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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

D.B.T.R #2, Julie Brianti, Soundscape de La voix Zack Settel
From february 28 to march 27 2005
As part of reBonds'05, the Athanor presents works by musicians and plastic atists where sound and the visal intermingle, through differnt sound and plastic installations by Raoul Binot and Thierry Devaux, Julie Brianti and Zack Settel. [...]
The myth of the flower, from Van Gogh to Jeff Koons
From february 27 to may 22 2005
The motif of the flower in moden art, from Impressionism to our day. Paintings by classical artists such as Manet, van Gogh, Cézanne or Nolde offer an interesting contrast with the works by artists of the second half of the XXth century [...]
Darren Almond
From february 26 to may 29 2005
Darren Almond is interested in the theme of time by attaching as much importance to the poetic dimension as to the historic or sociological one. He puts this forward through a series of paintings, sculptures, photographs and films [...]
H x B x D = The Rabo Art Collection
From february 26 to may 8 2005
The Rabo Art Collection gives us a view of the ensemble of modern and contemporary art in the Netherlands: 900 objects by nearly 80 artists are present. This exhibit is the result of the collaboration between 3 museums that wish to preseve [...]
Konrad Klapheck
From february 25 to may 15 2005
This first French retrospective of Konrad Klapheck's work helps us discover th ework of this artist who is placed in the poetic extension of surrealism.His universe is inhabited by strangley familair creatures, to which he gives a poetic [...]
Mark Handforth
From february 25 to april 17 2005
The British artist creates sculptures that manipulate minimalism aesthetic vocabulary while using popular references from movie or underground culture. His works, made with very simple materials, use usual motives turned away from [...]
Spectres: when fashion turns back
From february 24 to may 8 2005
The exhibit groups together beautiful historic costumes by designers such as Christian Dior and Elsa Schiaparelli, and clothes by contemporary designers -among them Jean-Paul Gauthier, Martin Margiela and Hussein Chalayan -to explore [...]
Caravaggio: The Final Years
From february 23 to may 22 2005
The first significant exhibit in the United Kingdom of the last paintings by Caravaggio, the most original and most influential Italian artist of the 17th century. We can admire the famous The Flagellation, The Announciation and The Crucifixion [...]
Magritte and photography
From february 23 to may 15 2005
The exhibit unveils for us the artist's photographic activity. Though hardly known, it is particularly original in his work. While showing another aspect of his creation and his life, it confirms, if the need still be, the relevant [...]
Richard Cleaver: gathering at the Latrobe Spring House
From february 23 to april 3 2005
In "Gathering at the Latrobe Spring House", a complex installation of mor ethan 100 figures in ceramic done by hand and painted by artist Richard Cleaver, dreams and reality combine. This altar set up in the BMA Latrobe Spring House [...]
François Villon, poet of Paris
From february 22 to april 30 2005
Miniatures, illuminations, caricatures and drawings by illustrators inspired by Villon are shown together with texts and fragments of his poetry, and thus draw the city of his time with its topography, its characters, its scenes of life. [...]
Daniel Vàzques Diaz
From february 21 to may 29 2005
This retrospective reviews the work of painter Daniel Vàsquez Diaz, a key character in Spanish artistic culture in the first half of the XXth century and a fundamental reference for most avant gard artists and those of the reform movement [...]
From february 21 to march 20 2005
An exhibit of contemporary sculptures on the jungle theme.16 artists who have worked mainly on animals present 104 bronze or earth works in which they have concentrated their approach to anatomy, the elegance of forms and even movement.
Patrick Bouchain - Oui, avec plaisir
From february 20 to april 2 2005
The exhibit is built around the itinerary, the commitments and the combats of architect Patrick Bouchain. All his works -La Grange du Lac, le Caravansérail, le théâtre équestre Zingaro... - remind us of nomad, circus or theatre architecture. [...]
Georges Braque, metamorphosis
From february 19 to april 24 2005
In 1961 Georges Braque was sick and uncapable of working in a continuous manner. He decided with his laidary friend Heger de Loewenfeld to pick up certain of his works to reproduce them in 3-D. He did more than 100 gouaches on which [...]
From february 19 to april 10 2005
The exhibit covers thirty years of creation, characterized by an intelligent game between the plastic imagination and the mathematical rigor of principles implemented. It invites us to look at the artist's unique, diverse and yet coherent [...]
Brancusi, the white work
From february 19 to may 22 2005
Aside from being one of the most influential sculptures of the XXth century, Brancusi produced photographs of extraorinary quality, both from the point of view of the technique and the imagination, of the level of Man Ray or Chrles [...]
Inflamed with art, Dubuffet and art brut
From february 19 to may 29 2005
This exhibit shows the works of Jean Dubuffet in face of a choice of works by some fifty artists of Art Brut. A selection of nearly 80 paintings, drawings and sculptures give a glance into the diversity of Dubuffet's activities.
Munch by himself
From february 19 to may 15 2005
The exhibit presents paintings, graphic works and drawings, with sketches and studies of all the phases of Munch's work, from 1880 to 1944. Yet the accent is put on the works of the 1900s. The selfportraits reflect Munch's artistic [...]
Ann Hamilton
From february 18 to may 22 2005
In her first exhibit in Paris, Ann Hamilton presents an in situ installation at a large scale.She transforms the red house into differnt scenes of exploration of the genesis of the vocalisation and the expression of the voice.
Canadian club
From february 18 to june 18 2005
The cultural center presents the projects of 12 artists from the collective of Toronto Persona Volare. The collective brings together artists whose practices are diversified but who have the same desire for a collective approach, both [...]
As dream the drawing
From february 17 to may 16 2005
The Pompidou Center, the Museum of Modern Art and the Louvre Museum have associated themselves to present an exhibit tha t questions a certain number of ideas. Is the sketch as simple moment of preparation that takes on a sens once [...]
Paris and the surrealists
From february 17 to may 22 2005
In a wide range the exhibit analyses the main themes that the artists were concerned by and enhances the pertinance and the modernity of the movement. The city of Paris is at the center of this exhibit, as the 370 works that are in it were [...]
August Strindberg
From february 17 to 15 2005
The first British exhibit to focus on the paintings and photography of Swedish artist August Strinberg. A famous and prolific author of novels, theater plays, poetry, scientific essays and letters, Strinberg appeared in the second [...]
As dream the drawing - sketches and Italian studies of the 16th and 17th centuries in the light of the contemporary drawing
From february 17 to may 16 2005
The exhibit invites us to explore through the hypothesis of the dream, the procedures used in drawing, through a confrontation of drawings of theItalian school of the XVIth and XVIIth centuries form the Louvre collection and modern [...]
From february 16 to may 9 2005
The exhibit groups together 14 contemporary artists, certin already well-known, others long awaited, with a sensitivity in common. From Paul McCarthy to John Bock, including Fabrice Hybert and Jason Rhoades, each artist shows a unique [...]
Gina Pane, earth-artist-sky
From february 16 to may 16 2005
Through installations, sculptures, drawings, videos, photographs and objects from actions, this exhibit allows us to approach the work of a major figure in coporal art in France, from the minimal structures and the actions in nature [...]
Richard Lindner, adults only
From february 15 to june 12 2005
Some twenty paintings, from the first done in the fifties until the larger compositions of the seventies, some thirty large watercolors and preparatory drawings finally reveal the creation process of this emblematic figure of European-Amercian [...]
Masterpieces of American jewellery
From february 15 to june 12 2005
The exhibit presents 200 pieces dating from the XVIIIth century to the 1990s that were designed, manufactured and distributed in the United States. It celebrates creativity, art and the excellence of the design of American jewelry [...]
Dépêchez vous Alex Katz
From february 14 to 20 2005
Alex Katz, born in New York in 1927, is one of the best-known American contemporary artists. For the first time 35 animated drawings and 15 paintings are shown together in a major exhibit on his work over the last 25 years.
Seeking transcendence
From february 13 to april 24 2005
The works presented in the exhibit reflect the strong human desire to transcend the ordinary and feel what is sublime. While they share a commun intention, the works themselves are varied, from Eduard Munch's deeply evocative portraits [...]
Veronese - Myths, portraits, allegories
From february 13 to may 29 2005
Putting aside the painter of religious paintings which, in spite of their beauty characterise him less, the exhibit focuses in particular on rediscovering the originality and splendor of his profane art. It brings together a series [...]
Crises of representation in Fin-de-siècle Vienna
From february 12 to june 12 2005
The exhibit focuses on the crisis of representation experienced by artists and authors in Viena around 1900.Decoration, abstraction and feminine character are explored as the means and the themes of this evolution in art and litterature. [...]
Gerhard Richter
From february 12 to may 16 2005
The exhibit, designed as a retrospective, brings together some one hundred paintings and sculptures designed between 1960 and today. His work is characterized by its multiple facets, ranging from the representation of motives to works [...]
Du Zhenjun / Human zoo
From february 11 to march 27 2005
The exhibit shows some ten multimedia interactive installations.Dominated by the theme of human suffering voluntarily imposed by other human beings and that of the way the media deal with the news, the work by Du Zhenjun creates inspiring [...]
Enchanting the eye: Dutch painting of the golden age
From february 11 to october 30 2005
Genre scenes, portraits, still lives, paintings of history, landscapes and seascapes, the exhibit brings together some 51 master pieces by great masters of the XVIIth century:Rembrandt, Cuyp or Vermeer.
It is the life - Léonard Foujita, images of the "degree of Ages", Clark and Pougnaud
From february 11 to may 8 2005
Drawing inspiration from Foujita's work Mon intérieur à Paris,(My house in Paris), the Musée de l'Image presents the images of the Degrees of the ages of its collection. This very popular theme of time that passes has been put into [...]
Rirkrit Tiravanija, une rétrospective (Tomorrow is anoher fine day)
From february 10 to march 20 2005
The first retrospective in Paris by this Thai artist, who has worked and lived between Berlin, New York and Chang Mai. Here Rirkrit Tiravanija develops an experimental concept by revisiting his former works without using the presentation [...]
Tuner Whistler Monet
From february 10 to may 15 2005
The exhibit presents some one hundred works that allow us to study the relations between Monet's first paintings inspired by the Thames, in 1871, and the series he painted in London in 1899, 1900 and 1901, in light of various paintings, [...]
Pierre Marie Brisson - The infinite bodies
From february 9 to march 24 2005
The exhibit brings together 68 paintings and 13 framed engravings by Pierre-Marie Brisson, whose work suggests an integrated figuratism in a more abstract, fantastic setting, through the incredible work of the painting itself on the matter.
Rico Puhlmann: a fashion legacy, 1955-1996
From february 8 to april 9 2005
The first major retrospective of the work of artist Rico Puhlman, fashion photographer, illustrator and sometimes creator and designer, whose career in Europe and in America spans over more than 40 years. The exhibit brings together [...]
Last day!Silk's light. Silk mill gold brocading of the *Riboud Collection
On february 7 2005
Ancient materials are an endless source of knowledge on the customs and artistic know how of countries in Asia. Thanks to the major donation Krishna Riboud gave the museum last year -some 4000 pieces -the collection of Asian textiles [...]
From february 6 to june 5 2005
By exploring formal and conceptual itineraries of sculpture in Los Angeles, the exhibit discovers the most innovative contemporary sculpture of the younger generation. It includes a large selection of works and a large choice of sculpture [...]
The Hudson River School : Masterworks from the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
From february 6 to april 24 2005
The 55 works presented trace the tradition of landscape painting in the United States throughout the XIXth century. Among others we find works by Albert Bierstadt, George Inness, Thomas Cole and Frederick Church.
Hundred flowers - twelve Chinese contemporary artists
From february 5 to march 6 2005
This roving exhibit brings together one hundred pieces by twelve different Chinese contemporary artists, chosen among the artists of the Chinese Contemporary Gallery in London, a gallery specialized in Chinese contemporary art. These [...]
Young Van Gogh and the Hague School
From february 5 to may 16 2005
We usually associate Vincent to the Sunflowers and to France. But his artistic roots are in The Hague and with the painter sof the School of The Hague, a group of artists that created a Dutch impressionism. It is very realistic and had a particular [...]
Italian art of the 20th century. From Boccioni to Fontana
From february 5 to april 24 2005
The first exhibit of Italian XXth century art in Russia. Some 80 works of art, paintings and sculptures, from three prestigious museums in Italy, reveal the international influence in Italian art. Starting with the Futurist avant-gard, [...]
Fernand Léger, man in the new age
From february 5 to may 16 2005
The exhibit groups together over 90 works from all over th eworld: paintings, sculptures, drawings, water colors and tapestries, as well as films, illustrated books, theater and ballet sets, covering a period of Léger's activity from [...]
Impressionism: treasures from the National Collection of France
From february 5 to april 10 2005
As part of the Year of France in China, the Art Museum of Hong Kong presnets 47 impressionist works of art from the Orsay Museum and other museums in France. The exhibit brings together all those who turned their backs to the conventional [...]
Zao Wou Ki, internal landscapes 1947-2004
From february 5 to june 12 2005
This retrospective groups together forty works that have never or rarely been exhibited. It presents the artist's different periods of creativity and his developmetn from figurative to abstract art, as well as the different techniques [...]
Simone Decker, point of view
From february 4 to march 20 2005
Simone Decker's sculptures completely take over the centre in order to challenge the visitors' perceptions. The artist turns over the scales and offers a point of view that is slightly off track, fascinates and then questions.
Joseph Beuys
From february 4 to may 2 2005
This exhibit, focused ont eh second part of Beuy's career, shows three of his most important aspects: shop windows at the end of the 60s, perforamnces and large sculptural environments. Joseph Beuys, one of the most impressive artists [...]
Nuria Carrasco
From february 3 to april 30 2005
Nuria Carrasco exhibits the house under a new angle, including the idea of the object as a solid space as well as man's personnality being more fragile and fleeting. Through video, photography and sculpture, the artist has us enter [...]
Italian "vedute" engravings
From february 3 to march 6 2005
Between 1792 and 1798, 3 German artists -Johann Christian Reinhart, Jacob Wilhelm Mechau et Christoph Albert Dies- carrie dout 72 etchings published under the name "Incisionei pittoriche di vedute italiane" by the Frauenholz publishing [...]
Lee Miller : portraits
From february 3 to may 30 2005
The exhibit presents 120 portraits in black and white made by Lee Miller, his intimate studies of friends and lovers, as well as portraits from his period as a correspondant for Vogue magazine, during the second world war. Throughout [...]
Asia according to Miss Jacquinot
From february 2 to april 30 2005
Miss Jacquinot's Asian art and arts & crafts collections have never been taken out of the reserves before. They are a true invitation to travel: from the porcelain plate to the ancient Buddha in golden wood, from the Indochinese furniture [...]
Mario Giacomelli, metamorphosis
From february 2 to april 30 2005
While his themes are nourished by daily motives, in a territory that is hardly larger than his native region, Mario Giacomelli's work goes beyond the simple factual statement, or any narrow realism. It transfigures the motive and the territory [...]
Peruvian arts - The paintings of the School of Cuzco
From february 1 to 19 2005
The works in this exhibit, from the very famous School of Cuzco, are original oil paintings done on canvas, wood or copper,from Christopher Lords collection. These extremely styled works, typical with their rich colors, the delicacy [...]
First Seen: Photographs of the World’s Peoples, 1840-1880
From february 1 to may 1 2005
Extraordinary images of the XIXth century, of which many are unique, done in the first decades after the invention of photography,offer the opportunity of observing the excitement of citizens of the XIXth century in front of this new means [...]