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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Léo Delarue
From april 30 to june 11 2005
Léo Delarue's sculptures call upon the collective imagiantoin. The artist has a physical relation with matter and puts a live emotion al charge into his works. The materials are assembled and confronted, thus accentuating the tactile [...]
Fashions on mirroir: France and Holland in the time of the lights
From april 30 to august 21 2005
This exhibit btrings together an exceptional collection of costumes and accessories of the XVIIIth century. Over 130 pieces -clothes, paintings, docuemtns -bring forward France and the Netherlands in the time of the Enlightment.
Paul Dubois, sculptor, route of creation
From april 30 to october 30 2005
Paul Dubois knew success and glory during his life.He was then one of the favotrite painter sof Paris society. This exhibit will give us the opoportunity to rediscover him, with over 150 works brought together thanks to loans from [...]
Richard Pettibone, retrospective
From april 30 to august 1 2005
The exhibit brings together the recent works of five artists:Louise Bourgeois, Troy Brauntuch, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Patty Chang, Erick Swenson. Without bringing them together under one same theme, the works are strong on their own as strong [...]
From april 30 to august 1 2005
The exhibit brings together the recent works of five artists:Louise Bourgeois, Troy Brauntuch, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Patty Chang, Erick Swenson. Without bringing them together under one same theme, the works are strong on their own as strong [...]
Tibetan Sacred Art - Travel with Alexandra David-Néel
From april 29 to september 11 2005
The exhibit allies collections of Tibetan art of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries and testimonies from the famous French explorer and Orientalist Alexandra David-Neel. A first part presents sacred paintings and bronze sculptures. A second [...]
Pierre Bismuth : anything not forbidden is compulsory
From april 29 to june 19 2005
In collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Thun, the exhibit presents the recent works - installations, photographs and videos -by artist Pierre Bismuth who placed the Bible in the heart of his work.
Franz Cumont et Mariemont
From april 29 to october 30 2005
The museum's archives keep more than 200 letters adressed by Franz Cumont to his friend and patron Raoul Warocqué. He played an importatn part in making the antique collection of Mariemont. The exhibit stages the most important pages [...]
Natacha Paganelli and Thomas Lang, small Moroccan stories
From april 29 to may 13 2005
Natacha Paganelli and Thomas Lang construct together a photographic work inspired by art that is ordinary, that deals with color and the body. Their series of photographs was carried out following their stay in Casablanca, Fès and Rabat [...]
Dream about Amazonia
From april 29 to november 13 2005
The abbey of Daoulas celebrates in its own manner the year of Brazil in France. The exhibition sheds light- on the one hand- on the forest partrimony of the Amazon region, and on the other hand on the way in which the Indians live [...]
Albert Oehlen, self-portrait at 50 million times the speed of light. Paintings 1980-2005
From april 28 to june 26 2005
This retrospective of painter Albert Oehlen underlines the different currents the artist went through as well as the measn and materials he used. The colors, forms and lines he uses enhance the true energy he puts into them.
Phase 3 : Comment vivent personnes agées ?
From april 28 to june 19 2005
Twelve photographers dediced to answer the question "How do elderly people live?" by adding various comments full of optimism and also of fear to their photographs.
From the refuge to the trap, the Jews in the swamp
From april 28 to july 30 2005
The Paris townhall bases itself on nine emblematic sites of the Marais to trace th ehistoryof the Saint-GErvais district. This exhibit is part of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the return of the racial and non racial prisoners [...]
Marie-Christine Paris, My dreams of journeys
From april 27 to may 14 2005
Marie-ChristienPAris' paintings transport the viewer to far away horizons. The artist evokes a fabulous country in Latin America such as Peru, as well as the Venice that inspired the greatest painters. The warm colors and very rich [...]
Auguste Goy (1812-1875) / André Dauchez (1870-1948), two generations of painters in Cornouaille
From april 26 to september 30 2005
First a portrait artist, an dthen a landscape artist, Auguste Goy settled in QUimper where he taught drawing. The bourgeoisie commissioned a number of portraits, and the landscapes he painted were those of the region. The exhibit also [...]
Thomas Hirschhorn, Anschool
From april 26 to september 11 2005
Anschool groups together the greatest number of works by Thomas Hirschhorn over the period of 1992-2004. The artist's work is inspired by the Russian revolutionnary avant-gard, and Rodchenko, Malevich and Popova are some of his models. [...]
Impressions, sketches by Anna and Michael Ancher
From april 26 to june 5 2005
Anna and Michael Ancher are part of what was called in Scandinavia in the 1880s the modern breakthrough. The new interpetation of the world by this couple led them to create a series of essential works that made them famous. The city [...]
Nicolas Moulin
From april 25 to june 11 2005
Nicolas Moulin talks of a world inspired by litterature and science fictionmovies.His "Old Ghost" is presented under the shape of photographic and film documents.It slips into the mental representations of the future the Western wold [...]
Pol Bury... fountains and sculptures
From april 24 to november 13 2005
Exhibition devoted to Pol Bury, its creative genius and its work: fountains with tubes, bubbles, out of steel, copper, etc.
Antoni Tapiès
From april 23 to june 12 2005
The museum presnets an ensemble of works from different periods of Caalan artist Antoni Tapiès. His owrks translate the political and social situation in Spain under Franco's regime and the climate of the cold war.
Claude Viallat
From april 23 to june 5 2005
Claude Viallat presents a number of his painted works, in particular some of the famous painted prints on different supports: blinds, canvas covers, parasols and other pieces of material. The artist also exhibits the "objects" he did with [...]
Richard Wright
From april 23 to june 19 2005
This artist from Glasgow has created an ensemble of paintigns and drawings especially and directly designed on the walls of the Domain of Kerguéhennec. Tattoos, lightings and images of gothic style decorate the walls of the site.
XVe bourse d'art monumental d'Ivry
From april 22 to june 5 2005
The grant for ùmonumental art of Ivry has benn bi-annual since 1981, and covers a very varied panorama in artistic creation, with all aesthetics combined. The jury will be meeting to choose the winner who will benefit the following [...]
Souterrain, 10 years of independence
From april 22 to may 7 2005
The collective Souterrain will celebrate its 10 years of existence and of plastic creations. The exhibit will allow us to discover the energy of this group of artists with multiple talents. Paintings, graffs, sculptures, photographs [...]
The Golden Twenties - fashion, graphic arts, advertising
From april 22 2005 to march 5 2006
The "roaring 20s" were a time of elegance and dreams of luxury following the crisis of WWI. Objects of art, music, fashion and advertising posters bring that period of freedom back to life.
The Sainte Catherine of Barnaba de Modena
From april 21 to july 3 2005
The presentation of the museum's new aquisition.La Santa Caterina in trono con devoti is a fundamental work by Barnaba da Modena, the artist from Genoa from the second half of the XIVth century. His presentation is accompanied by two other [...]
Larry Sultan, The valley
From april 21 to june 21 2005
Larry Sultan shows photographs taken during the filming of pornographic movies, but he is interested in what is outside the camera's field of vision: slack periods, pauses, waiting periods... In no way do his images resemble a pornographic [...]
Tom Wood, looking for love
From april 21 to june 21 2005
Tom Wood is interested in taking photographs of the man on the street during his moments of leisure as well as in his slack moments.He takes photographs of the residents of the poorer areas in England but does not appear as an intruder [...]
Poussin, Watteau, Chardin, David... French paintings kept in Germany (17th and 18th centuries)
From april 20 to july 31 2005
The exhibit brings together 168 French paintings from the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries kept in museums in Germany. The works of Simon Vouet, Valentin, Watteau, Chardin... are grouped together by genre, while a section is especially [...]
It' all ads, 1970-2000
From april 20 to october 23 2005
A selection of more than 150 works -posters, TV ads, wrapping objects -are testimony of this rich period in which agencies and creators found an audience that loved advertising and applauded all of their audacities.
Valda always
From april 20 to may 22 2005
The reputation of Valda, created in 1900, lies on the dynamism of its founder, pharmacist Henri Canonne.Liek the gret industrialists of his time, he used the most modern methods in marketing and advertising. Thee xhibit is proof of the importance [...]
Andre Jolivet, a musical universe
From april 19 to may 22 2005
The exhibit sheds light on documents and manuscripts by composer André Jolivet. The 1st part is dedicated to the musician's childhood and training, the 2nd describes the relations André Jolivet had with the stage and the 3rd traces [...]
The Art nouveau frontage, a total work of art
From april 19 to september 18 2005
The exhibit presents a selection of original elements, from drawings of the time to photographs of collections from the Archives of Modern Architecture. One also finds works or projects of great architects of the Art Nouveau period: [...]
Last day!Robert Capa
On april 18 2005
A homage to the father of photojournalism and the founder of the Magnum agency. This exceptional exhibit is the first retrospective of Robert Capa in Germany.It groups together the photographer's most famous works, but it also shows [...]
Eugen Batz (1905-1986), 100th anniversary
From april 17 to may 29 2005
Eugen Batz, a student of Wassily Kandinsky's and Paul Klee's belonged to a generation of painters marked by German national-socialism. Going from an introspective painting to a mystic one, we discover the painter's different tendencies, [...]
Hussain Chalayan
From april 17 to september 4 2005
Designer Hussein Chalayan has created over the last ten years more than tweznty collections of which the major works are exhibited here. (Afterwords, Ambimorphous...).A conceptual and experimental designer, Chalayan uses various disciplines [...]
Jean-Pierre Bertrand, In Search of the Miraculous
From april 16 to june 12 2005
Jean-Pierre Bertrand has developed fro the beginning an hetegeneous work by using films, drawing, objects and pictural techniques. The exhibit presents his sensitive experience, and in particular the film aspect of his practice.
Max Ernst, engraving 1919-1974
From april 16 to june 15 2005
196 prints and 26 books with lithographs allow us to follow Max Ernst's technical and aesthetic evolution. He used to experiment with surrealism. His prints put into images texts such as those of Paul Elouard or André Breton as well [...]
The young, the long-lived and the beautiful today (2/3)
From april 16 to july 2 2005
The second episode of this cycle of exhibits offers a certain look on today. To do so, each artist suggests hi sown questioning through a multitude of media: painting, photographs, video, drawing and installations. Four American artists [...]
Dragons, superstars
From april 16 to october 31 2005
The exhibit invites us to travel through time and the legends that surround dragons.The presentation lies on solid scientific bases and looks into the myth of the dragon since its origins, covering from the discovery of great civilisations [...]
The retrofuturistic universe of NSK
From april 16 to july 31 2005
NKS (Neue Slowenische Kunst) is a collective group of artists based at Ljubljana in Slovenia since 1984 taht have tried since then to create an art taht is provoking by using different supports. Through some one hudnred works, they [...]
Is contemporary still the message? The academic drawing class
From april 15 to may 14 2005
The Mineta Contemporary galery orgnaises a performance with painter Harry Holland, Maria Mineta and the artists who wish to participate: Is contemporary still the message?, « The academic drawing class ». The drawings produced will [...]
The flower bowl
From april 15 to october 30 2005
Some thirty bouquet holders reflect the evolution of this gracious object throughout the XIXth century. Today the bouquet holder has become an object of interest and one of its amateurs has accepted to lend his collection for a few months.
The Nazarenes: religion, power, art
From april 15 to july 24 2005
At the beginning of the XIXth century, artists Johann Friedrich Overbeck, Franz Pforr and Peter Cornelius decided to bring back to life a certain religious form in art. This art form imposed itself as a criticism of society at the time [...]
Filippo de Pisis
From april 14 to july 3 2005
This large anthological exhibit dedicated to the work of Filippo de Pisis, one of the most significant interpreters of Italian painting in the first half of the XIXth century, is built around some one hundred paintings and approximately [...]
The impressionisme and the birth of the cinematograph
From april 14 to july 18 2005
The exhibit underlines the links that exist between painting, photography and movies. The origins of the Lumière brothers from Lyons, the pioneers of photography and movies, offers a favorable terrain to this exhibit allowing the visitor [...]
Mystical travel, secrets of Byzance and Othoman dreams
From april 13 to may 11 2005
The 130 large format photographs exhibited invite us to a mystical trip through contemporry Turkey.They reveal the spiritual light of the Byzantine works of art and architecture. The texts that accompany the hotographs are also from [...]
Pati Hill, vers Versailles
From april 12 to july 13 2005
American artist Pati Hill uses the photocopying machine as a tool of creation and delivers strange images, made by assembling real elements. She illustrates her works by words and thus instores a dialogue that is undissociable between [...]
Les Lartigue, le talent en héritage
From april 10 to october 2 2005
The exhibit groups together the works of three generations of this family of unusual artists. It combines paintings, photographs, movies and ceramics, thus tracing the itinerary of four original and talented artists.
Objective Paris: images of the city through five collections of Parisian photos
From april 10 to june 20 2005
One hundred original photographs going from the Universal Exhibit of 1900, taken by Gabriel Loppé, to the Fête du Millénaire(Celebration of the Millenium) in December 2000 as seen by William Klein, show the evolution in ways of looking [...]
10000 years of art and culture in Jordan - Faces of East
From april 9 to august 21 2005
Jordan is at the cross roads of the most ancient cultures, it saw the birth of the three great monotheistic religions. The exhibit presents the daily life of the different cultures, from the beginning of the Neolothic period to the beginnings [...]
Story of a miracle, the Holy Candle of Arras
From april 9 to july 4 2005
The miracle of the Holy Candle, that occured according to the tradition on 28 May 1105, is rediscovered here historically and chronologically through some one hundred paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphic documents and works [...]
The action restricted, modern art according to Mallarmé
From april 9 to july 3 2005
Mallarmé's litterary work had a huge influence on the art of the XXth century. Through the exhibit of the work of some one hundred international atists, a new look is given on modern art that sheds light on the role this famous writer [...]
Max Klinger, dreams and secrets of a Symbolist
From april 9 to september 25 2005
The exhibit focuses on two specific aspects of the production of the great symbolist artist. On one side the paintings, sculptures and prints; on the other the sometimes surprising private production, such as his erotic drawings.
Philippe Apeloig
From april 8 to may 22 2005
Philippe Apeloig, poster artist, typographer, advertiser and a professional of images stages the matter itself of communication through his works.
Russel Crotty
From april 8 to may 27 2005
Russell Crotty transmits his passion for drawing and astronomy throsu his sculptures and his large books. The artist's installations represent abstract universes, the setting into space of a certain source of life and chaos. In his books [...]
Deutsche Börse photography prize 2005, Luc Delahaye
From april 8 to june 5 2005
The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize sheds light on new talents of th einternational photographic scene. This year the candidate artists are Luc Delahaye (France), J.H. Engtröm (Sweden), Jörg Sasse (Germany) and Stephen Shore (United-States).
Sigmar Polke
From april 8 to june 19 2005
The Kunsthaus Zürich exhibits exclusively the most recent works of German artist Sigmar Polke. The exhibit presents essentially large format paintings, "abstracts" and "alchemical", of which many were done especially for the exhibit. [...]
The spring of the artists
From april 7 to 16 2005
Paintings, drawings and sculptures in the XXIVth fair of artists from the Vth arrondissement...with Danièle Fuchs as the guest of honour.
Three centuries of Brazilian art - The collection Beatriz and Mario Pimenta Camargo
From april 7 to july 17 2005
The exhibit brings together nearly 300 works and objets d'art from various fields such as sculpture, painting, graphic arts, furniture and jewelry. Brazilian art combines the cultural and nautral elements and plunges the public into [...]
Franca Giustozzi, My passion for icons
From april 6 to 23 2005
Franca Torti Giustozzi uses varied techniques and materials: sanguine apint, wood, glass...The artist also creates religious icons. All the finesse of her art leads us to look deep inside ourselves to find the answers.
Auswanderung und Rückkehr
From april 6 to 23 2005
The exhibit, in collaboration with the Armenian organization CIMERA, combines photographs and sociological analysis. It comes back to the emigration of Armenians in the 90s thanks to personal interviews and photos by Zaven Khachikyan, [...]
Stephane Calais, gardens are for people ! (and art for us ?)
From april 6 to september 5 2005
Stéphane Calais exhibits heterogeneous elements such as kitsch sculptures, a design armchair, floating elements, paintings with baroque accents, bear skins and lambs, cushions, balloons...These assemblages come from his colorful and festive [...]
Modernism: designing a new world
From april 6 to july 23 2005
A clear idea of modernism is presented at the Victoria and Albert Museum through paintings, sculptures, movie films, photographs, publications, collages, furniture and graphic creations. This exhibit is the is the last of a trilogy [...]
Marc Riboud, Regina Gimenez
From april 5 to may 10 2005
world famous photographer, Marc Riboud, with a group of works chosen among his photograhs of Huang Shan, the pythical Chinese mountains/. A selection of works by Regina Gimenez, a rising artist in contemporary catalan art, collages [...]
Arrivals: Poland, Pawel Althamer and Artur Zmijewski
From april 5 to may 29 2005
Pawel Althamer and Artur Zmijewski are interested in the daily functioning of the society in which they live and express, through their sculptures, performances and their films, the ideas of alienation by work and the isolation of the individual [...]
Fiona Tan: countenance
From april 5 to may 29 2005
Through her films and photographs Fiona Tan explores the theme of collective memory. She studies the link that exists between image in movement and fixed image. Her work also looks into the way in which the world uses images.
Nicolas Moulin, Front by front
From april 4 to june 18 2005
To present his photographs, Nicolas Moulin uses the light of Dojo in order to bring out the globality of the tone and the atmosphere of this exhibit. His images are accompanied by a video that is a disquieting remake of the final scene [...]
Manolo Valdes, The eternal heritage of art
From april 3 to may 22 2005
The exhibit traces the itinerary of Manolo Valdes from 1982 to our day, through forty-five paintings in large dimensions and twenty sculptures. At the same time, in a section set aside for graphic arts of the Principi di Correggio [...]
Bécassine, une légende du siècle - Pas si bécassine que ça
From april 2 to august 30 2005
For the 100th birthday of Bécassine, and around the book Bécassine, une légende du siècle (Bécassine, a legend of the cnetury) by Bernard Lehembre, original contact sheets, first albums, dolls, toys and drawings by creators trace the history [...]
Françoise Quardon, Honeymoon tears
From april 2 to june 5 2005
Combining sculptures, photos, videos, ceramics, embroideries and tatoos, Françoise Quadron creates a strange world, both fairy like and brutal. In 3 rooms of the Adhémars castle, new installations by the artist are equally presented [...]
A particular day, extract of a collection: collection of contemporary art of the city of Geneva
From april 2 to june 4 2005
The Geneva contemporary art fund presents at the Villa du Parc a selection of its most recent works inclding paintings, prints and sculptures, as well as digital works and installations.This allos to give the visitor an idea of the Geneva [...]
Pierre Ardouvin, trout fishing
From april 1 to june 5 2005
Pierre Ardouvin uses all the classic media, from drawing to sculpture, including photography, to help his public enter a sort of portative ideal in agreement with general taste. The exhibit is a true invitation to live collective fantasies [...]
From Homer to Hopper: drawings and watercolors from the Princeton University Art Museum
From april 1 to july 3 2005
The exhibit is made p of 75 works ranging from the Hudson River landscape school in the middle of the XIXth century to the avant-gard artists of the beginning of the XXth century, and comes from the purchases of the Princton collection.Various [...]
Façade 5, Luc Deleu
From april 1 to june 5 2005
i>Façade 5 is a project through which Luc Deleu analyzes the Palace of Beaux-Arts in Brussells under the angle of the image, of space and structure. Between his thoughts on Victor Horta's building and urban perspectives opened by facade [...]
Fernando Botero, Valerio Adami - L'angle et la courbe
From april 1 to may 29 2005
The exhibit groups together some forty drawings by Fernando Botero and Valerio Adami, for whom this art form has always had a major role. In this tradition, the face has remained an essential theme.