs of Toulouse (slaughter house), with one of the rooms of teh Art Centre in Castres. He plays with the atmospheres and the construction [...]
New deposits of the National fund of contemporary art
From february 26 to april 25 2004
The museum will be storing some thirty works from the 60s to our day, among which works by Claude Lévêque, Jana Sterbak, Anri Sala or even Pierre Huygue.
These *Definitives dreamers
From february 26 to july 4 2004
A great number of surrealists were natives of Nantes.The exhibits brings together the works from collections from the museum and the Municipal Library, recently enriched by the objects of the André Breton auction.
Tino Sehgal, Kiss
From february 26 to april 4 2004
The non-typical and unclassifiable work of English artist Tino Sehgal questions the notions of artistic objects, museum and economy. The "human sculptures" of his pieces, here "Kiss", are done from actions by men and women, in particular [...]
Paul*Rebeyrolle: Clones.
From february 26 to april 17 2004
Paul Rebeyrolle is considered one of the greatest French contemporary painters. He works on series that have as a common theme man and his commitment in the world. In Clones, the artist adds materials to the canvas in order to give [...]
To danse with the death
From february 26 to may 29 2004
The theme of the macabre dance is first associated to churches and cemeteries, but as early of the XVth century it takes place in the pages of written docuements. Various manuscripts and books printed in Europe from the XVth to the XXth [...]
False & Genuine
From february 26 to may 23 2004
The works presneted offer the visitor to question the notions of false, copy, imitation, reproduction, pastiche, replica, authentic, original...and thus, through the bias of these different concepts, invites him to look at the work [...]
Immobilis, motionless body in the contemporary art
From february 25 to march 27 2004
Eight contemporary artists,among them Michel Journiac and Orlan, explore the notion of immobility in art and more specifically in corporal statuary. By confronting them with the molds kept at the museum, the works presented renew the corporal [...]
Tower-detours of Babel
From february 25 to may 9 2004
This event groups together thirteen monographic exhibits that question the relation to what is intimate with photographs by Thomas Ruff and paintings by Konrad Klapeck; relations to others with the architecture of Tatiana Trouvé; and finally, [...]
Elsa *Thiemann : Photographer. Bauhaus and Berlin
From february 25 to june 6 2004
The first retrospective dedicated to this photographer brings together over one hundred photographs, from the 30s to the 60s. We discover, among others, her portraits of artists as well as her cliches that show daily life in Berlin [...]
Moroccan ceramics : painter Claudio Bravo 's collection
From february 24 to june 6 2004
Ever since he settled down in Morocco in 1971, Chilean painter Claudio Bravo, exhibited in parallel by the IMA in Paris, has collected ceramics. Some fifty pieces offer a panorama of Moroccan ceramics since the XVIIth century which [...]
Drawings fo the Renaissance
From february 24 to april 4 2004
Over one hundred works of art by forty European artists, from the end of the XVth century to the XVIIth century, span over two centuries of graphic art inside four essential movements: the school of the North, the Italian School, teh French [...]
Vincent *Lévy, The panel of the passing time
From february 24 to march 27 2004
A large panel made of screens films the visitors in real time, or shows the images an hour, one day, one month later...While data processing today is used to go faster, the Panel of time that passes uses this speed to slow down time [...]
Pascal Lainé, The flesh portrait
From february 23 to march 13 2004
Pascal Lainé, a well-known writer, exhibits for the first time as a photographer. His subject is the body that unveils itself, the nude that becomes an object of the spirit, of the imagination.
Yin *Qi, Zeng Hao and Première
From february 22 to may 23 2004
The exhibit brings together first of all the works of two contemporary Chinese painters, both deeply marked by their culture and the contemporary reality.In a second part Première groups together the works of the latest graduates from [...]
The world belongs to us, looks on the toung generation
From february 21 to april 10 2004
A manifest of vitality and diversity of the young creation in Upper-Normandy, the exhibit is the third phase of a work of prospection which the Fonds régional d'art contemporain (Regional fund for contemporary art) has been pursuing [...]
To rascal, half a rascal, to play truant
From february 21 to june 6 2004
The Lambert Collection opens its doors, transformed in a village party with a canopy and a greasy pole, and gives children the place of honor : Louise Bourgeois sings children's songs, Nan Goldin shares his child's universe with us, as well [...]
Juliao Sarmento, Echo
From february 21 to may 23 2004
présentées dans différentes salles comme autant de chapitres d'un récit illustrant la réflexion de l'artiste sur la condition humaine, l'amour, le désir, la mort, se font echo à travers le temps.
Urs *Lüthi, all that lasts of the light II
From february 21 to march 20 2004
This Swiss artist contineus his work around the selfportrait, but with time the image he chose to give of himself has evolved. He no longer shows an androgyne being but rather an ordinary man , a man seized by his daily actions and who seeks [...]
Denis *Godefroy, original drawings
From february 21 to may 22 2004
During the retrospective dedicated to the artist in the Museum of the Evêché, the Maison des Arts will give a glance of his graphic art, with an ensemble not seen till now of large format colored drawings.
Denis *Godefroy, «Minoirs, squares, intentions»
From february 21 to may 20 2004
This retrospective, taht brings together some fifty works, illustrates three aspects of his work. The "Mirrors", a series of 15 paintings revisit the landscape genre; the "destinies",photographs and drawings of landscapes, and finally [...]
Unglee : Don't sleep
From february 20 to march 14 2004
Revealed in particular at the end of the 70s for his experimental movies,and then having dedicated himself to photography, Unglee will be back to image in movement, witha series of videos on the theme of the declaration of love: a sour [...]
Christoph Weber, Stagnation
From february 20 to march 13 2004
For his first personal exhibit, the Austrian artist presents his "carbon drawings" -contours in 3 dimensions, his mural drawings -lines cut into the wall, and his sculptures, creations based on the concept of Kunstlerisches Handeln [...]
Reliquaries of wastelands
From february 20 to march 14 2004
For the Festival of the Imagination at the Maisons des Cultures du Monde, the museum hosts a collection of Brazilian works of art startingwith recuperated and recycled materials.
Michel Journiac
From february 20 to may 9 2004
Ten years after his departure, the first retrospective dedicated to the varied and moving work of Michel Journiac. The beginner of corporal art and sociologic art in general, this polymorphic artist criticises and copies all of human [...]
Bernie Miller, «Collisions Monuments etcetera»
From february 20 to april 17 2004
Three sculptures done in 2003 and shown for the first time,Moth effect, Instant Paintig and Rediscovered Furlong, illustrate the Canadian artist's thoughts on the consumer society. Drawings of the projects of the public monuments [...]
The Moma in Berlin
From february 20 to september 19 2004
Cézanne, Modigliani, Duchamp, Matisse, Chagall, Balthus, Hopper, Warhol, O'Keefe... are all part of this exceptional exhibit that offers, for the first time in Europe, the opportunity to see over 200 works of art from the famous Moma [...]
Paris-Prague by *Sladek
From february 20 to april 24 2004
The poetic universe of cafes and bistrots as seen by Antonin Sladek: Paris or Prague? is for us to guess...
Munch, drawings
From february 19 to may 16 2004
Some one hundred drawings allow us to discover an unknown side of the artist's. Sketches, preparatory studies, independant works, done in various techniques, illustrate the artist's favorite themes: death, illness, love, the family...
Max *Neumann, recent works
From february 19 to may 16 2004
This first exhibit of the artist in a Belgian museum allows us to discover his recent works. Though practising figurative art, Neumann does not worry about his subject, and prefers to find a balance between form, color and figure.
Behind the facts
From february 19 to may 2 2004
The one hundred works done between 1966 and 1975 by 39 artists, illustrate the change that took place over the last few years in the world of art: abolition of the limits between the different disciplines, and new means of expression. [...]
Monsieur Hulot's City, Jacques Tati's eye for the Modern
From february 19 to may 2 2004
Through photographs and excerpts from movies by Jacques Tati, as well as drawings and models, we discover the movie directror's talent and his passion for the architecure of his time. Villa Arpel in the movie My uncle, reproduced in a model, [...]
Chalk linesphotographies by Stanley *Greene
From february 18 to march 14 2004
The projection of Stanley Green's 200 photographs denounce the current situation in Russia.In the month-long exhibit of Human Rights organized by Amnesty International in Toulouse, he gives an account of a situation he judges alarming [...]
Paradise now? Contemporary art from the Pacific
From february 18 to may 9 2004
For the first time in the USA some 45 works by 15 of the greatest contemporary artists from the Pacific Islands are brought together. These territories, associatd since their discovery to the idea of Paradise, are described from another [...]
Christophe Roger, photograms
From february 18 to march 2 2004
The galery presents a series of photograms in color taken by Christopher Roger, the former student of the School of Decorative Arts, from which he graduated in 2003 and who is today professor of graphism at the Sorbonne.
Alvaro *Siza, architect «projects 1961-1999»
From february 18 to april 18 2004
In 1974, Alvaro Siza imposes himself inn the Portuguese and then international architectural community by offering a type of architecture that finds its place between modernity and tradition. The exhibit looks at 40 years of creation [...]
Bruno *Perramant, paintings
From february 18 to may 2 2004
After the FRAC Auvergne a second polyptyc of the artist's is exhibited here called "The rivers", formed by four views of rivers and five movie generics. The river, presented as a sensual and metaphysical axis, takes the shape of a dragon, [...]
Some photographers for the Emperor : Napoleon III's albums
From february 18 to may 16 2004
Napoleon III's reign corresponds to the development of commercial and artistic photography. This sovereign understood all its promising future and different applications: documents, archives, political propaganda, industry development [...]
Endre *Bàlint (1914-1986) in Paris
From february 18 to march 15 2004
The exhibit allow
From february 17 to august 15 2004
An invitation to discover sand, under all its forms and with all our senses, organized in three parts: the world of natural sciences, the world of the imagination and the world of societies that inhabit this environment and mold it. (In partnership [...]
Window onto Spain: drawings and prints from Ribera to Goya
From february 17 to may 16 2004
Over 25 drawings and prints evoke three centuries of graphic Spanish art, from the Renaissance to the XIXth century, reflecting the foreign influences and the different techniques used,in particular in Valencia, Madrid and Andaluzia. [...]
Luis *Meléndez: still lives
From february 17 to may 16 2004
Some 70 paintings and objects, of which most are presented for the first time in Spain, allow us to rediscover this artist, a student of Louis-Michel van Loo, and considered as the most important Spanish painting of still lives of the XVIIIth [...]
Leila Beydoun Chalabi
From february 16 to 29 2004
This Lebanese artist's floral painting is filled with emotion, and appeals to the senses to capture his messages delivered by these flowers. Playing with textures and materials,she attracts and seduces the spectator through the dynamism [...]
Family likeness
From february 15 to april 25 2004
Photographs from the end of the XXth century that reflect the evolution of the family,its modes of functioning and its modes of representation. It is the staging of a revolution in customs through traditional images: portraits, family [...]
Objects desire
From february 15 to july 4 2004
On the theme of a collection made by an imaginary collector, 150 vases by contemporary designers -such as Pierre Charpin, Jasper Morrison, Nestor Perkal, Frédéric Ruyant, TSE&TSE associated, Marcel Wanders -have been reunited in a scenography [...]
Manet and the Sea
From february 15 to may 31 2004
The exhibit looks at the work of Manet through a theme that is not well-known, the sea and the beach. To the 35 paintings signed by the artist, we add the paintings of the first Dutch masters in this genre,and contemporaries of the painter [...]
Villas-Spectacles, Rudy Ricciotti / architect
From february 15 to april 12 2004
The Stadium of Vitrolles and the Villa L. in Toulon, two emblematic works by Rudy Ricciotti, are at the origin of this exhibit dedicated to the universe of villas and show rooms. For the first time, the works of Ricciotti are shown [...]
Georg *Baselitz, monumental watercolors
From february 14 to april 30 2004
The exhibit is concentrated on thirty, large format watercolors done in 2002 in which icons of Soviet socialist realism were staged, as well as the artist himself and his wife.
Kim Sooja, Conditions of Humanity
From february 14 to may 23 2004
With installations made with cloth and traditional Korean materials, as well as videos, the artist presents for the first time a retrospective of his works in Germany.Through his works, Kim Sooja stigmatised the life of man in a globalized [...]
Andy Warhol : the late work
From february 14 to may 31 2004
Warhol's latter works, 100 paintings, photos, videos, films, that unveil the artist's creative richness. A free movement, a texture that was worked, deep colors...Little by little, painting became a meditation.
Im *Obersteg collection: Picasso, Chagall, Jawlensky, Soutine
From february 14 to may 2 2004
Karl Im Obersteg (1883-1969) the entrepreneur from Basel and art amateur, and his son Jürg (1914-1983) collected over 70 years major works of art of the XXth century. The arrival of this collection to the museum of Basel is the opportunity [...]
The mark of Rome : *Samarobriva and the towns in the north of the Gaul
From february 14 to august 29 2004
The old town of Amiens, in comparison to other cities like Arras, Bavay, Beauvais, Cassel, Metz, Reims... then Tongres in Belgium and Trève in Germany, is presented with the help of models of towns, public buildings, archeologic sites [...]
Painters of reality. The legacy of Leonardo and Caravaggio in Lombardy.
From february 14 to may 2 2004
More than 110 works are grouped together to show how Caravaggio, considered the element to have triggerd off the naturalist movement in Europe, actually entered a Lombard tradition of deep interest in observing reality. A tradition [...]
Saint-John Perse and the China
From february 13 to may 7 2004
During the year of China in France, the Foundation unveils different objects, paintings, letters and manuscripts that show the numerous changes Alexis Leger with China. His poems, published under the pseudonym of Saint-John Perse, [...]
Marie de *Régnier, Muse and poet of the Belle Epoque
From february 13 to may 23 2004
The 200 pieces shown -manuscripts, photographs, paintings and books -pay an homage to Marie de Régnier, the daughter of poet José-Maria de Heredia, who was both muse, writer and a femme fatale in the Belle Epoque.
A shared passion: choosen masterpieces from the Ordonez Falcon Collection.
From february 13 to april 18 2004
As an aforetaste of the future museum of photography of San Sebastian, some one hundred works are presented here from one of the most important private collections in Europe and taken by the greatest photographers -Man Ray, Cartier-Bresson [...]
Retrospective Bettina *Rheims
From february 13 to may 2 2004
In collaboration with the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont in Paris, the Helsinki City Art Museum allows us to discover the work of French photographer Bettina Rheims through 133 works, since her first works of striptease artists to the portraits [...]
Vélazquez, Bernini, Luca Giordano, The courts of Baroque
From february 13 to may 2 2004
170 works illustrate baroque art, present in all the courts of Europe in the XVIIth century and explicit the development and spreading of this artistic language, favored by the travelling of artists, the taste for collecting and diplomacy.
Daniel Pflumm
From february 12 to march 18 2004
Daniel Pflum, a major figure of the scene in Berlin, gets his inspiration from packaging as well as from minimal art, and explores the world of corporations and that of the media, as well as their aesthetics.
Playlist, with S.Afif, C.Bove, Cercle Ramo Nash, Clegg&Gutman, S. Durant, A.Ruppersberg, and many others.
From february 12 to april 25 2004
Far from illustrating a theme, "Playlist" is a variation around a work principle: cultural navigation. These artists connect between themselves films, works of art, books, and abolish the opposition between creation/copy, as if contemporary [...]
Delirious writings
From february 12 to september 5 2004
Language is at the center of this exhibit. But, far from conventional syntax and spelling, this deals with destructured language one finds in writings or drawings, paintings or embroideries.
From february 12 to april 25 2004
For its first exhibit on contemporary lighting, the V&A presents, around two themes, domestic objects and installations, works by artists and designers such as Ron Arad, Georg Baldele, Arik Levy, Tom Dixon and Karim Rashid. An installation, [...]
Douglas Gordon
From february 12 to may 9 2004
This retrospective dedicated to the Scottish artist offers a wide range of his works, video installations, texts, well as recent works such as "Played Dead, Real Time".
Pre-Raphaelite vision : Thruth to Nature
From february 12 to may 3 2004
The 150 works exhibited underline the impact of the Pre-Raphaelite movement on landscape painting in the 1850s, strangely marked by minute realism.This concern for what is true is seen in particular in works by William Holman Hunt, [...]
Dia *Azzawi, recent paintings
From february 11 to march 6 2004
Following Picasso's and Matisse's example, Dia Azzawi integrates various cultures and sources of inspiration, thus creating a universal work. Through his paintings with existential echos tinted with optimism, the renaissance of Arab [...]
Rome 1850, the artists photographs Ring of the Greco Caffè
From february 11 to april 18 2004
The exhibit pays tribute to the first photographic processes adapted to the light of Rome by a group of photograph artists -Frédéric Flachéron, Eugène Constant, Alfred-Nicolas Normand, Giacomo Caneva and James Anderson -, and ends [...]
El Greco
From february 11 to may 23 2004
Following the exhibit in New York, this is the European stop for this retrospective dedicated to the Greco with some 80 works of art. From icons painted in his native Crete to the last works done in Toledo, including the years of training [...]
Jean-Pierre *Vitrac : The Cross of Traffoux
From february 10 to april 10 2004
The last public dump survives in a town in Bourgogne. A selection of photographs taken on the spot reveal the reality of our society.
Robert *Groborne :engravings
From february 10 to march 21 2004
Through some 130 prints and illustrated books, and the creation of a personal language -"purely graphic writing" as he described it himself -Robert Grovone writes his biography. Each print is added to the first ones to form the pages [...]
History paintings. They make stories!
From february 10 to may 23 2004
Attributed to Jacques Courtois known as le Bourguignon, Battke Scene, XVIIe century, detail. © Jean Claude Culas, Musées de Mâcon.
Fashioning the modern woman : The art of the Couturière, 1919-1939
From february 10 to april 10 2004
A parade of some one hundred haute-couture creations by Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli Augusta Bernard, Louise Boulanger, the Callot sisters, Alix Grès, Jeanne Lanvin...
Denise Aubertin
From february 9 to april 17 2004
Through four works, the artist detours works from their first destination: publishing and distribution. The Livre cuit is made of a book, integrated in a culinary recipe, thus acquiring a unique character. The 3 Unpublishable Journals [...]
Guy *Brunet make his film
From february 8 to march 6 2004
The first solo exhibit in Paris for Guy Brunet who tells and paints endlessly the epic of cinema from the 30s tothe 60s. Next to this writing work, he paints with glycerol reinterpretations of movie posters, unique images where figurative [...]
Francis *Bacon and the tradition of art
From february 8 to june 20 2004
The exhibit studies the relation between the British painter and classic paintings, the source of inspiration he transformed until metamorphosing them. In parallel with some forty works of his, paintings from Titian to Soutine are presented, [...]
From House to Home : Picturing Domesticity
From february 8 to may 3 2004
Some thirty works on different supports -paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs-by contemporary artists such as Kevin Appel, Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, and Joel Shapiro try to explore the multiple sides of daily and family life.
Medium Medien
From february 8 to may 2 2004
The exhibit is a way of thinking of the role the media play in art today. 19 German artists, among them Ute Hörner, Erik Land or Thomas Schulz explore various media through their work of the last 10 years: video, film, photography, [...]
Multiimages 2
From february 7 to april 25 2004
This second part of a project called "Multiimages" is dedicated to graphic design. The exhibit, dedicated to Geneviève Gauckler and to the Pleix collective group, offers us a vision of this contemporary and multidisciplinary art.
The body in performance
From february 7 to march 21 2004
This continuation of the exhibit of photographs dedicated to the staging og the body is an opportunity to discover the works of 14 artists, among them Eva Rubinstein, William Klein, Thérèse Le Prat ou Vasco Ascolini.
My history
From february 7 to april 18 2004
These thirty works by P. Genty evoke the history, both idividual and collective, of the mines in teh Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. These works ar presented as diptych: color photos, portraits of women and men, next to photos in black [...]
Vis vitalis : Fish still lifes by dutch and flemish masters 1550-1700
From february 7 to may 9 2004
At the beginning of the XVIIth century sea still lives developed as an autonomous genre. The paintings by some sixty painters, as varied in their composition and execution as works by Clara Peeters and Abraham van Beijeren, show the wealth [...]
Bernard *Lorjou : Briskly
From february 7 to june 13 2004
Far from any type of conformity, Lorjou's paintings with violent colors demand both a universal and yet transgressive range. He goes forward with gigantic formats, destroys sensibility and prefers brusk contrasts, he seems to call [...]
Works from the Boros Collection.
From february 7 to may 9 2004
More than 200 works by 31 artists from Christian Bros' private collection, most of them never seen before, illustrate the main tendencies in British and German contemporary art in the 1990s.All the media and supports have their representatives, [...]
Jongkind, pioneer of the Impressionism
From february 7 to march 9 2004
Through some one hundred oils on canvas, watercolors, prints and sketches, this retrospective allows for Dutch painter Johan Barthold Jongkind (1819-1891) to be rehabilitated. His influence was decisive on the French Impressionsts, [...]
Ukiyoe, the changing world
From february 7 to may 30 2004
Over 500 works (paintings, illustrated books...) distributed into 6 sections -theater, tradition, nature, landscapes, life in the city and feminine beauty -illustrate the deep changes of Japanese society in Tokyo between the XVIIth [...]
Song *Chao, Miners
From february 6 to march 27 2004
During the year of China, portraits in black and white of miners photographed by the young Chinese artist Song Chao, he himself a miner.These works represent autobiographic details as well as a social critic of workers'condition.
Boccioni's Materia : A futurist Masterpiece and the Avant-garde in Milan and Paris
From february 6 to may 9 2004
Around the work Materia done in 1912, and through other paintings and sculptures by Umberto Boccioni as well as of some of his contemporaries, the exhibit looks into the part played by Italian futurism in the history of modernity.
Piel fria / Cool skin. Contemporary art in Guadalajara.
From february 6 to april 17 2004
This exhibit brings together 15 artists that illustrate the contemporary artistic production of Guadalajara. Far from the traditional circuits, they produce an ar that represent the conditons of creating in the midst of society, an art form [...]
Loud & Clear
From february 5 to march 7 2004
The new project of the Bifrons Foundation in Amsterdam, Loud & Clera is the result of the collaboration between contemporary composers, visual artists and artistic directors from advertising agencies. This interdisciplinarity offers [...]
Slopes (acts 1 to 20), Victoria Klotz exhibition
From february 5 to march 30 2004
Victoria Klotz has been exploring the notion of territory for many years now. With recorded texts and a video film she tries here to describe the idea of moving in space, by inviting us to a sensible and contemplative approach of art work.
I envisage you. Part I
From february 5 to march 28 2004
The works by some one hundred contemporary photographers illustrate the changes in a face and fall of the traditional portrait, the main themes of the exhibit. In this first part, 3 sections show first of all the face in a realistic [...]
From february 5 to may 5 2004
Stalker is a collective of artists, architects, town planers who make up a laboratory of urban art to reflect on the urban fabric of our towns. This exhibit allows them among other things to report on the new cartography they have [...]
Point and engraving
From february 5 to 28 2004
Recent works by contemporary artists : Laurent Schkolnyk, Antonini, Balkanyi, Ballif, Bazire, C. Breton, Capdeboscq, Darmon, Eisenzopf, M. Flashner, Hallez, J. Houplain, Joffrion, Kilar, Marage, Martin-Bontoux, Martine, Mathieu-Marie, [...]
Cecil Beaton : portraits
From february 5 to may 31 2004
Over 100 portraits that cover the five decades of the artist's career. One goes from works that have reached the status of icons to others that have never been exhibited. From the 1920s to the 1960s, Beaton captured all the fashion, [...]
Donald Judd
From february 5 to april 25 2004
Donald Judd, who belongs to the minimalist school, founded his art on the abstract form and industrial material. From a series of paintings to sculptures in plexiglass, including crafts pieces, one discovers chronologically a unique [...]
Viral Counter Attack, Joseph Nechvatal & Music2eye
From february 5 to march 28 2004
Through an interactive multimedia exhibit, painer Joseph Nechvatal and the artistic colletive group Music2eye invites us to explore the data processing viruses, while doing real art works, such as these video-projected paintings that [...]
Danish contemporary ceramics
From february 4 to march 14 2004
Denmark presents a true fluctuation of borders between art and crafts. Thirty well-known artists follow the solid tradition of ceramics, while drawing their inspiration from the technical and artistic diversity of the rest of the world. [...]
Crystal Palace at Sydenham
From february 4 to april 11 2004
For the 150th anniversary of the construction of the Crystal Palace -that disappeared in the fire of 1936-the exhibit offers an imaginary visit of the palace and its garden through contemporary paintings, photographs and prints.
Tanagra, myth and archeology
From february 4 to may 23 2004
Following the exhibit in Paqris, two hundred works -statues, ceramics, paintings - study the theme of the mythic and archeologic Tanagra, and its repercussions on the Hellenistic world -Egypt, Cyrenaic, Asia Minor, Pont-Euxin and Great [...]
Jean-Philippe *Roubaud, shown rooms or «the support and the great surface»
From february 4 to march 20 2004
The artist's works, spread out over four spaces decorated with wall paper, conceived as settings, give a certainimage of our current times. The first decor welcomes "Fonds d'écran" (screen background); the second is set up as an exhibit [...]
Blasting the future! Vorticism in Britain 1910-1920
From february 4 to april 18 2004
Some fifty works by Vyndham Lewis, Edward Wadsworth, Frederick Etchells, William Roberts, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Jacob Epstein, Helen Saunders, Jacob Kramer... and C.R.W. Navinson, the only English futurist artist. They are all proof [...]
Chu *Teh-Chun, recent paintings
From february 4 to march 6 2004
As part of the Year of China in France, the galery presents the Chinese painter's recent works. Inspired from the Western and Eastern cultures, these colored canvases are formed by spontaneous and free movements, and suggest nature [...]
Density +/- 0
From february 3 to april 11 2004
These contemporary works offer a formal simplicity which paradoxically increases their conceptual and emotional meaning. They thus correspond to the process begun in the 1960s accoring to which the art objects were dematerialized.
Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Happy Victims
From february 3 to march 13 2004
An artist of many aspects, journalist, editor, designer...Tsuzuki conceives creativity as the manifest of his life. In the midst of this exhibit we find protographs on the original theme of fashion victims, of an obsessional and fetichist [...]
Charles *Cordier (1827-1905), sculptor the other and the somewhere else
From february 3 to may 2 2004
This first retrospective dedicated to the personality and career of sculptor Charles Cordier articulated around six chronologic and themed parts, illustrated by some one hundred works: the reunion of 1848 and the abolition of slavery, [...]
The scientific *gardens
From february 3 to may 3 2004
In answer to the exhibit at the Trianon at Bagatelle on pleasure gardens, this demonstration, presented at the Galery of mineralogy andgeology, is interested in the medical and botanic gardens founded in Paris as of the Middle Ages. [...]
Rouart, a parisian family of impressionnism
From february 3 to june 13 2004
In the heart of the pictural revolution at the end of the XIXthe century, Henri Rouart was an enlightened collector as well as a painter.Among a significative choice of works that belonged to him (Corot, Degas, Manet, Monet, Renoir...), [...]
State of play
From february 3 to march 28 2004
The artists represented, characterized by their spontaneity, their improvisation and their capacity of invention, exhibit their works, especially conceived for this exhibit, using humour and irony with little means.This group is made [...]
The *forest seen from above all of red dressed
From february 2 to 21 2004
Since the 60s, the National Forest Inventory carries out infrared, aerial photographs of French mountain areas. Usually used as a tool to manage forests, these snapshots appear here as true artistic pieces in their own right.
Lovis *Corinth : 300 drawings from the Von der Heydt Museum's collection.
From february 1 to march 14 2004
By grouping together 300 drawings by the artist, the exhibit enhances the graphic productin of this painter who was at the crossroads of the artistic currents of the end of the XIXth century and the beginning of the XXth. The intimate [...]
The *dainy owner's ass, Flavien de Marigny dit Mambo
From february 1 to 28 2004
The author of various frescoes, Mambo paints the caricatures of characters who have left their imprint on the century.He prefers the weapons of humor and finess to those of sour irony and subversion. The artist offers us different [...]
Textile lighthouse
From february 1 to june 30 2004
Artists and manufacturers producing new textiles -like the lighting materials, inflatable or communicating -get together in this exhibit, that associates the Museum of Art and Industry and the National School of Textile Sciences, Arts [...]
Napoleon's legend through the Epinal's picture
From february 1 to june 30 2004
«Imperial Napoleon », «Napoleon the martyr», or at the command of hsis troops on a battle fierld...Objects, prints and paintings make up the panorama of a cult around Bonaparte.
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