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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Braque et Friesz
On october 31 2005
Through nearly 60 paintings, the exhibit offers a detailed reading of the evolution of the two artists towards fauvism as of 1905. It also looks into the weakening of their intense collaboration as of 1908, when Braque met Picasso [...]
Beyond the visible: the art of Odilon Redon
From october 30 2005 to january 23 2006
The exhibition presents the full range of Redon's achievements —mysterious charcoal "noirs," luminous pastels, richly textured canvases, dramatically shaded lithographs. Highlighting a major gift of over 100 pieces from The Ian Woodner [...]
Henri Matisse - Figure, color, espace
From october 29 2005 to february 26 2006
The feminine figure set -who repose, drowse, contemplate their surroundings, read, or engage in play- is the central motif in the creative work of this French artist. But the theme of woman in an interior setting not only offers a wide-ranging [...]
André Derain, The London paintings
From october 27 2005 to january 22 2006
André Derain went to London in 1906 to paint a series of works that would rival Claude Monet’s earlier celebrated views of the city. The result was an extraordinary group of large-scale paintings which overthrew conventions with their [...]
Fra Angelico
From october 26 2005 to january 29 2006
This first major exhibition of Fra Angelico’s work reunites approximately 75 paintings, drawings, and manuscript illuminations covering all periods of the artist’s career, from 1410 to 1455. Included are several new attributions and paintings [...]
L'âge d'or des sciences arabes
From october 25 2005 to march 19 2006
The aim of the exhibition is to show the extraordinary development sciences underwent during the golden age of the Arab-Muslim civilization (VIIIth-XVth centuries). The different disciplines included in Arab science are looked at from [...]
Picasso. Céramique et tradition
From october 24 2005 to february 5 2006
The exhibition offers a confrontation between the surprising illustrations Pablo PIcasso did on ceramic and the centuries-old tradition of pottery in the Mediterranean culture. This is an invitation to share the dialogue between 56 original [...]
Elizabeth Murray
From october 23 to january 9 2005
Elisabeth Murray belongs to a generation of artists that appeared in the 1970s and who, influenced by cubism and surrealism, experimented new modes of expression. In this context, Murray produced work that is uniquely innovating. The exhibition [...]
Matisse-Derain, Collioure 1905 The fauve summer
From october 22 2005 to january 22 2006
Why and how did Matisse and Derain, set up for a few months during the summer of 1905 at Collioure, dare paint in such a new manner that they became the main actors of the first artistic revolution of the XXth century, "Fauvism"? [...]
Egon Schiele
From october 21 2005 to february 20 2006
The exhibition covers all of Schiele' work: portraits, self-portraits, allegoric compositions and landscapes, many of his main paintings, as well as his first works, and an amazing ensemble of drawings following his decisive turn [...]
L'autoportrait, de la Renaissance à l'époque contemporaine
From october 20 2005 to january 29 2006
While presenting the work of 55 artists, from the fifteenth century to our day, the exhibition traces the lines of continuity adnd of separation of the genre of the selfportrait. This event confronts works of extremely varied times, [...]
Willy Ronis in Paris
From october 19 2005 to february 18 2006
Through photographs, films and personal archives, famous photographer Willy Ronis recalls his souvenirs in Paris and tells his story and that of his photographs taken over the 75 years of his career.
Turner Prize
From october 18 2005 to january 22 2006
This prize created in 1984 is awarded to a British artist uner the age of 50 for a reamarkable exhibition or another presneation of their work held over the last 12 months. This year the four candidates in competition are Darren Almond [...]
British Pop
From october 17 2005 to february 12 2006
This exhibition is the most complete retrospective of Britist Pop art ever presented. With nearly 75 paintings and sculptures, and over 30 graphic works (lithographs, collages and drawings) by 20 artists, it gives us a general view [...]
Jacques Truphémus, a painter of the intimate
From october 16 2005 to march 19 2006
This retrospective of the work of Jacques Truphémus gathers some 120 paintings in large formats, done between 1980 and 2005, done between 1980 and 2005, and 12 pastels. It thus allows us to dicover the most important themes the artist [...]
Figures of the actor
From october 15 to january 2 2005
The 150 photographs, most of them original prints, of this exhibit explore the representations of movie actors from teh end of the 30s toour day. From Roger Corbeau, Studio Harcourt, René Jacques or Emmanuel Lowenthal, to the recent [...]
Lungdunum, naissance d'une capitale
From october 15 2005 to may 8 2006
Through this new exhibition dedicated to the first years of the Roman town of Lugdunum, the museum looks into the question of the acts and phases that decide the birth of a town that decades later should become the capital of Gaule. [...]
Paul-Armand Gette, Le cabinet de Diane ou le Salon d'Artémis
From october 15 to december 12 2005
Paul-Armand Gette allows us to rediscover the painting of the XVIIIth century in which fantasy and humor allowed artists to deal with the lightness of the life of the gods. Around the painting Diane's rest the artist made an installation [...]
Melancholy. Genius and madness in West
From october 13 2005 to january 16 2006
As the iconography of melancholy is of unlimited wealth, the exhibition presents over 250 works, distributed in eight sections, that reveal the permanence and the variations of this sacred humor. From antique steles to contemporary [...]
Art treasures from Vietnam, the sculpture of Champa
From october 12 2005 to february 6 2006
The exhibition presents an exceptional group of 96 sculptures in stoneware, bronze and precious metal that mark the history and illustrate the religions of the ancient Champa, a kingdom that no longer exists today, but was located [...]
Memling and the portrait
From october 12 to december 31 2005
First exhibition totally dedicated to Memling’s portraits. Only recently have we perceived the influence Hans Memling had on European portrait artists at the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th centuries. The exhibition organized [...]
From Tsar to Emperor, Moscow-Saint Petersburg
From october 11 to january 22 2005
The exhibit offers us the opportunity to discover the remarkable work, and yet quite unknown, of blowtorch glassblowers. Some twenty "blowtorch" artists, among them Loriane Lataille, Emmanuel Sztuka or even Philippe Cannière, are thus [...]
De la perle à la sphère, une exposition de verre à la flamme
From october 10 2005 to january 6 2006
The exhibit offers us the opportunity to discover the remarkable work, and yet quite unknown, of blowtorch glassblowers. Some twenty "blowtorch" artists, among them Loriane Lataille, Emmanuel Sztuka or even Philippe Cannière, are thus [...]
Winslow Homer, Making art, making history
From october 9 2005 to january 16 2006
The exhibit presents ten oilpaintings, eleven watercolors,seventeen drawings and prints and one photograph, as well as neraly 120 engravings on wood rarely seen before. With nearly 250 works by Homer, dating between 1857 and 1904, [...]
Chagall, World of love
From october 8 2005 to january 15 2006
With more than 180 works spanning all of his work – forty paintings, gouaches and drawings as well as 150 lithographs, etchings and sculptures – this exhibition offers a comprehensive and exclusive vision of his world of love and tolerance. [...]
Freespace, Doris Lash et Ursula Ponn, Erik Olofsen
From october 7 to november 13 2005
The Palais des Beaux-Arts is seen as a current experimental art space where young artists give free rein to precise intervnetins, between the design of original works and integration into existing works.
Russian avant-garde (1900-1935)
From october 6 2005 to january 22 2006
In 1907 the Russian artistic world was shaken by an unusual movement that affected the plastic arts as well as theater, architecture, cinema, photography and design. The first avant-gard opposed itself to Naturalism and Symbolist dreaming. [...]
Camille Claudel 1864-1943
From october 5 2005 to march 31 2006
Beyond the drama of her life, the Musée Marmottan wishes to pay an exceptional homage to the artist who has finally received the recognition she deserves. The musuem has managed to bring together a remarkable group of works by Camille [...]
Sergeï Bratkov, Installation
From october 5 2005 to january 22 2006
As part of the Eutopalia Russia exhibit, Sergeï Bratkov has taken over the Hall Horta with large colorful paintings. His work is halfway between dominant and popular cultures, and questions the realities of Russia's current complexes, [...]
Jacques-Louis David 1748-1825
From october 4 2005 to february 12 2006
The aim of this large retrospective is to make us aware of the role of the portrait in the work of David, head of the neoclassic school and a privileged witness of the country as France was undergoing massive changes, and to have the painter's [...]
Traits d'union, Itinéraire d'un photographe 1960-2005
From october 3 to 15 2005
This retrospective of nearly 100 photographs by Jean-Claude Gautrand, from the 1960 to the 2000, allows us to rediscover the work of this photographer who knew how to seize the moment at which a world shifted and disappeared, as well [...]
Monet's London: Artist's reflections on the Thames, 1859-1914
From october 2 to december 31 2005
London's foggy atmosphere and its imposing architecture inspired Claude Monet to create a great number of his impressionist master pieces. The exhibit presents these spectacular works accompanied by paintings, water colors and photographs [...]
Brücke, La naissance de l'expressionnisme allemand
From october 1 2005 to january 1 2006
To mark the centennial of the birth of Die Brücke, the forerunner of expressionism and the birth of German modern art, this anthologic exhibit presents 200 important works of art in the itinerary of expressionist artists between 1905 [...]