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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Édouard Pignon 1905-1993, Rythm between things
From june 30 to october 9 2005
Pignon is one of those artists in the tradition of Paul Gauguin or Lucio Fontana, including the Fauvists, painters and sculptors led to "another art". The exhibit brings together over one hundred painted and sculpted works on clay [...]
Narjess Merhej, East and west
From june 29 to july 16 2005
Narjess Merhej unveils his personality through a realistic painting, very fine and precise. Indeed, his painting recalls his Lebanese roots, his souvenirs, as well as his attachment to the Orient and the West.
Island to island - Îles de Nantes, île Seguin - Banks of the Seine, two strategies
From june 29 to september 11 2005
The exhibit presents the two major urban planing operations, that is the island of Nantes and that of Seguin. The two poles embody major French urban laboratories that distinguish themselves by their means of innovation. The exhibit [...]
Cecily Brown
From june 28 to august 28 2005
Cecily Brown in among the most talented and most provocative of her generation. The exhibit presents an idea of her work over the last ten years through the themes of the figure, landscapes and the relationship painting has with its own history.
The braziliana collection. The romantic painters travelers in Brazil (1820-1860)
From june 28 to november 27 2005
Some one hundred paintings, ware colors and drawings from the Brasiliana collection, one of the most prestigious of South America, make up this exhibit similar to a seductive patrimony. We discover here the romantic vision of essentially [...]
The palace of the "Planet king", Philip IV and the Buen Retiro
From june 28 to october 30 2005
The exhibit is dedicated to pictural art in the palace of Buen Retiro. 70 paintings mainly from the museum shed light on the palace's decoration. The recreation of the Reinos room is one of the most important in which we can see above [...]
From june 27 to august 21 2005
For two months this summer, the village of Lacoste in the Lubéron will be turned into a huge contemporary art gallery. The Savannah College of Art and Design- SCAD Lacoste - presents Intervention. The site-specific installations featured [...]
Mark Dion
From june 26 to october 2 2005
The exhibit is an opportunity to discover his new works inspired as much by the site as by the world cultural context in which Mark Dion's work is anchored. Inscribed in the castle's ancient architecture, a series of surprise cabinets [...]
Tim Hawkinson
From june 26 to august 28 2005
The exhibit, with over 65 works done over the last twenty years, offers a fascianting view of Hawkinson's work, among them meticulously detailed sketches, minute constructions, cast iron inflated with latex, and fantastic mechanical [...]
Gérard Fromanger
From june 25 to september 19 2005
Gérard Fromanger was inspired for his painting by his period. A member of the Narrative Figuration movement, he transcribed the life of the 60s and 70s with precise drawings and colored flat tints. Marked by the pop culture, the artist [...]
Claude-François Attiret (Dole, 1728-1804)
From june 25 to october 16 2005
The first retrospective of Claude-François Attiret, this exhibit traces the artist's career and focuses mainly on presenting significative works of his art.
Julio Villani, origines of the world
From june 25 to september 4 2005
The installation, presented during the Brazilian year in France, includes monumental sculptures, an installation of thirty embroidered sheets and two videos. While Villani's works seem simple and familair in appearance, they are actually [...]
Corbusier, From the emotion to the serenity
From june 25 to october 9 2005
For the 50th anniversary of the chapel of Ronchamp, the exhibit focuses exclusively on following great projects of Le Corbusier's dedicated to religious architecture.
Meschac Gaba
From june 25 to august 21 2005
Since 1997, Meschac Gaba has been creating a virtual African Contemporary Art Museum for which he has already done various rooms in different museums in the world.Here he groups together the differnet rooms of his museum that explores [...]
The 10 years old celebration of the Rebeyrolle Space
From june 25 to november 3 2005
The exhibition, organized for the anniversary of the Espace Paul Rebeyrolle, displays over forty paintings representing the artist's work from 1959 to 2000. It shows the pieces of art already present at the Centre and also some others [...]
From june 24 to october 29 2005
Huge paintings of Breton inspiration stand next to popular works of art. The vision of the Breton women and men of the XIXth century and the beginning of the XXth century are also unveiled through the works of various travelling artists.
Caillebotte, in the heart of impressionism
From june 24 to october 23 2005
With about a hundred paintings, pastels and drawings, this retrospective highlights just how essential Gustave Caillebotte’s (1848-1894) contribution was to Impressionism. Both as a painter – he took part in the Impressionist group’s [...]
From Orphée to Jules Vernes, journey in the imagination of the subterranean worlds
From june 24 to december 31 2005
Rauschenberg travelled a lot around the world and the different cultures he was able to witness in eleven different countries gave birth to these works, which in turn are at the origin of the sculptures. The artist's works from the 80s and 90s highlight [...]
Mode of paper: a history of rags
From june 24 to december 31 2005
Through prestigious as well as unknown and surprising works the exhibit illustrates the history of collections that make up a significant ensemble of arts in the southern Netherlands from the XVth to the XXIth centuries. Masterpieces [...]
Robert Rauschenberg, on and off the well, works from the 80'sand the 90's
From june 24 to november 20 2005
Rauschenberg travelled a lot around the world and the different cultures he was able to witness in eleven different countries gave birth to these works, which in turn are at the origin of the sculptures. The artist's works from the 80s and 90s highlight [...]
War/Hell: Master prints by Otto Dix and Max Beckmann
From june 24 to september 26 2005
Two of the largest portfolios of German prints of the XXth century are assembled for the first time in this exhibit. The two series show the horrors artists Max Backmann and Otto Dix witnessed during the WWI.
Robert Couturier celebrates his 100th birthday at the Maillol museum, And Horva photographs Couturier...
From june 23 to september 12 2005
Robert Couturier celebrates his 100th birthday this year. It is the first time a French artist celebrates his centennial by accompanying an exhibit of his work. His last retrospective had taken place at the Monnaie de Paris in 1975. [...]
Dubuffet et l'Art Brut
From june 23 to september 25 2005
The exhibit is a confrontation between Dubuffet the painter and Dubuffet the collector.Jean Dubuffet is not only the inventor of the Art brut concept, but he is also at the origin of the collection of Art Brut of Lausanne. In 1945 [...]
I dream of it
From june 23 to october 30 2005
Some fifty artists from all over the world -painters, videoartists, sculptors, designers, fashion creators, dancers, musicians, movie directors and photographers -are invited to show their work and to confront it with that of their [...]
Arnulf rainer and his collection of Outsider Art
From june 23 to october 9 2005
Since the 50s Arnulf Rainer has worlked with existing images. This process of appropriation and accumulation is prolonged in the collection of art brut he started to assemble as of 1963 and which today includes more than 2000 works. [...]
Sant'ana : collection Angela Gutierrez
From june 23 to october 31 2005
The exhibit presents a series of baroque sculptures from the XVIIth, XVIIIth and XIXth centuries, sacred representations of Saint-Anne, originating from different regions in Brazil but in particular from the Minas Gerais region where [...]
Lili Dujourie
From june 22 to september 4 2005
The exhibit that covers three decades, presents meditative works that reflect Lili Dujourie's sensitive and mental universe, by touching what is ineffable and can not be expressed, both visible and invisible... Thus, her work invites [...]
Philippe Pétremant, photographies
From june 22 to august 27 2005
Through ordinary, trite and usual things Philippe Pétremant found the perfect material for his photographic practice of enlarged still lives. This material insists on refusing, if not the existence of his object, at least the legitimacy [...]
China from Sèvres, Paris, Naples and Vienna at the museum Condé in Chantilly
From june 22 to september 19 2005
The Condé museum preserves some fifteen pieces of Sévres porcelain from the XVIIIth cnetury, most of them bought by the duke of Aumale in the middle of the XIXth century.These pieces take part in the re-honoring of the institution's [...]
Young belgian painters award 2005
From june 22 to september 4 2005
For the last 55 years the Palais des Beaux-Arts has presented the works of the winners of the Prize of Young Belgian Painters. Out of more than 150 dossiers, six have been selected, those of Carlos Aires, Olivier Foulon, Ivo Provoost [...]
Le groupe des Gravelines
From june 21 to september 18 2005
The exhibit pays tribute to the "Group of Gravelines" founded in 1960 by Arthur Van Hecke, Jean Bertaux, Jean Castanier and Raymond Picque. The founders want to remind everyone that the special light in Gravelines and its surroundings [...]
Evgueni Khaldei, Photographe de l'Armée Rouge
From june 20 to august 28 2005
Some one hundred original prints developed by Evgueni Khaldeifrom the photo agency Voler Ernst are presented during the museum's photographic summer. The exhibit is focused on the war years of a major figure of Soviet photojournalism.
Kein Tag ohne Linie (Nulla dies sine linea)
From june 20 2005 to march 5 2006
The exhibit includes above all calligraphic pencil and ink drawings as well as polychrome collages Paul Klee made over the past few years of his life. This presentation allows us to understand the work of one of the most versatile [...]
Rajak Ohanian, Métamorphoses 1
From june 19 to september 11 2005
Rajak Ohanian's work shown in this exhibit includes sescapes and mineral scapes from the coast in Brittany. His photographs always reveal the same questioning on the mystery of the world.
Vik Muniz, Laurent Bourret
From june 18 to september 4 2005
Laurent Millet's and Vik Muniz's works show photography as the ultimate phase of the process that goes through the creation of objects, sculptures or ephemeral assemblies. These artists play on the illusion and ambiguity given to them [...]
Artists at war
From june 18 to september 25 2005
In order to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the end of WWII various works from the permanent collection have been put in parallel to war images.
Glare of the fauvism 1897-1912
From june 18 to october 17 2005
The exhibit brings together some twenty paintings by Matisse, Marquet, Derain, Vlaminck, Dufy, Friesz or even Braque. While nudes, portraits and still lives are presnet in the exhibit, it is above all through the problem of the landscape [...]
Figures of Madonnas, virgins sculptured from Vosges, 12th-16th centuries
From june 18 to september 18 2005
The museum of Unterlinden presents a rich collection of sculptures from the Rhine valley from the XVth and XVIth centuries. While showing the richness of Marian iconography, th eexhibit enhances its evolution throughout the Middle [...]
The eye and the device
From june 18 to september 18 2005
A landscape and the history of photography are presented through an exceptional Austrian collection. For this exhibit photographic techniques are shown at the same time as the works themselves.
Matisse-Derain, Collioure 1905
From june 18 to october 2 2005
This unusual exhibit shows the adventure between two mythical painters, Matisse and Dérain. The production of works by the two artists begun in Collioure or finished in Paris is shown in the most exhaustive manner possible.
Paradirama - Tikis, surfeurs et vahinés
From june 18 to october 30 2005
Paradirama brings together for the first time in France some essential pieces of authentic Polynesian art, objects from the Polynesian Pop years between the 50s and the 60s, paintings of Tiki Art and works by contemporary artists influenced [...]
Picasso, Swimmer
From june 18 to october 16 2005
Some 120 works are grouped together around an ensemble of sculptures Les Baigneuses done in 1956 by Picasso. For the first time, the exhibit focuses on exploring the theme of the bathers and beach scenes which alwyas had a strong fascination [...]
Suburban Journals: the sketchbooks, drawings and prints of Charles Ritchie
From june 18 to august 14 2005
Charles Ritchie orients his art along three themes: still lives, landscapes and selfportraits. His drawings, sketch books and prints demonstrate the contrasts of colors and very small format paintings.
Cuny Janssen, Finding thoughts
From june 17 to july 31 2005
Cuny Janssen exhibits the portraits of children who grew up in regions of conflict, such as Iran, Macedonia or Irak. Th epremature independence of these children inspires notions of ductility, courage and equality of the young generation [...]
Lise Sarfati, The American series
From june 17 to july 31 2005
Lise Sarfati's photographs show every day scenes. The artist gets near her subjects by enhancing the complexity and the various aspects of the identity of the young people she makes the portrait of.
Pouchkine museum Moscow, French painting
From june 17 to november 13 2005
A panorama of French painting over three centuries is hung up a tthe Foundation, including over fifty master pieces by Gustave Courbet, Camille Corot, Édouard Manet, Edgad Degas, etc. This is the first time the museum of Moscow exhibits [...]
Lin Utzon
From june 16 to july 31 2005
Painter, ceramics artist and designer Liz Utzon exhibits over one hundred pieces -porcelains, vases, drawings and paintings -from her work in the different fields she has approached over the last thirty years. Inspired by the world [...]
A picture of Britain
From june 16 to september 4 2005
The exhibit shows how British landscapes captivated a generation of artists. We cna admire works by Turner, Gainsborough, Constable, Landseer, Paul Nash or Richard Long.
Big-bang at the national museum of modern art, Destruction and creation in the art of the20th century
From june 15 2005 to march 27 2006
"Big bang" associates visual arts, video, photography, architecture, design and litterature and confronts the works and tendencies of the beginning of the XXth century to our day. The original theme of the modern "Big bang" relies [...]
From Ensor to Bosch, art collections in Flanders
From june 15 to september 11 2005
The exhibit relates the history of the collections that make up the arts of the southern Netherlands from the XVth to the XXIth centuries. The interaction between antique art and modern art is enhanced, while prestigious works and unknown [...]
Italy in black and white
From june 15 to september 4 2005
The exhibit groups together the work of some one hundred photographs and one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary photographs. The exhibit will allow us to admire above all the less known works of Antonio Boggeri, [...]
Neighbors-neighbors, the new shapes of individual habitat in France
From june 15 to september 11 2005
The exhibit presents eight operations, alternatives to the traditional separation into lots. Located in Bétheny, Bordeaux and Floirac, Lille, Tourcoing, Mulhouse, Rezé and Saint-Nazaire these operations taht were all started less than [...]
Mahjong contemporary Chinese art from the Sigg Collection
From june 14 to october 16 2005
Various paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, body art and videos make fun of traditional Chinese art and place it in a new context. This exhibit also brings forward some thoughts on Western art from a Chinese point of view. [...]
Roy Lichtenstein, Classic of the New
From june 13 to september 4 2005
Roy Lichtenstein, the symbol of American pop art, drew a lot of his inspiration from newspapers, comic strips and popular culture, thus showing his fascination with a world half way between art and daily life. 40 of his works from [...]
Swiftly, angels and fabulous creatures in Western art
From june 12 to september 18 2005
Paintings, sculptures and objets d'art form a themed itinerary strewn with angles, demons, dreams, griffons and dragons. We also may see works, prints and ink drawings by Marc Pessin, an artist from Isère in France.
Pablo Picasso and surrealism 1924-39
From june 12 to september 11 2005
The internal dynamics of Picasso's creation is given through paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and manuscripts. His "surrealism" shows a personal and moving aspect of the artist's as well as his political commitment through an ensemble [...]
Heinrich Riebesehl
From june 12 to august 14 2005
The exhibit traces for the first time the origin of Heinrich Riebesehl's multiple art. The exhibit includes the series of locomotives (1963-65) and the series of Happenings (1964-1965).
Andre Mare (1885-1932) on the sources of the cubism and Art Déco
From june 11 to october 16 2005
A retrospecive of one of the fathers of Art Deco, André Mare, with a large range of his creations: furniture, materials, painted paper, ceramics, paintings, technical drawings and war notebooks. While theartist considered himself mainly [...]
Bernhard Heisig - The rage of pictures
From june 11 to september 25 2005
70 paintings and 60 drawings and graphic works enhance the 50 years of Bernhard Heisig's work, one of the major artists of the Leipzig school.His work is marked by the traumatism of German fascism and the will to remember.
Oswaldo Vigas, Magic spells of the tropics
From june 11 to november 13 2005
Some twenty tapestries by contemporary artists trace Oswaldo Vigas' itinerary, a Venezuelan artist in the footsteps of the great Latin American artists. His paintings, sculptures and ceramics complete this panorama and allow us to follow [...]
Princely Splendour: The Dresden Court 1580-1620
From june 11 to october 23 2005
The exhibit presents extraoridnary pieces in silver, weapons, armour, crystal vases, as well as vases in Italian rock, watches and clocks, ivory cups and bronzes by Giambologna and Adriaen de Vries, tow of the most famous sculptors [...]
Live a port, professions and commercial activities of the port of Caen in the XIXth and XXth centuries
From june 11 to december 31 2005
The exhibit presents various aspects of the commercial port of Caen: its history, geography, its know-how, trades and men and women who rub shoulders there, from the arrivalof a vessel to its unloading. The imaginary world built by the memories [...]
Fabian Marcaccio
From june 10 to september 17 2005
The exhibit is the result of work cone in situ by Fabian Marcaccio under the form of molded reliefs right along the wall. The white plaster forms crate a closed, hybrid space that develops a vibratile, visual register that recalls [...]
Earthenware of the Antiquity
From june 10 to september 12 2005
In its series on the techniques of creation, the Louvre museum turns her towards the birth and development of ceramics with glassy materials, pottery, frit or glass.The exhibit covers a wide range of the applications of this form of art: [...]
Natacha Nisic, Dread
From june 10 to october 2 2005
The presentation of photographic and film documents by Natasha Nisic who has worked on the process of images, documents and the value of proof.
Sparkling Satin
From june 10 to september 4 2005
Gerard ter Borch's work is presented in its psychologic and intimate dimension. The exhibit includes some twenty major works by this painter of the XVIIth century, lent by various museums in the USA and in Germany.
Tentatives de rapprochement - Philippe Terrier-Hermann
From june 10 to october 28 2005
Philippe Terrier-Hermann shows through his sculptures, installations and photographs the thinking he has dedicated to Japanese aesthetics and in particular to Japan's position in globalization.
Anne-Marie Jugnet et Alain Clairet, Switch
From june 9 to september 19 2005
Painting is a shared common commitment and a relation to the world for these French artists. In the series Switch, the paintings are the variations on the colored phenomena caused by a screen that turns off.
Frida Kahlo
From june 9 to october 9 2005
The exhibit shows how Kahlo exploiuted history and the traidtions of painting (still lives, portraits, narative and religious paintings) and how she turned all of these to her own purposes. Over 70 works, of which many oil paintings [...]
Paul Schuss, the magic and divine landscapes
From june 8 to 25 2005
For his 300th exhibit Paul Schuss presents his work done in painting, watercolor, pastels, mixed techniques, drawings and lithographs. His work is a call to meditation and invites the public to a universe of surprising poetic force.
Richard Bellamy and Mark di Suvero
From june 8 to november 13 2005
The exhibit inlcudes over 80 photographs by Richard Bellamy representing Mark di Suvero's sculptures and more than 30 works by the sculptor. FOr over 20 years art dealer Richard Bellamy photographed his friend's work, the finished [...]
Camill Leberer
From june 8 to october 3 2005
The exhibit presnets the complex work of Camille Leberer, including glass and metal sculptures as well as numerous drawings. One can see the artist's evolution over nearly two decades and realize that his work in the 90s mixed painting [...]
Memling and the portrait
From june 8 to september 4 2005
First exhibition totally dedicated to Memling’s portraits. Only recently have we perceived the influence Hans Memling had on European portrait artists at the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th centuries. The exhibition organized [...]
Back to black - Art, cinema and the racial imaginary
From june 7 to august 28 2005
The exhibit traces the cultural impact of the Black Arts movement through the painting, sculpture, photography, graphic art and movies that appeared during two decades. It thus explores seven themes including the black conscience in art, [...]
Corot - Nature, émotion, souvenir
From june 7 to september 11 2005
This first monographic exhibit dedicatd to Corot in Spain is built around three themes: Nature, Emotions and Memries. The 80 works grouped together, most of them landscapes, offer a complete aspect of the career of this important artist [...]
Summer exhibition
From june 7 to august 15 2005
The 273rd annual exhibit of the Royal Academy groups together numerous works by contemporary artists. This summer exhibit is the largest exhibit of contemporary art in the world and presents paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints [...]
Brazil made the front pages
From june 6 to september 9 2005
Custodio Coimbra's 45 photographs presented inthis exhibit have been published in the main Brazilian newspapers such as "El Globo" and "Jornal do Brasil". They present a large frescoe of Brazil's contemporary history, from the colors [...]
David Claerbout / Robert Kusmirowski
From june 5 to september 11 2005
David Claerbout is interested in the relationship that develops between the photographer and the film, between the fixed image and the image in movement. Robert Kusmirowski worked on a new production in images of his walk from Lodtz [...]
Jacques-Louis David: Empire to exile
From june 5 to september 5 2005
The exhibit explores the various transformations undergone by Jacques-Louis David's work during the French revolution. Oranganized in 6 sections, 26 paintings and 22 works of art on paper trace the evolution of his work since 1794 [...]
5th international biennial of naïve art of Laval
From june 4 to october 2 2005
The 5th edition of this Biannaul exhibit will take place on the theme of modern Primitive artists, among them André Bauchant, Camille Bombois, Séraphine Louis and Louis Vivin. Some 250 works by these great artists of Naif Art, have [...]
Charles Henneghien, Vies croisées
From june 4 to september 4 2005
The retrospective brings together 120 photographs by Charles Henneghien, of which many have never been seen before. These photographs, close to reports and full of humanism, show a world that has changed considerably.
Marc Gerenton, Mythological wanders
From june 4 to september 18 2005
Marc Gérenton takes over the museum and the park with perennial sculptures and ephemeral installations on the theme of mythologies.The works show the progressive passage from stylised representations of the body to complex figurative [...]
Martha Rosler; London Garage Sale
From june 4 to july 17 2005
Martha Rosler adopts the character of a single California mother for her first solo exhibit and her work takes on the shape of a real house in disorder. By combining disciplines -perforamnce, video, photography and critical writings [...]
Kinshasa, the imaginary city
From june 3 to september 4 2005
This exhibit of an unusual concept associates texts by Filip De Boeck and photos by Marie-Françoise Plissart who invite us to take a look beyond architecture. The city is not determined by its material infrastructure but is is presented [...]
XY, Gênes sensibles
From june 3 to july 3 2005
Nine artists are grouped together around the theme of the body and contemporay representation. The different media used -photography, sculpture, installations, painting, video -offer different issues from the point of view of human [...]
Centers and Edges: Modern Ceramic Design and Sculpture, 1880-1980
From june 2 to september 18 2005
The exhibit presents modern and contemporary ceramics and goes through the history of pottery in Europe and in America, putting forward different locations and different styles of this art.
Herzog & de Meuron, An exhibition
From june 1 to august 29 2005
This exhibit brings together more than 70 projects by Herzog and De Meuron in the form of very diverse objects. These elements are the experiment of a new architectural language.
Open systems
From june 1 to september 18 2005
This is the presentation of the work of 25 artists from different horizons, all around the objet d'art in the 60s and 70s. Sculptures, paintings, films, videos, photographs and installations allow the viewer to think about the political [...]