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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Sebastiao Salgado, Territoires et vies
From september 29 2005 to january 15 2006
The BnF in Paris dedicated an exhibit to Sebastiao Salgado in the context of the Year of Brazil. It intends to show the close relation the photographer creates between aesthetics and political commitment. His photographs, refined and rich [...]
Kupka, Le cantique des cantiques
From september 28 2005 to january 8 2006
Known both as a symbolist painter and the forerunner of abstractionism, Kupka dedicated an important part of his ceative energy to illusrations. He made many series of drawings on the theme of the Song of Songs. They are all gathered [...]
20th anniversary of the museum Picasso - Picasso: the passion of the drawing
From september 28 2005 to january 9 2006
According to his mother, Picasso's first word was lapiz, pencil...He remained loyal to this passion. Throughout his life Picasse drew relentlessly. His drawing books were his secret diaries. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its foundation, [...]
Péquignot and Girodet: an artistic friendship
From september 27 to december 31 2005
Péquignot met Girodet in Rome in 1790. A true friendship developed between David's two former students. They fled to Naples in 1793 but for health reasons Girodet left the city n 1794, while Péqignot set up there definitely. While [...]
Lehmbruck, Rodin et Maillol
From september 25 2005 to january 29 2006
Selected works by Wilhelm Lehmbruck are showcased together with corresponding works and groups of work by the two artists who supported and accompanied his art: Auguste Rodin and Aristide Maillol. In the dialogue between the three, [...]
A fight, symbols
From september 24 to december 18 2005
Nearly 150 major posters allow us to retrace the histor of Europe from the end of the XIXth century. These posters insist on the construction of a political language that is proper to posters and common to all of the European countries, [...]
Richard Wagner, visions d'artistes - D'Auguste Renoir à Anselm Kiefer
From september 23 2005 to january 29 2006
The exhibit is dedicated to the effect of Richard Wagner's work on fine arts. From Baudelaire to Boulez, the visual character of the German composer's music was often revealed. Thus, this global presentation leads us from painting [...]
Girodet (1767-1824)
From september 22 2005 to january 2 2006
The Louvre presents some one hundred paintings and drawings by Anne-Louis Girodet, sent from all over the world, emphasized in a remarkable manner and put in the best perspective. This is the first retrospective with an international [...]
RARRK - John Mawurndjul: Time Travel in Northern Australia
From september 21 2005 to january 31 2006
This first retrospective of John Mawurndjul’s work in a European museum gathers some 70 works, the majority paintings on tree bark that correspond to the various periods of his career, as well as some sculptures and prints. It also [...]
Beyond the Mister. Girodet and David's workshop
From september 20 to december 31 2005
The exhibit brings together close to 70 paintings and drawings (academy, historical scenes, preparatory drawings, landscapes, portraits) by Girodet and 5 other famous French painters from the beginning of the XIXth century, all students [...]
Françoise Dolto in correspondances
From september 19 to december 30 2005
Coïnciding with the publicatio of the second volume of Françoise Dolto's correspondance, the musée de la Poste has organized an exhibit of autographed letters never shown before, written by the psychoanalyst between 1913 and 1988, [...]
Jim Dine, some drawings
From september 18 2005 to january 8 2006
Jim Dine is celebrated for his repetitive iconography. Essentially an expressionist with a classical bent, Dine's style emphasizes draftsmanship. This exhibition features 85 works that focus on the variety and breadth of Dine's drawings [...]
Bettina Rheims, rétrospective
From september 15 to november 13 2005
This retrospective of Bettina Rheims' work brings together over one hundred photographs from her series where glamour predominates: Female trouble, Modern Lovers, Chambre close (Closed room), Les espionnes (the female spies), Kim Harlow, [...]
Gérard Fromanger
From september 15 to november 15 2005
Gérard Fromager knew how to draw his inspiration from painting in his time.He was part of the Narrative Current movement and retranscribed the life in the 60s and 70s with a precise drawing and large colored flat tints. Marked by Pop culture, [...]
Nuées, Olivier JUNG
From september 13 to october 6 2005
Olivier Jung unveils an expressionist and lyrical work. A representation of a flock of birds in volumes, in forms, playing with plans, located at the limit of abstraction. Oil paintings on canvases, large formats, as well as small [...]
Playing High, Gonzalo Lebrija
From september 13 to october 15 2005
In his photographs and video "Playing high", Gonzalo Lebrija examines the differnece between the major stories on progress linked to modernism and our individaul contemporary existence.
Pascal Pinaud, En vert et contre tout
From september 12 to november 20 2005
The artist works on the theme of innovation in painting with methods that refer to deconstructivism. Through hs paintings, his sculptures and his installations he asks questions on the functionality and the mechanisms of messages and visual [...]
Print fair 2005
From september 10 to 11 2005
The Birmingham Museum of Art Print Fair 2005 offers collectors the opportuity of meeting well-known art dealers from all over the country and to see hundreds of works by major artists, ranging from old masters to contemporary artists, [...]
Friday September 9 - Rodin / Beuys
From september 9 to november 27 2005
Beuys created, between 1947 and 1964, hundreds of works on paper that are direct reminiscences of Rodin's last drawings and water colors. While Rodin, contrary to Beuys, was fascinated by the feminine body as an object of desire, [...]
Édouard Boubat, Rétrospective originale
From september 9 to october 22 2005
In this retrospective we find the different series that represent the posterity of Edouard Boubat’s work: images of streets in Paris in the 40s and 50s, children in the streets and parks, series of flowers, images of travels. With [...]
Slogans and signs : Polish posters
From september 9 to december 4 2005
This first large retrospective dedicated to the history of the Polish poster between 1945 and 2004 brings together more than 160 posters that ilustrate the exceptional creativity of Polish graphic artists. Thes posters reflect the relationship [...]
Emmanuelle Antille, Floating, crashing, spinning, spitting, kissing, beating over and over, not to stop feeling
From september 8 to october 16 2005
'Emmnuelle Antille's new series of works includes 3 video installations, a feature film and some thirty photographs. The Center of Contemporary Photography hosts one of these three installations. Through a collection of intense, brutal [...]
Masaki Fujihata, Field works
From september 8 to october 16 2005
The exhibit presents four Field-works by Masaki Fujihata. Equipped with electronic material and a camera, the artist records the regions he goes through (interviews, images, spatial links...). Then he recreates a tridimensional cartography [...]
Nedko Solakov, leftovers
From september 2 to november 13 2005
This personal exhibit of Bulgarian conceptual artist Nedko takes on the shape of a dense spatial installation with nearly 60 works. The latter use irony and humor to question the contextualisation of contemporary art and its economic [...]