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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Affinités, les 10 ans du Pavé dans la Mare
From july 27 to september 3 2005
The exhibit, designed according to a principle of elective affinities, brings together some sixty artists. Indeed, 27 artists shown at the Pave dans la Mare over the lat 10 years offer the works of some 31 artists. These choices give [...]
Aztec to Zapotec: selections from the ancient Americas collection
From july 24 to october 31 2005
The exhibit, dedicate to ancient America, brings together over 150 works that represent a period that spans over more than 3000 years.The exhibit includes antique works in gold, silver, jade, ceramic, shell and wood, by more than 30 different [...]
Everything changed, 19th century Dutch painting and sculpture
From july 24 to august 28 2005
The exhibit tries ot show us that the subjects dealt with by Dutch artists in the XIXth century seem surprisingly appropriate to our time. We discover works by artists who reacted to the revolution in life in the XIXth century, such [...]
Gilberto Zorio, In the sign of the pentagram
From july 24 to september 4 2005
The exhibit tries ot show us that the subjects dealt with by Dutch artists in the XIXth century seem surprisingly appropriate to our time. We discover works by artists who reacted to the revolution in life in the XIXth century, such [...]
Saturday July 23 - Roger-Edgar Gillet 1924-2004
From july 23 to november 6 2005
The ensemble of works presented during this exhibit shows us some thirty paintings done by the artist between 1965 and 1998. His retrun tofiguration marks a very particular period in his creation, in which he introduces us to his human [...]
Assefa Gebrekidan
From july 22 to september 11 2005
Following his residence at the Camden Arts Center, Ethiopian artist Assefa gebrekidan presents a new sculptural installation. He combines fixed and cinetic elements, thus making abstract constructions that are intensely colored and vibrant. [...]
The way we work now: some attitudes to materials and making
From july 22 to september 11 2005
This group exhibit presents the recent works of seven London artists interested in the materials or by the substance from which art is made. One discovers paintings, sculptures, installations and animations by new artists as well [...]
Raoul Dufy, La mer
From july 21 to october 17 2005
The exhibit sheds light on a new technique and a still unknown aspect of Raoul Dufy's work. Indeed Raoul Dufy approached lithographies between 1918 and 1930, and it left a strong impact on his watercolors and paintings.
Jean-Louis Landraud, Univers imaginaire ou réalité de la vie !
From july 20 to august 6 2005
The exhibit brings together a selection of sculptures in bronze done in waz by Jean-Louis Landraud. Whether through monumental bronzes or smaller works, the artist expresses deram, emotion, sensuality and beauty.
1000 plateaux, Claude Lévêque
From july 17 to october 10 2005
Claude Lévêque's project questions reality, the building that hosts the artist is no longer seen as a place of art but is unmystified and reduced to its architectonic essence, it then becomes a vast stable. The artist creates an upheaval [...]
From Courbet to Fattori, Principes of the true
From july 17 to september 4 2005
The exhibit offers an unusual itinerary inside the painting of a "stain" in order to study with special attention the complex aspect.Yet always in an original and rigourous rapport with the "principles of truth" and careful attention [...]
Saturday July 16 - Poussin to Cézanne: French Drawings from the Prat Collection
From july 16 to september 25 2005
The exhibit is a selection of major works that make up the presentation of the genius of French drawing over three tumultuous centuries. Chosen by Pierre Rosenberg among the collection gathered over the last three decades by novelist [...]
Daniel Van De Velde
From july 16 to october 17 2005
The abbey welcomes three unique creations by Daniel Van de Velde, around abstract sculpture. His sculptures, done from emptied tree trunks, are suspended in order to make the tree the paradoxal symbol of a sculpture detached from its hold [...]
The labyrinth Artaud
From july 16 to october 19 2005
A tribute to the work of Antonin Artaud, the exhibit underlines two dominant aspects of his avant-gard work:the actor's play and drawing. His cinematographic activity is the object of a multimedia presentation while a very select choice [...]
Era of fashion... Elegance in Italy through historical posters of the Collection Bertarelli
From july 15 to october 16 2005
The exhibit presents posters, of which many in large format, through a both chronologic and iconographic itinerary. The works exhibited date from the end of the 1800s to the 1930s, and concern advertisements for clothing, accessories [...]
From july 15 to september 15 2005
The exhibit wishes to do an analysis of man's condition in all its aspects, going from the archetype to metaphysics, from reality to cognitive.Soul is along itinerary inside the imagination and the depth of some fifty contemporary [...]
Dominique Degli Esposti
From july 13 to august 3 2005
The artist celebrates in his own manner the vinification of the Orenga Domain. Grapes, vines and wine producer are staged through installations, photographs and paintings. The exhibit also unveils for the first time an ensemble of representative [...]
Jean-Gilles Badaire, Dans cette rigueur en désordre
From july 12 to august 28 2005
The encounters painter Jean-Gilles Badaire had with painters such as Joël Vernet and François Augiéras and the presence of their books were determinating. Since then he has illustrated many books by writers Lokenath Bhattacharya, Lionel [...]
Josef Hoffmann, Design in progress
From july 11 to october 30 2005
For the first time the exhibit gives an idea of the importance of sketches and outline drawing in Josef Hoffmann's architecture and design All the phases of his work are presnet: architectural visions of Wagner's school, sketches [...]
Enchanté château
From july 10 to october 30 2005
The exhibit tries to evoke all the ghostly aspect of these disquieting and familiar imaginaries, half way between fear and enchantment. Magic rooms, a galery of strange portraits, a fantastic bestiary, a chapel inhabited by ghosts [...]
Passing through Paris: American artists in France, 1870-1930
From july 10 to october 30 2005
Between 1860 and 1920 many American artists got together in France, trying to develop the styles of French art. They then returned to their country with new artistic practices we can see in this exhibit, thanks to the fund of Terra [...]
Placing Avery
From july 10 to september 18 2005
The exhibit presents works from the permanent collection of the Neuberger museum, concentrated on the artists who influenced Mailton Avery an those he ifluenced. It also include a selection of works among the 39 by Milton Avery given [...]
Sculptures d'appartement
From july 10 to november 6 2005
The work of these 6 artists reunited for this exhibition fits into the history of sculpture of the XXth century. These artists make sculptures in the form of assemblage, drawing on the formal vocuabulary of modern sculpture. The nearly [...]
Curious? Of the strange and the supernatural in the current art through the collections of the FRAC Rhone-Alps
From july 9 to october 2 2005
The exhibit offfers an exploration of the forms of contemporary treation, seen from the angle of what is unique. Around themes such as nature, the object or the body, The itinerary brings together works by artists of different generations [...]
Fabulous Creatures, Gerard Brand
From july 9 to august 31 2005
Gérard Brand is anything but a typical artist. Through his sculptures-mosaics, that show the openwork through which light penetrates, he takes a unique look of Romance art which he enlarges with African influences.
Gaston Dolbeau 1897-1976
From july 9 to november 20 2005
The exhibit gives us the opportunity to trace the two aspects of Gaston Dolbeau's life. Durng the last years, he set the Brittany Vnedée region and its residents. Then, in the 1960s, he started to represent still lives. This was a real [...]
Jean-Charles Langlois (1789-1870). The spectacle of the History
From july 9 to october 17 2005
The exhibit shows Langlois' work in all its diversity, from the exotic sketches from his years in Algiers and Egypt up to the large paintings of battles that made his reputation. His 8 panoramas are recreated through an original scenography [...]
Where are we? Landscapes with (or without) characters
From july 8 to october 29 2005
The exhibit is the continuation of "Welcome to Entropia" that was held at Vassivière this winter. This summer version brings together paintings, photographs, sculptures, films, sounds, drawings and settings, and is placed under the sign [...]
Pierrick Sorin, Petits théâtres optiques et vidéos comédies
From july 8 to november 14 2005
The exhibit brings together some ten optic theaters and a mini retrospective of Pierreick Sorin's works, as he takes a caustic and poetic glance, through his videos, at the faults of our society.
Théo Van Rysselberghe, Intime
From july 8 to september 18 2005
A beautiful tribute to Théo Van Rysselberghe, a painter of Belgian origin who discovered the village at the end of the XIXth century and made a number of paintings representing the region and coast of the Var. The exhibit brings together [...]
Flight on the top of the past, archeological sites through the air photographs of Georg Gerster
From july 8 to november 13 2005
The exibit presents a wide sleection of photographs taken from the ari by Gerg Gerster.
From the real to the fiction: contemporary art of France
From july 7 to october 9 2005
The works of some fifteen artists let us see French contemporary creation. Important works in the itinerary of each artist illustrate the great diversity of media at the disposal of today's creators: photography, painting, drawing [...]
Ulrike Ottinger, Totem
From july 7 to september 11 2005
Ulrike Ottinger conceptualised a new exhibit based on rituals linked to totems. The portraits become icons, the Easter parades combined with the animist sacrifice altars and the Christian altars of bones underline the fascination of death [...]
Masterpieces of the museum OTA of Tokyo, Japanese paintings and prints
From july 6 to august 15 2005
These works from the most important collections of paintings and printss of the Ukiyo-e from the Edo period admiringly illustrate the art of the urban class that lived in Edo in the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries. The greatest names from [...]
Rirkrit Tiravanija
From july 5 to august 21 2005
The first retrospective in London for this artist born in Thaïland, who lives and works between Berlin, New York and Chang Mai. Here Rirkrit Tiravanija develops an experimental concept by installing a radio studio in the galery, from [...]
Rhythmic song of the spirit - Arts of Islam and geometrical abstraction
From july 4 2005 to january 8 2006
The exhibit is built around the centra lfigure of François Morellet. It comes back to the question of possible intellectual infuences the Arab-Muslim world may have had on certain aspects of the West's geometric abstract art.
John Bock
From july 4 to october 8 2005
John Bock uses accessories from fairs for his performances. The puppets he uses, the combination of ballet-music-hall and his spaces are in line with the Cabaret Voltaire or the Merzbau of Schwitters...For this exhibit John Bock created [...]
Zao Wou-Ki
From july 3 to october 3 2005
The retrospective covers 57 years of Zao Wou-ki's career and brings together 80 original works by the artist. The focus is on the unique character of numerous works and a group of fifteen paintings from the 20s. The exhibit is completed [...]
Art now : Michael Fullerton
From july 2 to august 21 2005
Michael Fullerton's work often recalls technologic and communication objects. He explores the process of recording and transmitting information.
Art now: Enrico David
From july 2 to october 30 2005
Enrico David's work is a mixture of sculptures, installations and paintings that give value to the evolution of the artist's personal and aesthetic cultur. David's images and objects plunge the spectator into a world of fiction.
Effervescence, English sculpture in the french public collections 1969-1989
From july 2 to september 18 2005
The exhibit underlines the wealth and inventiveness of English sculpture since the first exhibit by Richard Long in France at the Yvon Lambert gallery in 1969 up to the Britannica exhibit in 1989. The 29 artists exhibited refuse to consider [...]
Impressionism abroad, Boston and French painting
From july 2 to october 2 2005
The exhibit deals with the influence of French Impressionist painters on the painters from Boston at the end of the XIXth century and the beginning of the XXth. A prallel is drawn between paintings by William Morris Hunt, John Singer [...]
Dan Perjovschi, Nahum Tevet
From july 2 to october 16 2005
In his drawings Dan Perjovschi demonstrates a strong political conscience and asks with humor uncomfortable questions on the post-Communist identity in Roumania. Israëli artist Nahum Tevet refers to the history of art as well as to collective [...]
Acrobats, Chagall's circus
From july 2 to october 3 2005
The exhibit is dedicated to the figure of the acrobat in Marc Chagall's work, and groups together 16 paintings and 36 drawings by the master.Throughout his career he represented the people from the circus, acrobats, dancers, clowns [...]
Wang du ! parade #5
From july 1 to september 4 2005
This exhibit by Chinese artist Wang Du looks into the world of entertainment according to the media. He models these images by giving them weight and volume. By exaggerating the images produced by the mass media, he puts into tangible [...]
Caroline Boucher and Ingrid Luche, Neighbours
From july 1 to september 30 2005
The two artists try to create a space at the image of their universe. The itinerary between works and work space then means the raltion to the world and th ehierarchies of perceptions. The project of the two artists goes beyond the exhibit, [...]
Jiri Trnka, puppets and drawings
From july 1 to october 31 2005
The exhibit presents the documents and original objects from the film's of Czeck animation movie director Jiri Trnka. Reconstructed scenes, original puppets and drawings from his first movies are set up through the exceptional loan [...]
Robert Mapplethorpe and the classical tradition
From july 1 to august 24 2005
The exhibit explores the relations between Robert Mapplethorpe's photography and classic art, in particular the mannerist Flemish prints from the end of the XVIth century, through prints and prints on wood by Hendrick Goltzius, Jan Harmensz. [...]