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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Jean Arp. Invention of the form
From may 31 to june 6 2004
The first retrospective of Jean Arp's work in Belgium, this exhibit brings together 140 paintings, collages, reliefs and sculptures.Picking up an expression of a critic, the title suggests the most specific orientation chosen here: [...]
Drawings by Alexandre Brongniart
On may 30 2004
Some thirty of the most beautiful paintings by the designer of the Palais de la Bourse in Paris demonstrate the variety of his inspiration and his influence on the Parisian landscape.
Olafur Eliasson, œuvres de lumière 1991-2004
From may 29 to september 5 2004
For its 10th annivesary, the Kunstmuseum is transformed into a house of light through monumental visual and sensory installations by the Danish artist.
Hundertwasser : Fantastic architecture.
From may 29 to september 5 2004
In partnership with the Kunsthaus of Vienna, the Kunsthal welcomes the first retrospective dedicated to Hundertwasser(1928-2000).20 models and a dozen paintings unveil the "wildest" architectural creations, often impossible to carry [...]
Vastly more than brick and mortar: Reinventing the Fogg Art Museum in the 1920s
From may 29 to september 26 2004
Opened in 1927 the new Fogg Art Museum has been designed as a museum space in its own right, totaly dedicated to works, as we can see in the plans, drawings, projects and photographs exhibited, tracing the history of the first American [...]
The dreams landscapes of Gustave Moreau.
From may 29 to august 29 2004
140 works -paintings, sketches,drawings -invite us to discover one of the artist's unknown aspects, revealing him as a true landscape artist.
Paul Stankard
From may 28 to august 29 2004
Paul Stankard's exhibit reveals to the public the emblematic works of the artist's career and his most recent works never exhibited before.75 pieces of sculptures and glass paper weights show us the artist's fascination with the beauty [...]
A Secret History of Clay from Gauguin to Gormley.
From may 28 to august 30 2004
The exhibit presents clay as a means can be handled and is unpredictable when manipulated by a multitude of artists throughout the XXth century, among them Gauguin, Picasso, Duchamp... the Expressionists, CoBra, Lucio Fontana, Noguchi, [...]
Romans to soft water
From may 28 to october 3 2004
The exhibit presnets the results of the diggings carried out in the site of the Saint-Georges Park in Lyon, with in particular six gallo-roman boats and the remains of a wooden pier.
From may 28 to august 22 2004
Beyond the natural territory, there exists the political territory designed as a strategic sapce. Through videos, photographs, films...the conquest, the occupation, the defense and the control of this space are examined as well as the mechanisms [...]
Art in Burgundy Court
From may 28 to september 15 2004
To celebrate the patronage of the dukes of Bourgogne from Philippe le Hardi and Jean Sans Peur around 1400 and the conclusion of the restauration of CLaus Sluter's master piece, Moïses Well, the exhibit sheds light on the activity [...]
Roberto Stephenson: Haiti without hat.
From may 27 to july 5 2004
"Country without a hat" in Haiti means the beyond. The artist reveals a humanism not tinted by sensationalism, he seizes the country's daily life. By manipulating digital images, hephotographs the Haiti's multicolored streets, the urban [...]
Masterworks of the Phillips Collection de Washington
From may 27 to september 27 2004
55 master pieces of European art, the pride of the Philipps Collection, are presented. Among them are works by Chardin, Corot, Monet, Degas, Bonnard, Matisse, Braque, Klee, Kandinsky... we will note the le déjeuner des canotiers by Renoir, [...]
Edward Hopper
From may 27 to september 5 2004
A retrospective dedicated to an emblematic figure of moden American painting in the XXth century, through 80 works -paintings, watercolors, drawings, etchings and films.
Painters of reality: The Legacy of Leonardo and Caravaggio in Lombardy
From may 27 to august 15 2004
Over 110 works demonstrate how Caravaggio, considered as the artist who triggered off the naturalist revolution in Europe, took his place in a tradition in Lombardy characterized by the observation of reality.This tradition was initiated [...]
From may 27 to june 15 2004
Following the refurbishing of the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris, a selection from its videographic fund is presented here, as testimony of the plasticity of the video support.
Resistance(S) Itinerary and commitments of Germaine Tillion.
From may 27 to november 14 2004
The exhibit is a tribute to one of the great humanist figures of the XXth century. A resistant, ethnologist and a pupil of Mauss', this prisoner always defended human rights and fought against a great number of injustices in the world. [...]
Metamorphosis of electricity.
From may 26 to september 12 2004
Photographs, documents, models...reveal a patrimony left by electricity, an ever present source of energy in our daily lives for over 100 years. The exhibit is divided in 3 parts on the theme of the mysterious fairy in evey day comfort, [...]
Kai No Respect
From may 26 to september 6 2004
With over 140 very varied works, ranging from paintings to photos, drawings, installations, texts, videos an dmusic, this large retrospective invites us to explore the artists varied work. With the help of all these materials, he invented [...]
Memory, memory... An hundred years of french song
From may 26 to december 31 2004
A selection of 100 songs of the century -1900 to 2000 -leads the public through a nostalgic itinerary, with images, records, posters, photographs, and different media...
Georges *Braque : «metamorphosis»
From may 25 to june 26 2004
150 works of the artist's are gathered and shown for the first time: gouaches, sculptures, jewels, cuttlery and porcelain, tapestries, lithographs. These works or "metamorphosis" all show the painter's varied genius and demonstrate [...]
From may 25 to september 28 2004
Coolluster, a non typical exhibit, offers the visitor the possibility to be an actor and spectator in an environment designed as a film scene.Forty international artists, among them Bernard Buffet,Sol LeWitt, Katarina Fritsch, Claude [...]
Cubism and its Legacy: The gift of Gustav and Elly Kahnweiler.
From may 24 to october 31 2004
In 1994, Gustave and Elly Kahnweiler donated their collection including the greatest modern artists such as Picasso, Braque, Léger, Masson... A selection of the most beautiful pieces of this collection is being unveiled, such as the pool [...]
AGenius for Place, American Landscapes of the country place Era.
From may 23 to october 11 2004
The exhibit unveils 70 black and white photographs and 7 color photographs by artist Carol Betsch, illustrating the success and the creation of architects during the period going from 1890 to 1940 in the USA. At the time one can notice [...]
Invitation to a journey - the globe-trotters artists
From may 22 to june 20 2004
For the fifth anniversary of Artsénat, some fifteen French artists (among them Antonio Ségui, Tony Soulié, VIncnet Guzman...) are invited to chose a foreign artist who is a source of their inspiration. In parallel, some fifteen sculptors, [...]
Gallic of Garonne lands.
From may 22 2004 to january 9 2005
Organized for the 28th international conference of the French Association of studies of the age of steel, the exhibit presents archeaologic pieces that present a number of questions on the history of the Aquitains and the Gaulls that [...]
Modigliani: Beyond the Myth
From may 21 to september 10 2004
This retrospective reveals more than 80 paintings, sculptures and drawings - from public and private and international collections- and reminds us of the artist's personal style characterised by the elegance of figures lengthened and innovating [...]
The Art of James Ward.
From may 21 to august 22 2004
The exhibit reveals some one hundred works by a British artist forgotten during the Romantic period. Paintings, watercolors, drawings, manuscripts, prints, engravings...illustrate the wealth and variety of this unknown artist's production.
Belgrade-Paris: Masterpieces from the National Museum in Belgrade.
From may 20 to august 22 2004
The Gemeentemuseum welcomes the rich collections of the National Museum of Belgrade celebrating the large period of modenr art and the avant-gard artists through 200 paintings, sculptures and drawings.
Shhh...Sounds in spaces.
From may 20 to august 30 2004
Musicians of international renown such as David Byrne, the winner of the Turner Prize - Gillian Wearing...experiment and create new sounds in the museum and its different galeries. The Raphael galery welcomes a group of 10 artists [...]
Castels lives
From may 20 to october 17 2004
The castle of Langeais is the new exhibit at the museum of the Poste with the presentation of a border of 200 stamps illustrating daily life in the castles in the Middle Ages, accompanied for this occasion by objects lent by the musuems [...]
Muslim women, Muslim men at the Cairo, at Teheran, Istambul, Paris, Dakar
From may 19 to november 14 2004
The exhibit, which is the fourth part of a demonstration called A world made of all the worlds, has the ambition of measuring the social and cultural transformation caused by the globalization in the Muslim communities, and more specifically [...]
From may 19 to july 16 2004
Some fifty paintings and drawings evoke the multiple aspects in the work of this major figure of the surrealist movement.
Paul Pouvreau, photographies
From may 19 to august 29 2004
Paul Pouvreau's photographs and installations reinvest with humor the cultural stereotypes, the visual, social and economic codes in order to incite the spectator to question the power of images in a standardized and codified world.
Niki de Saint Phalle. The birth of the Nanas
From may 19 to september 26 2004
The exhibit is dedicated to monumental sculptures of tall women in colors done by Niki de Saint Phalle since the 1965s. She retraces the evolution of this production identified by certain persons as the image of feminism and qualified [...]
The *Intruders : Shadows theaters of Christian Boltanski
From may 18 2004 to january 4 2005
Through a projection and some twenty cardboard figures, the artist sets up a ficticious stage setting in which the shadow and the projection, associated with the theme of puppets,suggest numerous evocations...
Books of the Pierre *Bérès Cabinet
From may 18 to august 1 2004
The foundation will inaugurate its first exhibit by offering exceptional pieces -manuscripts, original editions...- among which Aristotle, Rimbaud, Manet, Mallarmé, Paul Valéry, Benjamin Constant ... - all from the collection belonging [...]
Photographies by Marc Deville : nats and mediums of Burma, spirits power
From may 17 to september 11 2004
Through his photographs Marc Deville has us relive the ceremony during which media from Burma start a tour of the historical centre of Myanmar and become the interpreters of the nats, historic characters transformed into spirit.
Jean-Philippe Aubanel: Insurrection of the colour.
From may 16 to september 12 2004
A retrospective of Aubanel's work from 1973 to our day is revealed through 41 paintings, 16 drawings, composed objects and photographs from public collections.
Christian Gardaire
From may 16 to june 27 2004
Some fifty paintings and a polyptic in 12 panels In search of Vincent van Gogh, done especially for this opportunity, fully reveal Christian Gardaire's non figurative style.
Imi Knoebel
From may 16 to september 19 2004
After being Joseph Beuys student, Knoebel is now one of the German artists of intrenational renown: he thus developed a radical and rigorous minimalist art, represented through a wide selection of his works.
Joan Miro: a Passion for Engraving
From may 16 to october 15 2004
Publisher Robert Dutrou collaborated for 40 yeras with Miro: the artist entrusted him with his essays and his printings. In this retrospective some sixty models by Miro enhanced by pastels and gouaches that were meant for engravings [...]
The Monkey King and others myths.
From may 15 to september 27 2004
The exhibit allows us ot explor ethe live arts of the stage through a museum mechanism and has different forms of Chinese theater meet: entertainment and religion.From the representation to the incarnationwe discover the puppets, teh amks [...]
Louise Lawler and Others
From may 15 to august 29 2004
The works of the last 20 years of this American conceptual artist , the subject of this retrospective, present his analysis of the artistic scene. By taking photographs of the works of other artists, she tries to show the context in which [...]
Tamara De Lempicka
From may 15 to august 30 2004
The exhibit concentrates on the most productive and better known period of artist Tamara Lempicka, from 1922 to 1945, through some sixty Art Déco paintings (portraits, nudes, still ives....).
Europe way
From may 15 to september 5 2004
A demonstration of European creativity...To celebrate the arrival of the new EU members, some fifteen artists from Eastern and Central Europe present their works around five themes: Homage, Crossroads, Speech, Nomad and Insular.
Ahmed, Wladislaw, Dario...All blacks mouth.
From may 14 to december 31 2004
The history of immigration linked to the mine basin of the North Pas de Calais region from the XVIIIth century to our day. Through symbolic objects, photographs and posters, the public discovers the work conditions and those of daily [...]
Mother Geneviève Gallois (1888-1964). The genius and the the veil
From may 14 to august 23 2004
A homage to this Benedict nun still unknown to the public: first a satirical and anticlerical artist, she converted in 1917 and began a spiritual and artistic itinerary. 200 works of art, the first Parisian satirical scenes up to the study [...]
Delf Pia Chitti: Series.
From may 14 to june 20 2004
The artist mixes in his photos the world of the street and that of the movies. In his work the link between photography and cinema is made through the sequencing of scenes, thus reinforcing the impression that time has stopped but the movement [...]
«Enchanting the eye», dutch paintings of the golden age
From may 14 to november 7 2004
Some fifty paintings of the Dutch XVIIth century are gathered together here, including some by great masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Cuyp, De Hooch, Ter Borch et Franz Hals. We see the beginnings of the gnere and still lives, looked [...]
Sergel and his Roman Circle. European Terracottas 1740-1848
From may 13 to august 29 2004
The National Museum pays homage to one of the most important Swedish sculptors of the XIXth century.
Marcel* Breuer: Design and Architecture.
From may 13 to october 3 2004
The exhibit is a homage to designer and architect Marcel Breuer. THe furniture he designed during his collaboration with the Bauhaus is well known, as well as the influence he had over various designers and architects. H eis one of the major [...]
Life, love, and death: the work of James Lee Byars.
From may 13 to june 18 2004
The exhibit reveals a critical retrospective on this "magician of silence". Performances, objects, sculptures, photographs...put into perspective a unique creativity nurished by multiple trips to Japan, Europe and the USA.
Sean Scully: Engraving 1983-2003.
From may 12 to july 10 2004
The cultural center, in collaboration with the Galerie Long in Paris that presents recenet paintings by the Irish artist, presents a lovely selection of prints inspired in particular from James Joyce's litterary works.
the glorious years of the advertising : 1950-1970
From may 12 to november 14 2004
150 posters, objects, press announcements, ads cover 20 golden years of advertising...
Roger Ballen : photographies
From may 12 to august 15 2004
Roger Ballen produces very personal images, which seem to be documentary and staged at the same time. The exhibition groups photographs from Drop (1986) with which initiated his career, as well as more recent works, published in 2001 [...]
Glass-wares by Émile Gallé : from unique work to the standard
From may 12 to august 15 2004
On the centennial of the death of the artist from Nancy, some one hundred pieces - sketches and preparatory studies -look at the process of creation of glass as well as the wide variety of sources of inspiration of this master of Art Nouveau.
The magnificence of *fire. masterpieces of the imperial chinese porcelain from Jingdezhen 12th - 18th century.
From may 11 to july 31 2004
60 pieces sum up six centuries of Chinese ceramic production in the imperial manufacture of Jingdezhen under the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.These works are presented for the first time around 4 evolutions of their manufacture: glaze, [...]
Well-read gardens, synthesis of arts in China
From may 11 to october 17 2004
The garden allows the litterate to travel and to see various forms of art that link him to nature. The works and objects of art, borrowed from seven museums of the province of Jiangsu, earthenware, paintings...contemporary photographs [...]
Little Odyssey : Pierre Malphettes
From may 11 to june 10 2004
Malphettes works on various supports: installations, video, murals inorder toemerse the public into an unrational and imaginary world. His instruments of creativity are taken from our daily life. The public travels andmoves around [...]
Gods, tombs, a scientist. In Egypt following in Mariette Pacha's footsteps.
From may 10 to august 30 2004
The pioneering activity and discoveries of Mariette, the founding father of Egyptology in France, are looked at here through more than one hundred and fifty pieces, various archives and reconstitutions of archeological sites...
Saturations : Xavier Damon
From may 10 to july 2 2004
The exhibit shows the photos taken by Xavier Damon. Small formats, these photos have no specific subject, and are inspired from abstraction. His research is concentrated on color, light and emotion. The artist allows the public to freely [...]
Vanessa *Beecroft. Photographs, videos and drawings
From may 9 to august 22 2004
The Kunsthalle celebrates the artist by presenting a large retrospective made up of 30 photos and videos, and more than one hundred recent drawings.The VB 51 performance, done in 2002 at the castle of Vinsebeck and presented here under [...]
Art, a child's play
From may 9 to july 18 2004
200 works of 40 artists of the XXth century trace the expansion of an art especially designed for children. The participants were, among others, Picasso, Paul Klee, Hoffmann, Calder, Charles and Ray Eames, Warhol, Jorge Pardo, Tobias [...]
Cobra & Cie
From may 8 to august 15 2004
The Cobra movement gathered together from 1948 to 1951 artists from Norhtern Europe who stood up against the hegemony of the School of Paris and Surrealism. An ensemble of works, from the sixties to our day, illustrate the will of a direct [...]
Lartigue or the pleasure of the photography
From may 8 to september 13 2004
125 photographs in black and whiteand 2 in color have been chosen for their representative character and their echo to Lartigue's passions. Each snapshot is accompanied by excerpts from the photographer's diary, by sketches and written [...]
Franco Vaccari
From may 7 to june 6 2004
The artist experiments with new languages by the bias of new media, elaborating theories on theocncepts of real time and technologic subconscious, thanks to the notions of time, travel, and traces...
Face to the nothingness: the portaits of S.I Witkiewicz.
From may 7 to july 4 2004
During the Polish season, the photographic work of Witkiewicz is revealed to the public through Stefan Okolowicz's collection. Painter, philosopher and playwriter, he was an important figure in the period between the two wars. The photographs [...]
Augustus Saint-Gaudens: Master of American Sculpture
From may 7 to july 3 2004
Poet and philosopher Augustus Saint-Gaudens was still considered as the "American Michelangelo". Seven of his main projects and over 70 bronze, marble and plaster sculptures offer a glance of his work.
Franz von Lenbach - Sun paintings and portraits.
From may 6 to august 8 2004
100 years after his demise, this is a homage to one of the greatest German portrait artists of the half of the XIXth century. Next to his intimate portraits, we will note his larger, ceremonial portraits, among which the one of Pope [...]
Picasso and the ceramics
From may 6 to august 29 2004
The exhibit concentrates on Picasso's activity as a ceramic artist around 1906, in 1929, and in particular during his years in Vallauris, from 1946 to 1954. Some one hundred ceramics and other documents demonstrate the way the artist [...]
The *Olympics seen by Raymond Depardon
From may 6 to august 28 2004
Ever since 1964 Raymond Depardon photographs the olympic games and through them, History. His photographs in black and white are real witnesses of sport, athletes and societies, as well as milestones on the route to the Games all the way to Athens [...]
Yvonne Rainer, radical juxtapositions 1961-2002
From may 5 to august 8 2004
An exhibit that traces the career of Yvonne Rainer -an innovating artist in the midst of the minimalist movement and in the field of postmodern dance -through 2 video installations, among other things.
Display by Jacques Charlier
From may 5 to december 5 2004
Before setting up in its new headquarters, a magnificent building of the XIXth century, the Jewish museum of Belgium will organise its first exhibit in it. The institution asked Belgian artist Jacques Charlier to "unravel" his collections: [...]
«Hurma», Magdalena *Abakanowicz : a human question through contemporary art.
From may 5 to june 6 2004
For the Polish season, this contemporary artist gives us here one single work: "Hurma", made of 250 characters, in resin and hessian. Through this metaphore of the world, she bears in epigraph humanity and its contradictions.
1944, the destruction of the Jewishs of Hungary
From may 4 to june 6 2004
The exhibit traces the tragedy of the extermination in the Spring of 1944 of 600 000 Jews and various thousands of Hungarian Gypsies, from the vote of the first anti-jewish laws in 1938 until the putsch of 1944 by the Hungarian Nationalist [...]
Sao Paulo - 450 years
From may 4 to 30 2004
For the 450th anniversary of the foundation of Sao-Paulo, a choice of approximately 80 photographs, done by various authors among which Claude Levi-Strauss, show various aspects of the Brazilian metropolis.
Georges Rousse and Yveline Loiseur.
From may 3 to june 12 2004
Two photographers, one well-known the other just beginning his career, show their works at the Imagerie.Rousse, a very versatile artist uses photogprahy, painting, drawing and architecture in his works and shows buildings that are destined [...]
Dr. Barnes, the man beyond the Foundation
From may 3 to july 16 2004
Through a selection of photographs and documents, the exhibit invites us to discover the life and work of Dr. Barnes -a genius visionary who built up a collection of over 9000 works and objects from the XIV to the XXth centuries -as well [...]
Head to Head
From may 3 to august 30 2004
Through the theme of the portrait, some forty works from the XXth century from the Tate's private funds are brought together. The ambition of this exhibit is to offer a wide panel of artists who have worked on this theme, with the help [...]
Jean-Denis *Attiret:a Jesuit painter at the chinese's Emperor's court.
From may 2 to july 31 2004
A retrospective of the unique work of a painter from Dole from the first half of the XVIIIth century: rather classic, his art bruskly moults towards a new aesthetics, purer, following his new status as official painter of the Emperor [...]
From may 2 to september 5 2004
Throughout their careers Miro and Calder worked in close collaboration. Some 150 works -paintings, mobiles or stables - demonstrate the multiple relations between these two artists with a climax being the decoration of the Terrace [...]
China, China China, China China, China
From may 2 2004 to may 2 2005
The exhibit leads the visitor to discover far away countries through a series of rare and unusual objects which the captains, diplomats and explorers brought back from their travels. China and Asia are represented in particular by decorated [...]
Kurt *Schwitters. Merz - a global world's vision
From may 1 to august 22 2004
A retrospective around the founder of the Merz movement, Kurt Schwitters. Aside from the 150 works and documents presented, contemporary artists have rebuilt the famous "Merzbau" a monumental assembly of the artist's housing destroyed [...]
Each its wave
From may 1 to july 25 2004
All the artistic fields, painting, photography, sculpture and poetry of 120 former and contemporary artists of different horizons, are grouped together around the theme of the sea universe and the relations between the sea that is attractive, [...]
From may 1 to august 22 2004
The friendship that linked the two men as well as their respective itineraries are looked at through the reunion of 140 works. These show the reciprocal influences as well as the personal character of each in 1918, the year they met, [...]
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