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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Comic strip to Bastia, 12th meet of the comic strip
From march 31 to april 3 2005
These encounters open to all publics shed light on some ten original exhibits including more than 1000 original contact sheets, some fifty workshops and some ten debates and encounters with invited authors.The Cinémathéque of Corsica [...]
Jacques Brouail
From march 30 to may 7 2005
Impressed by the art of ironwork, Jacques Brouail sculpts colored steel sheet. Inspired by music and nature, the artist creates works taht range from Romanticism to decorative and from stylistic exuberance to modern simplicity.
Corps-écran, Isabelle Lévénez, Philippe Hurteau
From march 30 to april 29 2005
This exhibit is a reflection of the new relations between the fixed image in painting and the mobile one of video. Isabelle Lévénez's videos demonstrate a deep study of the breaking up of the body by the multiple screens, while Philippe [...]
In search of Ireland, sensitive reflections 1913
From march 29 2005 to march 19 2006
73 photographs and travellogs by Albert Kahn, Marguerite Mespoulet and Madeleine Mignon give an idea of the architecure and daily life of the men and women in the Connemara region in the beginning of the XXth century.A recent movie [...]
Turner : The sea
From march 28 to august 21 2005
JMW Turner, considered one of the most important landscape painters o fhi stime, was fascianted all his life by the sea and naval scenes. The exhibit, organized together with the "Sea Britain 2005" festival, sheds light on this artist's [...]
Côme Mosta Heirt
From march 27 to june 4 2005
Mosta Heirt presents a spectacular ensemble of painted woods. He has worked on the aspect of painted volume in space for years now, with thought given to the relation to the location.The exhibit also offers the opportunity to discover [...]
Elina Brotherus
From march 26 to may 15 2005
Elina Brotherus presents two series of her photographic works. The first includes portraits linked to the artist's personal events, while the second confronts photographic writing to that of classical painting.She talks to us of the feminine [...]
From Kirchner to Kandinsky - german expressionism from dutch museums, 1919-1964
From march 25 to september 18 2005
The exhibit groups together works by three groups of German artists of the XXth century: die Brücke, die Blaue Reiter of which Kandinsky was a major element and a third group that belongs to no specific movement. The exhibit allows [...]
Wild lands by Salvator Rosa
From march 25 to june 5 2005
This exhibit of more than 40 works is the first dedicated to Salvator Rosa in Gret Britai since the 70s.he paintings, drawings and engravings underline the style in the landscape painting of which the Naopolitan artist is the beginner. [...]
Egon Schiele
From march 25 to june 19 2005
A retrospective of the work of the Viennese expressionist artist through some twenty paintings and 80 watercolors. Strongly influenced by Gustav Klimt, he quickly evolved his style, creating a universe in which emotion and expression [...]
The eye of the storm: works in situ by Daniel Buren
From march 25 to june 8 2005
More than 30 years after one of his monumental work was removed from an exhibit at the Guggenheim museum, Buren pikcs up his dialogue with the museum rotunda designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The exhibit includes a new installation that [...]
César, the instinct of the iron
From march 24 to july 10 2005
Gargallo triggered off the interest César had in iron but it alos has an economic aspect.César began his training as a classic sculptor by working on wood or marble but these materials ended up being too expensive. These thirty sculptures [...]
From march 24 to october 2 2005
The exhibit invites us to discover the multiple representations of woman, from the Paleolithc age to our day, from the Middle East to Europe, through some 180 pieces. This confrontation of visions of woman through the ages and beyond [...]
Mondrian-De Stijl. Masterpieces from the Kröller-Müller Museum collection in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schipol
From march 24 to august 9 2005
Ten master pieces, among them paintings by Mondrian, van Der Leck and van Doesburg, from the collection of the Kröller-Müller museum, are shown at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schipol. This is the first of a series of exhibits of works [...]
Bert Theis, European pentagoon
From march 23 to august 31 2005
Artist Bert Theis has built a pavilion surrounded by a belvedere with a panoramic view of Brussels, right on the roof of the Palais des Beaux-Arts. This translucid and yet structured space faces us with the question of the visibility [...]
Indian Brazil, the Amerindian arts of Brazil
From march 23 to june 27 2005
The exhibit exhibits a wide panorama of the indigenous cultures of Brazil, from prehistory to our day. Masks, feathe headdresses, jewels, figureines in painted wood, ceramics, music instruments...,some 400 works present the Indian [...]
L'atelier des formes de Francis Pellerin
From march 23 to june 12 2005
The exhibit unveils the itinerary followed by this artist attached to the creation of sculptures in the round and paradoxically capable of formal experiments. The theme of the sea remains very present in the numerous public commissions [...]
Cézanne Renoir
From march 22 to july 3 2005
32 works from the Orangerie museum in Paris -of which 14 by Cézanne, 16 by Renoir, one Picsso and one Matisse -offer the insruments to understand the historic and artistic importance of the impressionist phenomenon through its tow most [...]
Ferdinand Hodler and Geneva
From march 22 to august 21 2005
The 80 works by Ferdinand Hodler at the Rath museum are completed for the exhibit by those shown at the Charles-Galland museum and by the publication of the complete catalogue of the artist's paintings. He painted portraits, landscapes [...]
african contacts : Pino Pascali, Franck Lundangi, ejagham emblems and Éric Chevillards aphorisms
From march 21 to august 13 2005
The works of Pino Pascali and Franck Lundangi link together traditional African art and shamanism. They look at the tehmes of men, of village life and of ancestral history by using warm colors and games of full and empty. We discover [...]
The public thing, atmosphere of the democracy
From march 20 to august 7 2005
This exhibit is a reflection of the notion of politics and the relationship it has with human beings. By combining arts of entertainemnt and installations, it tries to establish new collaborations between artists and scholars.
Not vital, Agadez, Afrika. Soziale Skulptur
From march 20 to june 5 2005
Not vital focuses very closely on nature and presents new sculptures from Agadez in Niger, accompanied by photographs. He also placed in the middle of his exhbit 2400 pieces of salt from the desert town of Bilma to show the surrealist [...]
Of immaterial next days - Porcelains of Tournai, porcelains of today
From march 19 to september 18 2005
This exhibit on the future of porcelain in the current artistic world brings together more than 100 creations from plastic arts, decorative arts and design. The works of the 43 artists represented -among them Louise Bourgeois, Jim Dine [...]
From mind, heart and hand: Persian, Turkish and Indian drawings from the Stuart Cary Welsh Collection
From march 19 to june 12 2005
The exhibit includes 76 Indian, Persian and Turk drawings. The exhibit focuses exclusively on the drawings of south and East Asia from the XVth to the XVIIIth century and also includes a little choice based on the colonial era in India. [...]
Jaïpur, a pink city in India
From march 19 to may 21 2005
We can admire some fifty panels of minographics, plans and photographs of the town of Jaïpur in the Rajastan in India, and more precisely the houses with courtyards called the havelis. A presentation of some havelis taht show how the ways [...]
The veil and the crown - The art of convents in the Middle Ages
From march 19 to july 3 2005
This first exhibit dedicated to art and culture in the feminine monastic communities of the Middle Ages, brings together some 600 works of art and useful objects. All of these works of art reflect the power, the social, economic and cultural [...]
Yves Doaré
From march 18 to june 19 2005
A retrospective of painter and engraver Yves Doaré, the creator of a universe where the whimsical, tragedy and the grotesque are side by side. His work, halfway between expressionist sensibility and narrative figuration, is often tinted [...]
Rinko Kawauchi
From march 18 to june 5 2005
Photographer Rinko Kawauchi chose for her first exhibit in Europe to expose series of photographs on the themes of the family, details of every day life and in general nature. Through her photographs she demonstrates what units all livings [...]
Treasuries of the cabinet of the drawings of the musée de Condé in Chantilly - History of the collection of the duke of Aumale
From march 18 to june 13 2005
The story of the drawing studies and consultancies is explained through an extraoridnary collection of 2500 drawings. The exceptional access to the theater's library allows us to consult drawings, engravings, photos, archives and manuscripts [...]
From march 18 to 25 2005
Métacomics groups together 2 mini exhibits: Echoesland and Esta es mi playa. The works of various young artists are present. Pauline Fondevila and François Olislager present a cartoon strip full of known refrences, while on the other [...]
Félix Vallotton, Les couchers de soleil
From march 18 to june 12 2005
Nearly 60 paintings and 25 prints on th eunique theme of sunsets enhance the production of Frédéric Vallotton. The latter spread his representations of sunsets throughout all of his creative periods. He sometimes went very far in abstraction [...]
Mexican modernism: masterpieces from the Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City
From march 18 to june 12 2005
Some sixty works by Mexican artists underline the socio-political context in Mexico sinc ethe revolution in 1910. The major artistic figures are present, including Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco... Centered on the theme [...]
International Art & Crafts
From march 17 to july 10 2005
This exhibit of over 300 pieces is the most important ever organized on Arts and Crafts in Great Britain. Works of different origins -Russia, Japan, Unites States -, and different fields -furniture, jewelry, ceramics, architecture, [...]
Paul Guigou 1834-1871
From march 16 to june 26 2005
In the tradition of the exhibits it has organized over the last several years on the Impressionists, their predecessors and their immediate heirs, the Marmottan museum in Paris presents the most important retrospective ever dedicated [...]
The poetry of the ink, the well-read tradition in Korea 1392-1910
From march 16 to june 6 2005
The art of writing and the art of the brush in Korea are the focus of this exhibit.The settings that use the art of colour, often are deramlike or surralist. The traditions of the Ming, the Yuan and the Song are very differnet from [...]
Henri Matisse - A new life!
From march 16 to july 17 2005
Matisse referred to his later work as his "second life". This exhibit focuses on that period. A period of work marked by a deep renewal and an extraordinary development of his art, characterized by a bursting of pure colors and abstraction [...]
Butor, Masurovsky - In black and white
From march 15 to 30 2005
In the event of the Spring of the poets, drawer Gregory Masurovsky and writer Michel Butor present forty of their hand written etchings. Their collaboration led to worsk, such as The wind is blowing on the ramparts, and The words at the press, [...]
Delicious parcel, a serial of E-mail Art
From march 14 to august 30 2005
Sophie Corre and Celia Pardini make a "cadavre exquis" in the shape of a package. Their parcles, that reflect their imagination and their artistic dialogue are exhibited just as they were when delivered. These are true creations of Mail [...]
The Senn-Foulds donation - From Courbet to Matisse
From march 13 to june 12 2005
    A donation that turns the Musée Malraux into a major center for all those interested in French art at the turn of the XIXth and XXth centuries.
From march 13 to april 10 2005
The new building of the Bonnefantenmuseum opened ten years ago. A look at what happened is offered to the public with a special presentation of the works purchased these last few years.
Claude Viallat, hommage(s) à Matisse
From march 12 to june 18 2005
The retrospective-exhibit the Musée Matisse dedicates to Claude Viallat brings togethe one hndrd historical or unseen works of art fom the artist's studio, from private collection and from different museums, since the first paintings [...]
From march 12 to june 6 2005
The exhibit dedicated to Paul Guiramand, figurative and abstract artist, colorist and poet, presents some forty paintings among the most recent and some sculptures.
Eustache Kossakowski, 6 metres before Paris
From march 12 to may 22 2005
The exhibit is focused on the first series of photographs taken by Eustache Kossakowski in France in 1971. The series 6 meters before Paris, made of 159 images and totally reconstructed, represents one of the first conceptual visions [...]
The Italian art and the metafisica - the time of the melancholy 1912-1935
From march 12 to june 12 2005
Through nearly 100 paintings and drawings, the exhibit tells us about a fascinating artistic current of the XXth century, metafisica, and its impact.Around Giorgio de Chirico, the founder of this new aesthetics, numerous artists contributed [...]
Lee Friedlander: At work and Sticks and Stones
From march 12 to may 14 2005
This retrospective sheds light on one of the most important photographers in the USA. Lee Friedlander has captured since the 50s images that lead to different levels of thought. 147 photos approache the differnt subjects he has experimented [...]
Peter Madsen, the story of a mother
From march 11 to april 10 2005
At the bicentennial of the birth of Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, Peter Madsen delivers his view of Andesen's stories through his original sheets. It took the artist two years to transcribe into images the History of a mother.
Echoes of this day - Works from the Frac of Normandy
From march 11 to may 29 2005
Some thirty works, most of them photographs, show an image of the world having lost its illusions. These are photographs by artists of the end of the XXth and beginning of the XXIst centuries presenting the spectator a strange beauty [...]
Alex Katz
From march 11 to june 12 2005
On the borderline between reality and imagination, the paintings b Alex Katz impose themselves by their size and their colors.This artist who is impossible to classify as well as to ignore, exhibits some twenty portraits and landscapes [...]
Portraits of an age: photography in Germany and Austria, 1900-1938
From march 11 to june 6 2005
This first exhibit totally dedicated to the photography of the Neue Galerie sheds light on the history of this medium in Germany and in Austria through the photographic conventions of the portrait. Some thirty artists are represented [...]
Loris Gréaud, Silence goes more quickly when played backwards
From march 10 to may 22 2005
The theme of the rumor takes shape in this first retrospective exhibit dedicated to Loris Gréaud, thanks to a particular visual and sound universe. He leads the spectator to think in a place he perceives as the condenser of the story.
Jean-Marie Boomputte, Véronique Clamot
From march 10 to april 10 2005
The artist has the sense of the layout that is also that of staging. What interests him are people and their attitudes. Throughout the year he observes daily life that offers comical encounters. His vision of humanity is ironic, sensible [...]
Romanic France 950-1150
From march 10 to june 6 2005
300 works, including sculptures, every day objects, precious objects and manuscripts make up this exhibit.Romanic art is known by a large public through numerous monuments throughout the French landscape, but no comprehensive exhibit [...]
In the time of the Fine ladies - The Parisian society under the Directory and the Consulate
From march 9 to june 12 2005
The French Directory and the Consulate (1794-1804) were two regimes under which society changed immensely and gave place, following the fall of Robespierre, to Bonaparte's determination to dominate Europe. Thanks to 400 works -paintings, [...]
From the Bastille to Bonaparte - Revolutionary gouaches by Lesueur
From march 9 to june 12 2005
This exhibit, presented during the Drawing Fair, traces the revolutionnary episodes ad the Parisian life between 1789 and 1806.These gouaches on cardboard enhance this key period in the history of France, thus forming an exceptional [...]
Mobil elements.Forms of the kinetic art
From march 9 to june 26 2005
Mechanical art must not only be looked at from the angle of an opposition to contemporary technology, but one must also ask what makes the relationship between man and machine so unique. The exhibit, designed and organized jointly [...]
Klimt, erotic papers
From march 9 to may 30 2005
The works on paper were never meant to be shown to the general public, even though the rare critics and connoisseurs who were able to access his workshop believed they were the best part of his creation. It is in this sense that “Erotic [...]
From march 9 to august 21 2005
Over 400 pieces from different collections -manuscripts, newspapers, letters, posters, notebooks -allow us to discover the life and work of an unusual and committet artist.. The exhibit is divided into 4 parts, from his free philosophy [...]
Dürer, masterpieces from the Albertina
From march 8 to may 29 2005
The exhibit brings together 58 drawings and 27 paintings by the artist as well as important works he did in graphic art.The selection of works gives a complete view of the places and techniques of his career.The exhibit is divided [...]
When I get older...
From march 7 to 31 2005
Starting from the fact that the population in Swistzerland is ageing, architects question the living places they occupy.The forum is presented in 3 parts: a view of the changes in the population in Switzerland, a presentation of the economic [...]
The art of the illumination in the Maghreb from the 12th to the 20th century
From march 6 to april 6 2005
An historic and artistic discovery of illuminations in North Africa thanks to the set up of texts and photographs of manuscripts from the library of Al Hassania de Rabat. A true art that appeared in the VIth century, illuminations [...]
The world, abridged
From march 6 to may 1 2005
4 young artists are inspired by the world that surrounds them and they transcribe it in many ways. Mark Edward presnets coloured photographs of landscapes, Lucy Skaer uses drawing on large format paper, Olicer Bancroft gets near to his subject [...]
Jean-Paul Agosti, Ennéades
From march 5 to april 30 2005
Jean-Paul Agosti paints nature and gives a metaphoric dimension to his paintings. He uses various scales of size that apply to space and time, involving the notion of cosmos as well as that of present and past. In reference to his roots, [...]
Jota Castro, World Fair 2
From march 5 to may 15 2005
A selection of works linked to the current economic, social and political problems -sculptures, installations,videos -by Jota Castro help us understand this artist's critical work who reinterprets the visual and linguistic codes, makes [...]
Gérard Fromanger, rétrospective
From march 5 to june 5 2005
Gérard Fromanger knew how to draw inspiration for his painting from his times. Part of the Narrative figuration current, he retranscribed the life of the 60s and 70s with precise drawings and great colored flat surfaces. Ingluenced [...]
Alfred Manessier - Paysages de la baie de Somme et de Picardie
From march 5 to may 29 2005
The exhibit dedicated to landscapes of the Somme region presents oil paintings on canvas as well as a great number of graphics-watercolors, pastels, inks, wash drawing, colored pencil -through the bias of which Alfred Manessier translates [...]
All Dali (1904-1989), cinema, fashion, photography, design, advertissement, painting
From march 5 to june 12 2005
Designed as a trip through Salvador Dali's universe, the exhibit brings together paintings, drawings, sketches, photographs, films, pieces of furniture and models of haute couture. We discover an artist of various facets, in a combination [...]
Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, Kubin
From march 4 to may 29 2005
80 works-most of them drawings -by Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka and Kubin are presented in collaboration with the "Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseen". The exhibit places the works of the 4 major artists on one same support.
Visionary belgium
From march 4 to may 15 2005
The exhibit brings together old and contemporary works. The origanlity and non coformism are the main theme of the project. A thematic itinerary brings together famous names such as Ensor, Delvaux, Spilliaert, Rops, Permeke, or Broodthaers [...]
A masterpiece of the Louvre: Claude Gellée, said Le Lorrain, Ulysses puts back Chryséis to his father
From march 4 to june 5 2005
The musée des Beaux-Arts of Nantes and the Louvre are in a 3-year partnership in order to temporarily integrate prestigious works in the musuem of Nantes and to allow a varied public to discover major pictural works.This year the painter [...]
Journey in Cyprus, Philippe Delord on the steps of Louis-François Cassas
From march 4 to june 14 2005
In the footsteps of Louis-Ferdinand Cassas, a French drawer from the XVIIIth century, Philippe Delord has done a drawn report on the siland of Cyprus. Through his sketches he places it in its historic and contemporary context. A confrontation [...]
Chronicles of a genocide: Cambodia, 1975-1979
From march 3 to august 28 2005
This exhibit takes us in the footsteps of a society that was deeply marked by a genocide. One discovers Cambodia through its culture, its religion and thanks to a chronologic approach that allows us to understand the elements that [...]
Cosmique City Bled
From march 3 to april 30 2005
On the theme of resident artists, Anne Deguelle offers with other artists elements of question on the location of questioning and the artist's life. The different artistic forms used tty to leave a trace of the Ateliers d'Artistes [...]
Nulla dies sine linea - No day without a line / Iberê Camargo, Ciclistas and other variations
From march 3 to may 16 2005
A major artist of the XXth century, Iberé Camargo unveils canvasses that stand at the crossroads of different artistic currents. First abstract and then figurative, he shows one after another the expression of the body and the mind [...]
Nulla dies sine linea - No day without a line / Odilon Redon, pastels and blacks
From march 3 to may 16 2005
The work of Odilon Redon has a special place in the museum of Bordeaux for he was a native son of the region. His watercolors and other graphic works help us discover the universe of a man who was surrounded by major figures in the arts [...]
Shirana Shahbazi
From march 2 to may 29 2005
Shirana Shahbazi's photographs plunge us into the problem of the "exotic" character of the Other through a paralel drawn up between the images taken from eastern and western contexts.A series of rugs especially designed for the exhibit [...]
Sense and sensuality
From march 2 to 7 2005
Blindart, the first and only collection of visual art in the world designed for visually disabled persons, presents a competition open to all, whether visually disabled or not.The winner will receive a peize and his work will enter [...]
The war of the pencils, the kids in the Large War
From march 1 to may 29 2005
The museum presents a selection of 200 children's drawings, done between 1914 and 1918 by school children from the XVIII arrondissement in Paris. Their works tell the dailylife of the Parisians and the soldiers of WWI. Next to the drawings [...]